Power Package Golf Review [Updated Feb 2024]

Power Package Golf Swing Training Aid Review

Would you like to improve your swing issues when playing golf? Then, it is now the time to explore the importance of power package golf swing training aid that can be found in the marketplace. Generally, golf swing training aids are available in various sizes and shapes. In fact, there are some people who tend to use this training aid because they really want to correct their swing issues when playing this sport. If you’re one of the golfers who wanted to experience perfect golf swings in the field, then you should know how the power package golf swing training aid is used for good.

Power Package Golf Review

In this review, you will know and eventually learn how to use this golf swing training aid when playing the game. And if you’re planning to buy the product, then you can now have the idea of how to choose the best one out of its remarkable features. This power package golf review will give you a full understanding of choosing the right product in the market.

Power Package Golf Swing Training Aid

This product is a type of training aid for playing golf. This mainly focused on the major issue of golfers, which is to set the club. The device was typically designed by Chris Walkey, a PGA teaching professional in the field of this sport game. The main objective of this product is that a proper club setting allows for improved repeatability of swing. However, the company provider of this product says that this device also assists the users with the swing plane, face angle, overswinging, casting, narrowing of swing, and the overall rotation of the body through its swing.

This golf training aid has a perfect design that would be suitable for your wrist arm. In fact, this power package training aid for playing golf was highly manufactured and have undergone quality assurance to make sure that it provides a high-performance level. Its 2-padded cups are attached to the simple screw, which is perfectly tightened.

Who is This Product For?

This Power Package Training Aid is perfect to be used by then golfers who wanted to correct their swinging issues. If you’re a newbie in playing golf, then you may also use this for good. It is because this will help you in playing the game with ease.

Many golf players tend to buy this product because they know that it is a good training tool that would help them to become a pro. So, if you’re one of them who is looking for this product, then you can find this item in the marketplace.

The product is a high-quality and affordable one; so, it is really a good investment for you. Once you purchase this Power Package training aid, then you can easily use it to start playing golf. Even you’re just a beginner in playing golf. You will know exactly how it is being used.

However, if you want to make sure that you use the training aid properly, then you may also request some professional golfer who can teach you in using it. In general, the product is user-friendly. That’s why you don’t need to be fretted about it.

What’s Included in This Product?

This Power Package needs to be attached to the grip bottom and via two curvy and bent arms, places foam-lined cups just above your forearms. The whole package is perfectly designed for golfers to train themselves in playing golf without difficulty. On its package, you can see some screws which need to be used for attachment of it to the device. Then, you just need to tighten up the screw or adjust it based on your preference. The package also has its instructional manual so that you will be guided on how to perfectly use the item.

The Power Package is a lightweight material. The base houses a thumb screw and a hex nut. The black cups are also padded with little foam for great comfort.

Overview of Features

If you’re planning to purchase this Power Package Training Aid for golfing, then it is advisable to know first its remarkable features. These features would help you to know if the product will be good for you or not. Some of the best features of this Power Package are the following:

• Lightweight — This item is manufactured using light materials to provide great convenience when the golfer swings the club.

• High-quality — You can have a guarantee that it is of high-quality training aid since the manufacturer had undergone some tests and trials before placing it into the market.

• Affordability — As you can see, this product is quite affordable compared to any other type of golf sing training aid out there. With its reasonable product rate, you can even say that it is a good investment that would help you a lot.

• Easy to set up and Use — This Power Package is indeed easy to assemble, set up, and well-designed for efficient use.

These features provide great benefits and advantages to all its users. That’s why it is recommendable to purchase the product, especially if you want to become an expert golfer in the next few days.

How to Set Up and Use the Power Package?

The Power Package tool is very convenient to use when playing golf. Once you perfectly installed it onto the device, then you need to place your wrists to forearms, nestling the foam-lined cups. You may also take the following instructions for proper use:

1. Place your forearms on the cups and start to swing back.

2. Swing down while maintaining your forearms on the cups until the downswing.

3. Connect the cups again to your forearms on the middle portion onto follow-through.

Setting up the Power Package onto the club device is also simple by following these simple steps below:

1. Unscrew thumb screw. Then, slide it up around 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) onto the grip bottom.

2. Make some adjustments on Power Package and allow the leading edge to be in alignment with the edge of the clubface.

3. Then, tighten its thumbscrews and start hitting shots.

With these simple steps and procedures, you can eventually perfectly set up the Power Package and use it based on your purpose.


Perhaps, this Power Package Golf Swing Training Aid is not compatible with you. That’s why you may also consider using a Golf Swing Training Aid — Linear Compression Golf Practice and Golf Training Aid. This type of product will also help you with your improper set of wrists and would improve your body rotation as you swing the club when hitting a ball.


The Power package Golf Swing Training Aid is a perfect option for you to correct your major swing issues when playing golf. This would also provide great benefits and advantages towards learning the best techniques for playing golf. With its great features, you can have an assurance that this item is ideal for you.