PGA Superstore Club Fitting Review: Unleash Your Inner Golf Pro [Updated Sep 2023]

Are you tired of using clubs that aren’t quite right for your swing? Wondering if a club fitting at PGA Superstore could be the answer? We’ve got you covered with our complete review of the process.

What Is PGA Superstore Club Fitting?

If you’re new to the world of golf, you might be wondering what club fitting even is. Essentially, it’s the process of analyzing your swing and selecting golf clubs that are customized specifically for your needs. At PGA Superstore, the process typically takes an hour or two and is performed by a certified club fitting expert.

Why Get a Club Fitting at PGA Superstore?

There are a few reasons to consider getting a club fitting at PGA Superstore. For starters, the expert fitters there have access to an incredible selection of clubs from all the top brands. Additionally, they use the latest technology to analyze your swing and select clubs that are perfectly matched to your needs. Finally, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, meaning you can return your clubs if you’re not totally happy with them.

The Club Fitting Process

So, what exactly happens during a PGA Superstore club fitting? Here’s a basic overview:

1. Interview

First, the fitter will ask you some questions about your game and your current clubs.

2. Analysis

Next, the fitter will use a variety of tools (including launch monitors and ball flight simulators) to analyze your swing and determine which clubs are the best fit for you.

3. Trial

During this stage, you’ll have the chance to hit a variety of clubs and see how they feel.

4. Selection

Based on the results of the analysis and trial stages, the fitter will select the clubs that are the best fit for you.

5. Customization

Finally, the clubs will be customized to your needs (for example, by adjusting the loft or lie angles).

Results: How Do Club Fittings at PGA Superstore Affect Your Game?

So, now that you know the basics of club fitting at PGA Superstore, you might be wondering: does it actually help your game? The short answer is yes!

According to a Golf Digest study, amateur golfers who got a club fitting improved their average distance by 11 yards and reduced their average score by 3 strokes. Additionally, they experienced less dispersion (meaning their shots were more consistently on target).


Overall, if you’re serious about improving your game, a club fitting at PGA Superstore is definitely worth considering. With access to the latest technology and a team of expert fitters, you’re sure to find clubs that help you unleash your inner golf pro.