Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speed

High swing speed is something professionals and enthusiasts are a fan of. Higher swing golf balls are in great demand. A golf ball that covers 105 miles per hour is a high swing speed golf ball. With an increased spin rate, you can easily get fast swing speed. There are a variety of golf balls […]

How to become a scratch golfer

How to Become A Scratch Golfer Do you want to become a scratch golfer, but don’t know how to make it happen? In this post, we will help you to become one effectively. Becoming a scratch golfer means you want to be those players that play into all or any rated golf courses on a […]

How to organize clubs in golf bag

A golf bag is required for anyone who wants to play 18 holes. If you don’t properly organize golf clubs in the bag, your golf bag can get very confusing. If you ignore to organize your golf clubs correctly, your golf clubs can even get damaged by clinking into one another while you are carrying […]

How to load a golf bag

Organizing a golf bag is the key to lessen its weight. The best way to keep it simple is by removing all the unwanted things from your golf bag. All that you need to keep is only the essentials and keep some urgent handy supplies. A golf bag can get disorderly with 14 golf clubs; […]

How to Clean Ecco Street Golf Shoes

Want to know the importance of golf shoes? Ask a golfer about it. Even if you are the one who is just starting with golf then let me tell you, getting the right pair of shoes is something that you cannot compromise on. Shoes carry us all through the day whenever we are outside, therefore […]

How To Hit A 3 Iron In Golf

Honestly, hitting long irons in golf is never a cakewalk. It is indeed hard to learn the trick to hit 3 irons in the golf game and shoot lower scores. So what are irons in golf? Well, the golf clubs are known as irons and the reason being the club heads that are made of metals. […]

How to Get a Golf Handicap without Joining a Club

The USGA (the United States Golf Association) was designed to permit golfers with different skill levels to content against each other. Having an official USGA handicap is the best thing when you are planning to take your gaming skills to the next stage. Also, aware of your handicap can allow you to understand your golf […]

Best driver for 85 mph swing speed

Hitting off that golf ball to the farthest distance will depend on the type and design of the driver you use. Drivers give you the maximum potential distance of any gold club. Without good control of your driver, hitting a ball off the tee can be frustrating, while trying to sacrifice distance for accuracy. To achieve […]

How to create lag in golf swing

Golf is an interesting sport where players have a task to punch a small ball with appropriate clubs while targeting one of the differently selected holes in the field. Some points are made when the ball hits a cup, and the exact figure depends on the number of strokes. The fields are usually made with […]

How to Regrip a Putter

Knowing how to regrip a putter is essential to a golfer. Those grips can get worn out, gross, and lead to a worse golf game than usual. When you start noticing your putter needs a new grip gather a utility knife, putter grip solvent, grip tape, a new grip, and an old towel. Some opt […]

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