Lamkin vs Golf Pride: Which Golf Grip is the Best Fit for You? [Updated Jul 2024]

If you’re a golfer, choosing the right golf grip is crucial to your performance. A good grip not only affects how you hold your club, but it can also impact your swing, control, and comfort level on the course. Today, we’re going to compare two of the most popular golf grip brands on the market: Lamkin and Golf Pride.

A Brief Overview of Lamkin and Golf Pride

Lamkin has been in the golf grip business for over 90 years and is known for its unique blends of synthetic and natural rubber compounds. The company offers a wide range of grips with varying levels of firmness, size, and texture. Lamkin prides itself on providing innovative designs that offer maximum performance and control to golfers.

Golf Pride, on the other hand, has been around for over 70 years and is regarded as a pioneer in golf grip technology. The company offers several grip types, including multi-compound, corded, and rubber, each with unique features and benefits. Golf Pride has a reputation for creating comfortable and durable grips that help golfers achieve better results on the course.

Lamkin vs Golf Pride: Grip Durability

When it comes to durability, both Lamkin and Golf Pride have some impressive options. Lamkin’s Crossline grip has been a fan favorite for years due to its durability and resistance against wear and tear. Meanwhile, Golf Pride’s MCC grip has also been a popular pick among golfers. The MCC grip features a hybrid design that combines a rubber base with a corded upper section that provides a strong grip in all types of weather conditions.

Comfort and Feel

While durability is essential in a golf grip, comfort and feel play a significant role in how well you perform on the course. Lamkin has made significant strides in this area, offering grips that are soft, comfortable, and offer a secure grip. Their Comfort Plus grip is designed to reduce grip pressure for more relaxed swings. Additionally, their Sonar grip features a unique compound that provides excellent tackiness and shock absorption.

Golf Pride, meanwhile, has always been known for its emphasis on comfort and feel. The company’s Tour Velvet grip is one of the most popular grips on the market, known for its soft and comfortable feel. Golf Pride also offers a range of micro-textured grips that provide an improved grip without sacrificing comfort.

Grip Size and Texture

The size and texture of a golf grip can have a significant impact on a golfer’s performance. Lamkin’s grips come in different sizes and textures, allowing golfers to find the perfect fit. For example, their Z5 grip features multiple textures that provide a comfortable and secure grip. Golf Pride also offers a variety of grip sizes and textures to help golfers find the best fit. Their CP2 Pro grip, for instance, features a new softer rubber material and a reduced taper for a more comfortable feel.

Final Thoughts on Lamkin vs Golf Pride

In conclusion, both Lamkin and Golf Pride offer some impressive golf grip options with unique features and benefits. Determining which one is best for you comes down to personal preference, your skill level, and the type of golf you play. Both companies have a vast selection of grips to choose from, so it’s worth experimenting to see which grip suits you best.

Overall, Lamkin is an excellent choice for golfers looking for innovative designs, durable materials, and comfortable grips. Meanwhile, Golf Pride is an ideal pick for golfers looking for a soft and comfortable grip with excellent feel and texture. With their comprehensive product lines, both Lamkin and Golf Pride have something for every type of golfer.