kbs tour v review [Updated Dec 2023]


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A shaft is an integral part of playing golf. The KBS Tour-V iron shaft is made to be a lighter weight shaft with a low spin, mid-trajectory and a tight shot dispersion.

What is KBS Tour-V?

After riding on the massive success of the Tour and C-Taper shafts, KBS launched a new option created to be the best of both worlds. Introducing the KBS Tour-V, a shaft created to be lighter weight shaft but had a reliable tip section with less spin, which leads to a tighter shot dispersion.

At first look, you’ll notice that KBS Tour-V was any other KBS shaft out there. It features a basic chrome steel shaft along with traditional steps in it and has the signature inconspicuous black and red KBS shaft label.

To your naked eye, the only difference is the shaft label saying Tour-V on it under the logo. However, if you like a traditional-looking steel shaft in your irons, then the KBS Tour-V is surely perfect for you.

Who is this product for?

The KBS Tour-V shade is one of the best golf shafts for players who don’t swing the golf club with an aggressive style or at tour-level speeds. High, mid, and low handicap players who want a smoother feel and more response in their wedges or irons will love the KBS Tour-V shafts.

By offering players much energy transfer in the shaft design, the brand has made a versatile, simple-to-hit golf shaft that could help a broad spectrum of golfer’s games.

What is included?

The KBS Tour-V shaft only comes with a box and the product.

What are the features?

Here are some of the features you will get in the KBS Tour-V Shaft:

  • Firmer feel

Don’t expect that the Tour-V will feel like the classic KBS Tour Shaft. That’s because the company made the outer diameter of the shaft a lot bigger to firm up the tip section for a lower spin. That offers a much firm feel.

Further, they increased the center of gravity to a higher position to increase the balance point of the Tour-V. The outcome? A crisp, firm shaft that signature the response and smoothness you know from the KBS standard tour.

  • Tight shot dispersion

One feature that the company boasts about the KBS Tour V is the tight shot dispersion. It is the ideal description of the Tour-V. We believe the Tour-V’s tight dispersion is its most excellent trait. The shaft is simple to control and set on your target. Bear in mind that the Tour-V will be a good pin seeker, especially if you have the swing for it.

  • Available in different weights

Currently, the KBS golf shaft is available in three flexes that match up with the three weights: X flex/120 grams, S flex/110 grams and R flex/100 grams.

How to get the most out of it?

The KBS Tour-V is made to be a lighter weight shaft, with a firm feeling and low spin shaft. That is normally the formula for lower launch too. If you check out the KBS shaft chart, you will see that the Tour-V is categorized shy of mid-launch and super low spin.

With that being said, the shaft is the ideal proof to why fitting is extremely essential. After careful testing, we came across mid-launch results. Further, it was simple to determine that the right swing would tend to have the lower spin.

We would suggest that you get proper fit and test the KBS golf shaft before you start throwing them into your games. Doing so will make sure they deliver in the way you like them to. Also, you want to be confident that they do not just provide the distance and shape you wish, but also the accuracy and control you desire.


KBS C-Taper

If we recommend one KBS golf shaft alternative, it would be the KBS C-Taper. It is the ideal complement to the KBS Tour-V shaft.

The reason for choosing this is because the C-Taper was made from Tour player feedback to offer its players a more penetrating trajectory and better shot control. Players seeking to bring their ball flights down into much controller windows can consider the C-Taper Shaft to provide them better accuracy and distance in a crisp feel.

On top of that, aggressive players with a fast-swing tempo can get improved results with the KBS C-Taper. Many steel shafts come in a standard polished chrome finish, but the C-Taper has a cool brushed or matte chrome finish that offers more of an industrial feel.

It has some of the best feelings in the game, not to mention it has one of the firmest and most stout shafts you can find in a golf club. Just make sure that you test first before performing, or you could be hurt. Provided the shaft’s profile, the C-taper feels every bit of its individual flex and then some.

When it comes to distance, it’s fair to say that it is relative to the player. The company mentions that the C-Taper had five percent more distance compared to its competition. However, we do not know if that is based on the roll from one spin or another else. It is essential to know that if the C-taper is an optional fit for you, then you will be okay with distance.


You see, strong players who need a solid shaft in their wedges will benefit from the KBS Tour-V shaft. The Tour-V isn’t as solid or stout as the KBS C-Taper, but similar players will certainly fit into the profile. The major difference between the two is the former will launch a bit higher than the C-Taper.

So, if you are the type of iron player who can load a shaft and prefers to shoot darts, then we would highly suggest putting the KBS Tour-V on your radar.

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