How to Get a Golf Handicap without Joining a Club

How to Get a Golf Handicap without Joining a ClubThe USGA (the United States Golf Association) was designed to permit golfers with different skill levels to content against each other. Having an official USGA handicap is the best thing when you are planning to take your gaming skills to the next stage. Also, aware of your handicap can allow you to understand your golf skills are improving. Also, several local tournaments and leagues utilize handicaps to be eligible players to enter into the game and to the group players either by skill level or by adjusting their scores in a challenge to equal the players of all skill levels in the playing field.

If you have already joined USGA, then they might have a handicap by now. But if you do not belong to the club, then you should know how to obtain a handicap without joining the USGA. Fortunately, you have a couple of best options accessible, and the best part is all these options are not expensive at all.

However, things can change by next year. The R&A and the USGA are executing a new WHS (Word Handicap System), which looks like they make things simpler for individuals to get a handicap and maintain as well, and make it more accurate and helpful.

Now, things have changed, and you don’t need to be a member of a private club to get access to official handicap, because every public course offers handicap services.

The United States Golf Association system describes a golf club as:

That means any golf course can be a club for handicap functions. The rules and regulations of USGA define that this is a Type-1 club among three types. Check the USGA list of golf organization to find which golf courses are in your region.

Join A League:

It is perhaps the most costly option of joining a private club. Though it is expensive, it is still an option for some individuals who want to get access to handicap. Also, the league offers the extra benefit of the contest and helps the individuals to make new friends in their region.

Most golf league will maintain some handicap. But, you should know that not every league certified by the R&A or USGA offers certified handicap. That means when you leave the league or tries to contest in a competition outside the league, and then you will face some problems.

Online Official Handicap:

It is also one of the best and simple options. It is easy to join an online golf club for handicap, and it is a Type-3 club as per the rules of USGA.

The Type-3 club members do not have a previous association, and the greater part of the enlisting and sing up of the membership is made by request to the public, like the internet and newspaper. The residence address or business address of every golf club member must be within 50 miles of the main location of the club. So, it is clear that a club, need not be a physical course; it just needs to have a primary location from which a member is eligible to join the club. The fifty miles condition makes it a bit difficult than finding some general online service. However, there are several local online handicap clubs available everywhere.

Also, you have a lot of resources available online that can assist you in finding a local online club that matches your requirement, and you can search using the USGA search feature. The search helps you find traditional as well as online clubs so it can be a bit hard to find online clubs. The best tip is, look for general names, which do not sound like a course.

Golf Galaxy, Retail Store, has handicap services and you can make use of these services only if you live within 50-miles. However, you don’t need to worry about this condition because when you check with your zip code, you are sure to find a lot of clubs within a 50-mile radius.

Some online clubs follow community aspects where the players will come for the standard rounds of golf. It also gives you the great opportunity to know other golfers located in your area, and who also enjoys playing golf. Also, it is always good to find talented golfers so that it can help you improve your gaming skills.

Get A Golf Handicap Online:

It is a free option; every golfer must have their handicap account, even if they do not require a certified one. It is the best option for those people who don’t want to spend money on the official one. Also, it is one of the best options for beginners so they can check their improvement and progress. However, most tournaments will not recognize it as an applicable handicap if they need to enter. If you are not planning to go to a tournament, then it is an excellent option.

Calculate It Yourself (FREE):

It is also the best option, and you can find free software available online. However, it takes more effort, but again it is rationally necessary.

Whatever Option You Choose, Track Your Handicap:

Keeping a handicap is something that every golfer should do. So with all the options you have, including some great free ones, there’s no excuse for not keeping track of it.

These are some of the best options to get a golf handicap without joining a club that you can choose. If you are not interested in spending a lot of money, then you can as well choose the online options.