Ping Zing Putter Review: The Ultimate Golf Club for Your Putting Game [Updated Oct 2023]

Are you struggling to sink those putts? Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your grip and swing path, but still missing your mark? If so, it might be time to upgrade your golf club and try something new. Enter the Ping Zing Putter – a top-performing golf club designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their putting game.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the Ping Zing Putter, exploring its unique features, benefits, and drawbacks. We’ll also provide you with useful tips on how to choose the right putter for your playing style and preferences. So, if you’re ready to take your putting skills to the next level, read on!

What is the Ping Zing Putter?

The Ping Zing Putter is a renowned golf club produced by Ping, a popular brand that has been designing and manufacturing golf equipment since 1959. The Ping Zing Putter was first released in the late 1990s and quickly became a hit among golfers of all levels. It features a classic blade-style design, a soft insert made of urethane or elastomer for improved feel and feedback, and a perimeter weighting system that enhances stability and forgiveness.

Features and Benefits

Some of the key features and benefits of the Ping Zing Putter include:

Classic Design

The Ping Zing Putter boasts a timeless, traditional look that appeals to golfers who prefer a more traditional putter style. Its blade-like design is sleek, slender, and easy to line up with the ball and target. The classic look of the Ping Zing Putter also makes it a popular choice among collectors and enthusiasts.

Soft Insert

The soft insert on the Ping Zing Putter is made of either urethane or elastomer, depending on the model. This insert enhances the feel and feedback of the club, making it easier for golfers to sense the impact and control the speed and distance of their putts. The soft insert also helps to dampen vibrations and reduce skidding for a smoother roll.

Perimeter Weighting

The Ping Zing Putter features perimeter weighting, which means that the weight is distributed around the edges of the clubhead rather than in the center. This design helps to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) of the club, which makes it less likely to twist or wobble on off-center hits. Having a high MOI results in more consistent, accurate putts.


The combination of the soft insert and perimeter weighting system of the Ping Zing Putter makes it one of the most forgiving putters on the market. Even on mis-hits or off-center strikes, the club’s design helps to maintain stability and minimize the negative effects of imperfect shots. This feature is especially useful for novice golfers who are still developing their putting skills.


The Ping Zing Putter is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel and aluminum, which make it durable and long-lasting. The clubhead is also resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches, making it a good investment for regular golfers.

How to Choose the Right Putter

Choosing the right putter is crucial for improving your putting game. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect putter for your playing style and preferences:

Consider the Head Design

There are several head designs to choose from, including blade-style, mallet-style, and hybrid putters. Blade-style putters are the most traditional and offer greater precision and feel, while mallet-style putters are more forgiving and offer greater stability. Hybrid putters combine elements of both designs for a balanced performance.

Evaluate the Length of the Putter

The length of the putter should match your height and posture, as well as your preferred putting stance. Generally, taller golfers prefer longer putters, while shorter golfers prefer shorter ones. However, it’s important to find a length that feels comfortable and natural to you.

Test the Weight and Balance

The weight and balance of the putter are essential for achieving a smooth, consistent stroke. Try different putters with varying weights and balance points to find the one that suits your swing motion and tempo.

Consider Your Budget

Finally, consider your budget when choosing a putter. While high-end putters may offer superior performance and features, they can also be costly. However, there are plenty of affordable putters on the market that offer excellent value for money.


In conclusion, the Ping Zing Putter is a top-performing golf club designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their putting game. It