How to organize clubs in golf bag

How to organize clubs in golf bagA golf bag is required for anyone who wants to play 18 holes. If you don’t properly organize golf clubs in the bag, your golf bag can get very confusing. If you ignore to organize your golf clubs correctly, your golf clubs can even get damaged by clinking into one another while you are carrying them in your bag. Organizing your golf bag will keep your clubs safe and make it easier to find the right club while you are away at a local golf course.

Instructions for Organizing Golf Clubs in a Bag in the Correct Way

Examine The Golf Bag.

Golf bags can be separated into two, three, four or even six different sections. Knowing what type of golf you are trying to organize will make putting golf clubs into the bag easier.

Place Your Longest Golf Clubs at The Back

Driver, woods and any hybrids –should be kept in the back of the bag (which is the part of the bag closest near to the handle). You should also arrange golf clubs from left to right.

Put Your Irons on The Next Line

You should again start placing your longer irons on the left side of the bag and working toward the right.

Finish By Placing Your Smaller Clubs,

Smaller clubs such as wedges should be placed in front of the golf bag. As with the other sections of your golf bag, you will have to place longer wedges on the left side of the bag and shorter clubs on the right side.

Find A Place In Your Golf Bag For Your Club.

Some golf bags will have a pit for a putter. If your bag doesn’t, though, you can place the putter on any line you want. Remember to put the putter on the right side of the golf bag.

This method can be adjusted according to which clubs you use and the type of bag you own. This will surely help to keep your golf bag organized.

Golfing Requires A Variety Of Clubs To Be Used At Different Times Of The Game. So Let’s Check out What Each One Is For!

Well, investing in the whole club set comes at a relatively high cost. If you are starting in the sport, before you buy, learn about the clubs. It will help you to organize them in a bag in the right manner. Let’s check out the types of clubs used in Golf.


The Driver Golf Club is the exit club. It is used for the first shot of the field from the tee. Its main function is to make the ball travel as far as possible towards the hole. Driver Golf Clubs are technology features that add speed, power, and accuracy.


The Madeira golf club (or wood) is used for long-range strokes after the use of the Driver club at the tee off. You can use them to take the ball from one point of the fairway to another closest to the green. Although they are called Wood, these days, they are made off with more modern materials like steel or carbon fiber. The name Madeira is still there to refer to the origins of golf when they used to be made of wood.


Hybrid Golf Clubs are the intermediates between wood and long irons and are used in specific situations, such as to accelerate a shot. Although it looks like a Wood club, in the swing it looks more like an iron than a wood.


Irons golf clubs are the most popular golf clubs. They are commonly used for learning golf. They have numbered from 2 to 9, with number 2 being the “largest” and number 9 being the “smallest”. This numbering doesn’t change the size of the head but it indicates the angle of the clubface.


Wedge golf clubs (there are two, Sand and Pitch) are used when you need a lot of precision (when you are near the green, for example) or for recovery (from a bunker or water hazard). When you have strokes in inhospitable places, these clubs are used. They are very resistant to nature.


Putter golf clubs are used inside the green to roll the ball into the hole. It has its swing for use, called putting. It is a club that demands extreme precision, asking the golfer to put a lot of concentration and strategy.

Now when you know the way of organizing clubs in your golf bag and the types of golf clubs, let’s check out…

How To Choose The Right Golf Club

The golf club is the extension of the practitioner’s arm. The way to use it is almost a form of golfer expression. For this reason, it is good that you don’t go wrong while choosing your equipment.

Have you ever imagined being able to position the ball 1 meter from the hole, look at the club game and not find a putter? Take a look at our tips for getting the perfect club and making the most amazing moves on the field!

Meaning of Numbers

The number on the golf club represents the loft of the equipment. Loft is a measure in degrees of the angle between the clubface and the vertical face of the player’s flexible axis. Your goal is to determine the distance and trajectory that the ball can take.

How to Choose A Club

To choose a club game, you must evaluate several points. It includes your personal preferences, your type of game (your stroke style) and the game itself (distances and trajectories of the ball).

While choosing your golf club, you must understand each piece of the equipment.

  • Clubface: Impact surface with the ball.
  • Club Sole: The bottom of the club head, which comes into contact with the ground. The edge that connects the sole with the clubface is the blade.
  • Crown: Top of the head, found in Driver, Wood, and Hybrid.
  • Hosel: The “club sock” or the part of the head where the club stick is attached.
  • Heel: Joint of hosel with the sole of the club.
  • Club Tip: Tip of sole opposite to heel.
  • Grooves: “V” or “U” type impressions made on the surface of the clubface to generate greater grip with the ball surface.
  • Score Line: A line that guides the player, indicating the parallelism of the sole to the ground.
  • Sweet Spot: Point aligned with the center of gravity of the club head, where the largest transfer of energy from the club to the ball occurs. It is the “club vein”.
  • Forgiveness Area: Region around the sweet spot.

Once you understand the parts of the golf club, choosing the perfect club becomes even easier. All you need to check is the level of your expertise and pick up the club. If you know everything about a golf club, it’s never a big deal to get the best one for yourself!

Hope this post helps and you’ve got to know how to organize your clubs in a golf bag, types of golf clubs and moreover, how to pick up the best golf club. Now enjoy this royal game like never before with a perfect club.