Best Headlamp for running

Running is both an exercise and a passionate hobby that many people pursue these days. However, with our busy lifestyles, it is not easy for one to take time out for running during the ideal morning hours. For those who choose to run very early in the mornings or during late evenings, headlamp is a […]

Best triathlon shoes

To all the male triathletes out there, we get how important your running shoe is to your experience. In your search for the Ultimate Triathlon Shoe, take your researcher’s advice and consider the following three options. We’ve culled the shelves of the best running shoe purveyors out there, and narrowed the finalists down to three. […]

Best yoga blocks

ImageProduct Price Rating Yoga Eggs by Three Minute Egg – Best yoga blocks for beginners $$ Bhoga Infinity Yoga Block – A comfortable yoga block $$ Health Mark BT23000 HD Foam Exercise Blocks $$ Yoga Eggs by Three Minute Egg – Best yoga blocks for beginners Yoga eggs is a revolutionary product designed by Three […]

Best rain jacket for running

One thing that most of the runners hate is the rain. The rain may obstruct hem to perform their best due to several reasons. In order to perform their best even in the rain, they need a right accessory that not only help them to remain dry, but also provide them extra warmth in the […]

Your Guide To The Best Triathlon Shorts

Planning to take part in an endurance event like a triathlon, buy some triathlon shorts. Wearing triathlon shorts allows easy transition between swimming, biking and running, helping a triathlete stay comfortable for the duration of the race. Apart from being made of materials that encourages reduced water absorption, a great benefit wearing this triathlon gear […]

Best running pants for winter

The December is on its rise and the holidays are approaching. It is really nice to be around the house, do regular things or just sit in the warm atmosphere enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. But, since it is not healthy to spend three months just lying around like bears in their hibernation […]

Spikeless Golf Shoes Review

Spikeless golf shoes are a great asset to any golf player and are designed to be used both and off course. Lightweight and comfortable, these shoes use rubber technology instead of spikes to ensure that the shoes maintain traction while on the golf course. A great benefit of wearing spikeless golf shoes is the fact […]

Best Non slip Yoga Mat

Planning to join yoga classes, buy a non slip yoga mat right away. Yoga mats provide traction to your hands and feet and also allow a safer landing ground or cushioning when doing yoga. An added benefit of using a non-slip yoga mat is that it prevents you from slipping when attempting to do yoga […]

Best Cross Training Shoes For Flat Feet

ImageProduct Price Rating New Balance Men’s Cross-Training Shoe $$ Nike Men’s Free Trainer 5.0 Bright Crimson / White / Black Synthetic Cross-Trainers Shoes $$ Adidas Adi power Weightlifting Trainer Shoe $$ New Balance Men’s Cross-Training Shoe New Balance Men’s Cross-Training Shoe, is dedicated to assisting athletes accomplish their goals. It has been their mission for […]

Best hydration pack for mountain biking

ImageProduct Price Rating ECEEN Hydration Backpack with 1.8L Bladder Bag Bundle with 7 Watts 10000mAh Waterproof Battery Pack $$ Camelbak Products Volt 13 LR Hydration Backpack $$ Hydration Pack with 1.5L Backpack Water Bladder. $$ ECEEN Hydration Backpack with 1.8L Bladder Bag Bundle with 7 Watts 10000mAh Waterproof Battery Pack The ECEEN is the best […]

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