Best Wedge for Chipping

The wedge used for chipping is important to the game of the golfer. It is an important factor to improve your score as you play. With the best wedge for chipping, you can avoid obstacles, get over a short distance, and establish fast control level. With this gear, you can make big differences to your […]

Best Putter for Alignment

You work hard every day, so you deserve to relax and enjoy it. Well, one way to relax is to have a putting lesson while enjoying the beauty of nature. Playing sports like golf is a good way to release tensions and stress. It cannot be denied that golf is among the favorite sports of […]

Best golf ball for 75 mph swing speed

So you play golf, and maybe you want the right golf ball in terms of speed and durability? Well, did you know that the first golf balls of its kind were made of wood in the 14th century? Although golf balls and clubs traditionally started off as wood or breech, the feathery ball was the […]

Best golf balls under 30

Golf was invented way back in the 15th century. At that time, it was played casually by the royals of Scotland using clubs made from branches of a tree, which were usually shaped by a bow maker. Along with that, the golf balls were also made of wood. It took centuries of the invention on […]

Best high speed camera for golf

Golf is one of the most famous sports in the world. It started way back in the year 1457 in Scotland. After decades of polishing the game, it was first played in an international competition in 1860, in Scotland. It was known as the Open Championship, and to this date, it stands as the oldest […]

Best cavity back irons ever

Golf can be regarded as one of those sports that require specific tools for a particular action. Skills are essential for becoming a professional golf player, along with that a golfer should also be aware of their tools. The performance of the golfer is highly dependent on the scenario and the type of tools he […]

Best Golf Balls For 10 15 Handicap

Golf has always been a precision sport. Rigorous calculations have always been a part of the game. The distance, the speed, the spin all these minute details play a much more significant role in golf. It is not always possible to make the same swing twice. As the saying goes, ‘to err is human’; in […]

Which Mizuno Irons Are Best For Me

Golf is probably the only sport where there are the widest range of equipments. Each equipment has its own special scenario where it needs to be used. The club set of a golfer usually contains 12 clubs out of which there are seven irons. Irons are clubs whose heads are made of solid steel they […]

Best Non Golf Shoes For Golf

Golf is a sport that requires great finesse. It requires high technicality and along with that high-performance gears. The tools and gears used by a golfer adorn their skill set. When the skills of a golfer are maximized, his tools become a reason of hindrance. The excellence of the devices should be at par with […]

Best Driver Loft For Slow Swing Speed

Golf is known for being a precision sport. It takes an immense amount of skill to become good at it. Endless hours of practice are necessary. A fair bit of investment is required, as well. The performance of a golfer also depends on the quality of the instruments he uses. One of the essential tools […]

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