Mizuno MP 33 Review: The Pros and Cons of These Sought-After Irons [Updated Oct 2023]

If you are an avid golfer, chances are you have heard of Mizuno, a leading manufacturer of golf equipment. Among their many offerings are the coveted Mizuno MP 33 irons. Hailed as one of the best irons on the market, the MP 33s boast a stunning design, exceptional feel and precision shot control. But like any golf club, they are not without their flaws. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Mizuno MP 33 iron set, examining the pros and cons of this well-loved club.

The Pros

Exceptional Feel

One of the hallmarks of the Mizuno MP 33 irons is their incredible feel. This can be attributed in part to the forged 1025 E pure select mild carbon steel used in their construction. The steel is expertly crafted and then subjected to a unique six-step forging process, resulting in a club head that is incredibly smooth and precise. This translates to an irons set that is incredibly responsive and provides golfers with unparalleled shot-making ability.

Precision Shot Control

If you are looking for irons that will help you dial in your shots and achieve a high level of precision, then the Mizuno MP 33s are definitely worth considering. The club’s design features a compact head and minimal offset, making them ideal for experienced golfers who require a high degree of shot control. The club head is also slightly weighted towards the toe, which helps to ensure a straight ball flight with minimal slicing.

Beautiful Design

Last but not least, the Mizuno MP 33 irons are drop-dead gorgeous. Their classic design is infused with modern touches, making them a timeless addition to any golfer’s bag. The club head is crafted to be sleek and low-profile, with a sharp leading edge that cuts through the turf with ease. The blade length is also shorter than most irons on the market, giving the club a compact and agile feel.

The Cons

Not Beginner-Friendly

While the Mizuno MP 33 irons are a great choice for experienced golfers, they may not be the best option for beginners. Unlike some of the more forgiving irons on the market, the MP 33s require a high degree of skill and precision to use effectively. They have a smaller sweet spot, making them less forgiving on off-center shots. So if you’re still working on honing your skills, you may want to consider a more beginner-friendly set of irons.

Less Distance for Some Players

Another potential downside of the Mizuno MP 33 irons is that they may not provide as much distance as some golfers would like. The club’s design is optimized for shot control rather than distance, so if you’re looking to bomb your drives, you may want to consider a different set of irons. That being said, with their compact size and excellent feel, the Mizuno MP 33s are still a great choice for golfers who prioritize accuracy over power.


In conclusion, the Mizuno MP 33 irons are a fantastic choice for experienced golfers looking for a set of irons that are precise, responsive and beautiful to look at. From their exceptional feel to their precision shot control, there is a lot to love about these irons. However, they may not be the best option for beginners or players who prioritize distance over accuracy. So before making a purchase, be sure to consider your own skill level and priorities. With all of this in mind, we hope that our Mizuno MP 33 review has helped you make an informed decision about whether or not these irons are right for you.