Ping I 20 Irons Reviews

A majority of golfers will agree that making a long shot is one of the hardest moves to accomplish. Developers invented hybrids to make them a bit easier. The Ping G25 was developed to increase the accuracy of higher hybrids and make the lower hybrids a little more forgiving.

Ping I 20 Irons Reviews

Ping developed these hybrids so as to change the CG locations and adjust ball flight. The company has focused on reducing Miss-hits by squaring off low sections on the heel and toe to make low face hits more consistent. The hybrids have been also designed to look tradition with a profile that affords you a more confident set-up. The previous G20 might have offered decent performance, but the G25’s updated design and appearance coupled with the same phenomenal results is a definite home run. You can expect a mid to high general ball trajectory with this models. With an upgraded head design, this G25 hybrid is easy to hit and still forgiving just like any other hybrid. The distance is way above average, making the Ping G25 hybrid a solid contribution to the company’s G25 lineup. The shaft and club head combine to give a solid feel the entire journey of your swing. This upgraded model produces the same dull ping sound as the previous G20 but offers a softer feel with better feedback. Additionally, the off-center hits now have a better feel.

Features and appearance

The updated G25 hybrid club resembles the i20 more in color and shape than the older G20 hybrid. Most golfers are in fact loving the more desirable esthetics offered by the change in design. It has a rather simple design with a flat black color scheme adorned by the Ping’s characteristic white grooves that give the new model an awesome look. The G25 is designed following a traditional shape, made from durable, high quality 17-4 stainless steel. It has an external weight which is visible on the low, back side of the club head. The new appearance will definitely inspire more confidence compared to the deep and off-set face of the older G20 hybrid. In fact, this is the primary reason we’ve been seeing more and more positive Ping G25 hybrids reviews all over the internet since the launch. The G25 has progressive CG locations which help optimize the ball flight with each club head. On the lower lofted hybrid heads, you will notice that the weight is back and low to increase the launch angle. The CG is moved forward to reduce the spin and prevent the ball from ballooning. You will also notice the squared low heel and toe sections which offer an increased hitting surface, ensuring consistent performance even with low face hits.


  • More accurate and forgiving especially on long tee shots and approaches. The slight misses or “miss hits” still fly straight with minimal curving in either direction.
  • You can shape it both ways, meaning stronger trajectories and the ability to easily get balls out of rough.
  • Midsized, desirable black hybrid designed to offer minimal offset
  • Long and strong to offer up to 8 yards more in distance compared to the older G15.
  • Responsive and soft, with great feedback and a dull ping sound on all shots.


  • Higher swing speeds don’t offer as much distance gain compared to others
  • Trajectory and launch can be quite low in some cases


Upgrading to the new Ping G25 was one of the best moves the company has made in its G25 line of clubs. The solid results and new look make the upgraded G25 hybrid the most sort after hybrids available. There has been a rising number of positive Ping G25 hybrids reviews across different platforms, indicating that the company covered all the bases on this one.