Vice Pro Soft Review [Updated Mar 2021]

Are you overwhelmed due to the many choices of golf balls available on the market? If you have a preferred brand which you use each time, then perhaps it is the right time for you to make a change. One of the best golf balls available is the Vice Pro Soft. This is a remarkable ball from Vice Golf released in August 2020. This golf ball is ideal for mid-handicap golfers as well as low mid-swing golfers who want to have a consistent feel in the greens and low ball flight.

Who can benefit from this product?

If you’re a low golfer who needs performance and feels in a golf ball, then this one is for you. You will surely love this golf ball, especially if you fall into the category of mid to low swing speed golfer.

Most often, golfers that score low, however, have a slower swing speed; they will face difficulty in searching for a good ball. A lot of golf balls available intended for slow-scoring players are extremely high compression for quick swing speeds. There are many players shooting under 80 that do not have swing speeds more than 110mph. This golf ball from Vice Golf has a remarkable combination of distance and feel. These are available in three different colors such as red, green, and red.

The 3-piece design is what makes it inviting to a lot of golfers. It is cheap as well. In general, golf balls for lower handicap golfers normally costs more than $40.00. This isn’t the case with this golf ball from Vice Golf. Each time you find an amazing feeling golf ball which has lots of distance, and then you must take benefit of it. You’ll have a difficult time telling the disparity between this ball and those expensive models available on the market.

Overview of Features

The Vice Pro Soft is packed with essential features such as:

Matter Finish: This is a cool feature of this golf ball, which makes it unique and the first urethane golf ball to boast a matte finished cast urethane cover.

Anti-Glare Technology: The Vice Pro Soft is made with anti-glare technology to keep your eyes safe and sound on bright and sunny days and at the same time offers better visibility on the ground and in the sky. You can see your drives flying the fairway.

Urethane Cover and Low Compression: The mixture of urethane cover and low compression generates a ball, which feels very soft around the green, ready to spin those lock shots. The putter also has an amazing and superb feel. Another amazing perk of this feature is that you can compress it consistently. This is a high-energy golf ball that jumps off the driver clubface.

Keep in Line: This golf ball also comes equipped with Keep in Line features. The super long, very visible line allows the player to point the ball towards the hole without the need of putting out the sharpie. This has made for distance.

Unique Colors: Usually, golf balls are available in yellow color, but this one is available in red; thus, it appears like a fireball flying your club. It is best to opt to a colored ball as it lessens glare and easier to sport when it’s within the rough or while in flight. If you opt to a standard one, pick the white color. Another amazing thing about colored golf balls is that they give you a better focus. If you have a difficult time focusing on the golf course, this one can provide a reason to turn on your brain and get ready for the swing. Some players commented on the Vice Pro Soft; they have been tested as well as user-friendly.

What is Included

Vice Pro Softbox measures 7.72 x 5.35 x 1.89 inches and weighs only 1.41 Pounds. Right inside the box is a 12-piece ball. You can choose the color you want that will meet and suitable to your playing experience. There are no critical parts included.


This golf ball from Vice Golf is made in Germany and comes with sophisticated technology as well as exceptional, which makes it ideal to use. You can use this ball right outside the box. For more information or further guides on how to use this, you can check YouTube, or you can click this link There are also other guides online that can help you in the right way of using these amazing golf balls from Vice Golf.


If you one of the many average golfers out there who have low and mid-swing speed or need a decent amount of control in the green, then this ball is ideal for you. If you are fine spending some money on golf balls, then choose this ball from Vice Golf as well. On the other hand, if you are a skilled player, you need to opt to a more advanced golf ball, and one ideal choice is the Vice Pro Plus. This one is included in the Gold Digest 2020 Hot List. This is a four-piece urethane cover golf ball which is ideal for golfers that have high swing speeds in order to reduce spin and at the same time make the most of the length off the tee.

This one is made exclusively for the lower spine as well as, the lower launch for extreme design. On the other hand, golfers can still get it easy to stick in the greens. If you are a player who has average swing speeds of 110+, then this one is for you.


State-of-the-art Vice Pro Soft is a remarkable replacement for expensive golf balls available without compromising the performance and quality. If you’re a mid handicap golfer and you think that you’re paying a lot for premium golf balls, Vice Soft Pro is worth checking out. You will be astounded by its performance. This is one of the best golf balls today, available in different colors, so you can get one that suits you the best.