Ping CFS Shaft Review: Is it Worth Your Investment? [Updated Jul 2024]

If you’re a golfer looking to improve your game, the choice of the right equipment can make all the difference. Among the most crucial pieces of golf equipment is the shaft, which directly impacts how you swing and the resulting ball flight. One of the most popular shafts on the market is the Ping CFS shaft, and in this review, we’ll delve into the technology, performance, and overall value of this shaft.

What is the Ping CFS Shaft and How Does it Work?

The Ping CFS shaft is a premium steel shaft designed to deliver outstanding performance. The “CFS” stands for “Control, Feel, and Stability,” which are the primary attributes this shaft aims to provide. The Ping CFS shaft uses a step pattern design that varies in size, taper, and wall thickness to create a consistent flex profile that delivers the optimal transmission of energy through the clubhead for better accuracy and distance.

Moreover, the Ping CFS shaft has a redesigned tip that further optimizes the shaft’s response to deliver a more consistent, predictable ball flight. The shaft also features a unique compression curve that enhances the ball’s launch angle and spin rate to help you hit longer and straighter shots.

Performance and Feel

The Ping CFS shaft’s unique design delivers exceptional accuracy, feel, and consistency, making it an ideal choice for golfers of all skill levels. The shaft’s consistent and predictable flex profile combined with the optimized launch and spin rates helps golfers achieve more consistent ball flights, making it easier to hit greens and approach shots with precision.

Moreover, the Ping CFS shaft’s feel is incredible, offering a balance of stability and control that inspires confidence throughout the swing. The shaft’s design helps golfers achieve better timing and sequencing, resulting in more speed and power through impact.


The Ping CFS shaft is equipped with several innovative technologies that help deliver its outstanding performance. These include:

Control, Feel, and Stability (CFS) Design

The CFS design provides golfers with a smooth and consistent feel throughout the swing, enhancing shot accuracy and distance.

Step Pattern

The varied step pattern design produces a precise flex profile that enables the shaft to transmit maximum energy through the ball for efficient energy transfer.

Redesigned Tip

The tip design optimizes the shaft’s response, ensuring a consistent ball flight and trajectory.

Compression Curve

The unique compression curve enhances the ball’s launch angle and spin rates, producing longer, straighter shots.

Value for Money

The Ping CFS shaft is not the most affordable option out there, but it’s worth the investment for golfers looking for exceptional performance and feel. The shaft delivers on its promises of control, feel, and stability, making it an ideal choice for all levels of golfers. Moreover, the shaft’s durability means that you’ll get many rounds of golf out of it, making it an excellent long-term investment.


The Ping CFS shaft is a premium steel shaft designed to deliver exceptional performance, control, and feel. Its unique design features, such as the step pattern, redesigned tip, and compression curve, ensure consistent ball flights and maximum energy transfer through the clubhead. Overall, the Ping CFS shaft is a great investment for golfers looking to improve their game, and we highly recommend it.