Ping Zing Irons Review: Are They the Right Golf Clubs for You? [Updated Jul 2024]

Golfers know that having the right equipment can make all the difference in their game. The Ping Zing irons have been a popular choice among golfers for years, but are they the right fit for you? In this article, we’ll provide an honest review of the Ping Zing irons, their performance and features.

Ping Zing Irons Overview

Ping, a major player in the golf industry, released the Ping Zing irons in the late ’80s. Since then, these clubs have remained a popular choice for avid golfers. The Ping Zing irons are designed for intermediate to advanced players who are looking for a reliable club to help them improve their game.

The Ping Zing irons are made of high-quality materials, which is a standard feature for all Ping golf clubs. They are crafted with a perimeter weighting, ensuring improved accuracy and softer feel.

Performance and Design

The Ping Zing irons are available in both steel and graphite shafts, which cater to a variety of players with different preferences. The irons are designed with CTP (custom turning point) weighting which allows for better control of the club.

The clubface on the Ping Zing irons is thinner than most other golf clubs, and this contributes to better feedback when a ball is struck. The swing weight on these irons is also heavier, which is beneficial for reducing torque and providing better shot control.

Ping Zing Irons Features

One of the features of the Ping Zing irons is their progressive offset. It is designed to increase progressively as you move from long to short irons, providing better control over the spin rate and direction. This feature aligns with the central principle of Ping’s golf club manufacturing, which is to provide “engineering that fits.

Another important feature is the built-in perimeter weighting that delivers a more accurate shot through a larger sweet spot. It is also designed with a flatter lie angle, which encourages a more natural hand-to-club position.

Pros and Cons

As with any golf club, there are pros and cons to consider. Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering the Ping Zing irons:


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Perimeter weighting provides greater accuracy and softer feel
  • Custom Turning Point weighting allows for better control
  • Progressive offset from long to short irons is beneficial for control
  • Clubface is thinner, contributing to better feedback


  • Pricier than other options for intermediate golfers
  • Heavy swing weight may not appeal to all players
  • Not suitable for beginners who need to work on their ball-striking skills

Final Thoughts

If you’re an intermediate or advanced golfer looking for a set of reliable and accurate golf clubs, the Ping Zing irons are definitely worth considering. While they may be pricier than other options for intermediate players, their design and performance are worth it.

However, if you’re a beginner or struggling with ball-striking skills, we recommend looking at other options until you master the basics.

In conclusion, the Ping Zing irons are a great choice for golfers looking for a reliable and accurate set of golf clubs. Their design and performance makes them ideal for intermediate and advanced players who need to take their game to the next level.