52 vs 56 degree wedge

When it comes to which clubs make the biggest difference in the game, every lower handicapper may
choose the wedges. A gold wedge is a window to scoring low and playing successfully.

While the capability to bring 14 clubs in a gold bag, surely you will have space for some golf wedges. The
wedges you choose to get will determine the kinds of shots you are able to hit as you make your way
into the gold course. 

The 52 and 56-degree wedges are two of the most popular wedge lofts. If you plan to buy one or the
other or want to only take one out of the golf bag, let’s take the benefits of each one.

52 Degree Overview

Also called the gap wedge, the 52-degree wedge was initially made to seal the gap between the sand
wedge and the pitching wedge. This is a wise choice for approach shots, long bunker shots, and if you
want to get up and down from places which may be a bit further from the lush. 

Because this wedge is not lofted compared to other clubs, you will notice that it runs a bit more once it
strikes the green. Where lob wedges might barely release towards the hole, a 52-degree will travel a
perfect distance. 

This wedge isn’t something that each golf player will bring. It is common for players to have sand
wedges and pitching wedges and miss out on the 52-degree wedge. Once you perfectly arrange your
gold bag, you will have enough space to store this 52-degree wedge.

56-Degree Overview

A 56-degree is typical for a sand wedge. Fifty-six degrees loft is a good amount to bring a wedge over the
rim of a bunker, and this wedge has turned out to be the common loft for bunker shots. 

This may be the most common golf wedge available today. Gold players always bring one in their gold
bag and then might make choices about whether or not it makes sense to get the gap and lob wedge.

For newbie players who have been in this game for many years, it makes sense to know how to utilize
this wedge very well.

52 Degree Vs 56 Degree: What are the Perks?

52-degree wedge offers various kinds of benefits. If you understand what a 52-degree wedge can do, it
can be an ideal fit for the game. Here are some of the perks of a 52-degree wedge.

  • Long Bunker Shot

Simply because you’re in a sand trap doesn’t mean you have to utilize a sand wedge. If you’re in a
bunker, you have to think of the distance of the shot, bunker lip height and the kind of lie you have. If
the bunker shot is long, it is hard to acquire a sand wedge to bring as far as you want it to get. So, in this

case, it is ideal for bringing this wedge into play. The gap wedge or the 52-degree wedge will provide you
more carry and ensure you can get the golf ball to the pin.

  • An Approach Shot

Once the pitching wedge is too long to assist you in hitting the approach to the green, you can swap
with a 52-wedge. A gap wedge is a good choice for this kind of shot. A lot of people will decide on the
gap wedge for approximately a 100-yard approach shot to the green. It depends on what kinds of gold
courses you are in; the length shot could come up often. 

What is more, this wedge is usually made with a progressive style. This style will help players transition
from the wedge to the iron fast and easily.

Perks of 56 Degree Wedge

This wedge is considered one of the most common among golfers as it has many perks. Knowing when
to pick your wedge will help ensure it is most efficient. Here are the perks of the 56-degree wedge.

  • Sand Trap Exit

A sand wedge is made to assist golfers in getting the ball out of the sand trap as fast as possible. With
this wedge, you’ll have the capability to get the golf ball up in the air fast and have it land on the grass
and stop. The 56 degrees loft makes it perfect for getting over bunker lips.

  • Lots of Spin in the Greens

Trying to stop and spin the ball on the greens takes time and more practice. Golf players have to learn
what it takes to back up a ball and how to stop it where they wish on the green. You can do this with a
combination of spin on the club and clubhead speed. This wedge has profound grooves, which are made
to help the ball up and stop in the right place.

  • Able to Hit an Array of Shots

This is one of the famous perks of this kind of wedge. You can use the 56-degree wedge to hit approach
strikes to the green. What is more, it is also a smart choice when you are striking out of a bunker. The
biggest disparity between the 52-degree vs 56-degree wedge is the loft.

Four degrees loft is a bit and will affect the distance and the ball’s flight, which you can acquire with this
club. The gap wedge is mainly used as approach shots to a hole, while the 56 wedges are used for a
finesse-type shot.

These clubs are different enough that you would like to keep both in your gold bag when possible. There
are instances that rather than bringing the 52 degrees and the 56-degree wedge, players will bring a 50-
degree and a 54-degree wedge.


Are 52-degree vs 56-degree wedges different? The answer is yes. It is not safe to say that 52 degrees are
better than 56 degrees or vice versa. Golf players must think of putting one in their bags and explore
what it takes to know how to use and play them.