Best golf ball for putting

Golf is a game that requires several types of strokes, although most people are unaware of it. Putting is one such stroke that players do by making use of a club called “Putter.” There are many other clubs in golf which have different purposes. The driver, for instance, is the longest club and helps in […]

Best glow in the dark golf balls

Golf is a popular leisure sport that people like to play. Playing golf in the dark, at dawn, or dusk can be challenging because of the lack of natural light. This game is not like basketball or tennis, where one can light up the court with artificial lights and make it possible to play even […]

Best golf shoes for wide feet

Golf shoes are as important as the overall golfing style as gloves, golf bag and clubs. These are something that’s only understood by people who plays the incredible game. People who have never swung blindly at a ball will not get it. With the changing season, every golfer needs a new pair of shoes. The purpose […]

Best irons for 15 handicap

It can be pretty confusing for golfers to know which irons actually suit them. Buying a set of irons can be expensive if the golfers don’t know what they are looking for. Especially in the mid handicap sector, the players can potentially use all the options in the brand ranges with some degree of success. […]

Best driver shaft for 85 mph swing speed

The slightest change in the swing can have a significant effect on the game. If you are a golf player of any degree, you will agree with me when I say that starting your game off with a brand new driver shaft can be exhilarating. This confidence and the trust you have on your equipment […]

Best Golf Ball For 100 mph Swing Speed

A golf ball is to a golfer what bullet is to a shooter. But unlike the shooter who is pretty much stuck with the bullet determined by the weapon, a golfer has the freedom to choose his preferred golf ball. And swinging with the right ball is half the game conquered. In this comprehensive review, we […]

How to Clean Golf Shoes

Golf is an interesting sport that allows you to stay in the fresh air and enjoy the game. It is not physically demanding, and that’s why many prefer this type of playing. Of course, the professional golf requires a lot of skills and appropriate physical condition, however, amateurs do not need all the skills if […]

How to Pick the Right Shaft for Your Driver

Golf is an interesting, exciting and very popular sport. People all over the world play it as amateurs and professionals. Golf is typically performed in the open fields with grass, sand, trees, and other healthy parts of nature. It, of course, provides a lot of benefits to an average golfer, and the income might be […]

How to Clean Golf Club Grips

Golf is a very popular sport all over the world. Professional golfers are sportsmen with the highest salaries and incomes. Tiger Woods, for example, has earned over 1,8 billion of US dollar in his career. However, he is not an exception. There are also Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and others, who have also made fortunes […]

How to Get Good at Golf Fast

Golf is definitely an interesting sport that many people love. It is popular all over the world, and professional games are highly beneficial when it comes to financing. In the materialistic world, it only boosts the popularity further because young people typically dream about richness and fame. Golf can provide all that, however, it is […]

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