KBS Tour 90 Review [Updated Dec 2023]

One of the most important things for a golfer is distance. It contributes to the scoring added with the accuracy. To score pretty high in golfing, using a right shaft is a must.

The fastest-growing company in the steel shaft industry is KBS. The company’s name stands for Kim Braly Signature, which is from the prominent golf shaft expert. The shafts manufactured by the company are designed by Braly and improved through the feedback of tour players, making their shafts top-notch with quality performance.

Among the shaft produced by the company is the KBS Tour 90 Iron Shaft. The lightest iron golf shaft in the organization is designed for a golfer to increase spin, have a greater trajectory, and reach a distance on its maximum.

The purpose of making the KBS Tour 90 lighter than the rest of the KBS shafts is to boost the swing and speed of the ball. This shaft’s lightness makes it ideal for golfers who are aiming for more distance. Hence, independent testing conducted from the KBS lab exhibited a promising result with a 9 percent distance ahead of its foremost competitors.

The KBS Tour 90 was first released in the year 2009. It was part of the KBS Tour Series that was established in the year 2008. The KBS tour 90 currently has two flex includes the regular and the stiff. The two flex are only a little different when it comes to weight. The regular flex weighs 95g, while the stiff flex weighs 102g.

Who is this product for?

This shaft is specifically designed for a player whose goal is to increase their distance output. It makes it ideal for them due to its lightness which makes it an exemplar swing and speed.

The Tour 90 works great for those who have a swing speed ranging from slow to moderate. Using this will enable you to upheave the ball in the air without exerting extra effort.

Tour 90 shaft is also a great choice for every golfer except for fast-tempo swingers. It is easy and smooth to uses which makes it suitable for mature and elite players. Aside from that, it can be customized for effect on ball spin and flight, which is suitable for club builders and players.

FEMCO Steel Technology (FST) wants to provide cost-effective products with guaranteed high quality. So, as a partner of KBS, their shafts show high-quality results at an affordable price. The cost of this shaft in amazon $35.65 with options.

What’s included?

When you purchased, this product expects what it looks like the same in the photo. You will be receiving the lightest KBS iron shaft with the KBS sticker.

Overview of Features

KBS Tour 90 is the lightest shaft among KBS products, 20 percent lighter to be exact than the standard shafts. This light feature of the shaft helps to increase the swing and speed of the ball. It can also enable a player to reach a distance in an average of 9 percent more distance than other foremost shafts.

The lightness of the shaft also makes a slow to moderate tempo golfer increase spin, ball trajectory, and distance covered. The key features of this shaft are the following:

  • Stable Tip Section
  • Advance Step Pattern
  • Higher CG Location
  • Firm Shaft Design
  • Light-weight Construction
  • 2-flex System

The stable tip section feature of the shaft improves accuracy, making it a great combination with its distance increase. At the same time, the advanced step patterns help to produce more shaft flexibility that enables the shaft to upheave the ball higher.

To spin more, the KBS Tour 90 is designed with a higher CG location. Generating more spin gives the player more control and makes the ball flight higher and farther.

The firm shaft design of the KBS Tour 90 is what makes it create a higher trajectory.

Together with its soft tip and high center of gravity enables a player to achieve a higher trajectory. On the other hand, having a lightweight construction provides a golfer to have more swing.

KBS Tour 90 has a 2-flex system giving the shaft more flexibility than that of a normal one. The specs of the 2-flex are:

Tapered tip technical specifications

Regular shaft flex:

  • Length 36.5 to 40. 5 inches
  • Weight 95g
  • Tip diameter .355 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Available for 2i to 9i, PW

Stiff shaft flex

  • Length 36.5 to 40. 5 inches
  • Weight 102g
  • Tip diameter .355 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Available for 2i to 9i

Parallel tip technical specifications

Regular shaft flex:

  • Length 41.25 inches
  • Weight 101g
  • Tip diameter .370 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Available for 2i to 9i

Stiff shaft flex:

  • Length 41.25 inches
  • Weight 102g
  • Tip diameter .370 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Available for 2i to 9i

The only con of this shaft is it is not advisable for fast tempo swing, and it is much suitable for slow to moderate tempo swing.

How to use it?

To maximize the KBS Tour 90 Iron Shaft features, it is best to swing on a slower tempo to a moderate tempo. Using this shaft, even if you exert stow tempo, you can still have a high swing speed.

This video will give you more information regarding the KBS Tour 90 shaft.

KBS Reg Flex vs KBS X Flex Shaft Comparison.


Project X LZ Steel Golf Shaft

Project X standard shaft is among the most prominent iron shafts available. It is in demand for a player who has a strong swing to improve their stability and control. Project x is also suitable for the golfer who prefers a heavier iron shaft.

Project X shafts weight range from 110 to 130 grams, from regular flex to extra stiff flex. The stiffness of the shaft is classified using a numeral system from 5.0 to 7.0

  • Regular flex 5.0- 110g
  • Stiff flex 5.5- 115g
  • Stiff+ flex 6.0- 120g
  • Extra-stiff flex 6.5- 125g
  • Tour-extra-stiff 7.0-130g

The shafts design of Project X standard shafts are stepless, which enables a golfer to find more control and increase accuracy. In addition, these shafts are suited for players who are aiming for low launch and strain dispersion.

Among these shafts is the Project X LZ, but it gives a smoother feel compared to the standard one. Project X LZ design ranges from 5.0 regular flex weighing 110g to 125 extra-stiff flex weighing 125g.


With its lightness, KBS Tour 90 iron shaft can provide every golfer whose tempo is slow to moderate and whose aim is to have a higher trajectory and maximum distance with a great golfing experience. Enjoy golfing using the lightest shaft in the KBS product line.