Best golf shoes for wide feet

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Golf shoes are as important as the overall golfing style as gloves, golf bag and clubs. These are something that’s only understood by people who plays the incredible game. People who have never swung blindly at a ball will not get it. With the changing season, every golfer needs a new pair of shoes.
The purpose of golf shoes is not to damage the turf. Any types of shoes are permitted, but shoes designed specifically for golf wear can benefit the golfer. Also, the golf shoes complete the look when on the course.
Shoes are available in a wide range of colors and styles, from fashionable athletic designs to full leather, so it’s easy to match the shoe with the outfit. If dressed traditionally with golf shirt and slacks, traditional shoes with solid black or with black or brown saddle are often appropriate.
Golf shoes are a great idea, however, because they are engineered to keep the feet from sliding around during the golf swing. That means a well-fitting pair of golf shoes could prevent the feet from sliding around inside the shoe and also could prevent the shoe from sliding out from under during the swing. The cleats on the sole help to keep the feet planted when swinging, a very important feature while playing in wet condition. It is essential to have a good shoe with spikes to facilitate the golf swings and all the pulls, rotation and forces that go with the golf swing.

Top 3 Comfortable Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Comfortable Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

Sketchers may be a relatively new name for some people who are not aware of golf shoes, but they are the number two footwear brand in the US. They have been running the lifestyle shoe business for some time, and their products have always been technology-driven. And all of that has translated over the golf collection as well. 
Brand ambassadors like Colin Montgomerie and Matt Kuchar have had a real hand in helping to design the shoes as well. One of the sketchers key promises is “out of the box comfort’ they promise that the pair of shoe bought will be as comfortable when walking out onto the first date first time. The shoes are extremely comfortable right from the word go. It also has some crossover with general streetwear so can wear these shoes just as comfortable off the course.
One of the big concerns with shoes is do they give enough tractions and grip out on the golf course. There are shoes that have slippage, but sketchers absolutely have none of that which is quite reassuring.
Sketchers are known for their innovative technologies that focus on comfort and high-quality shoes with thoughtful designs. Their entry into the golf market has been successful due to attentive in the specific needs in the sport of golf. Sketchers feature many different styles and varieties of colors. Sketchers have created some traction technologies to help golfers’ control and get the grip as desired.
The Sketchers Go Golf Elite 2 shoe features a quality material; these fashionable golf shoes made are to last for long. The Sketchers H2GO technology gives waterproof protection while still along the foot to breathe on the inside. It has heel lock for a stable and secures fit and an all-new spikeless designed traction outsole for stability on the grass. 
Sketchers Go Golf Elite 2 brings together a premium leather upper with a spikeless traction outsole. It is waterproof with 5GEN midsole and durable TPU plate for a traction control so the players can play at best. They are built with perforation accents to get a cooling effect. For more stability, the heel cup is covered with soft materials. There are a ton of comfort in the midsoles and give lots of underfoot comforts and shock absorption with every stride. It also has the go impulse outsole on the bottom to keep steady.


- Waterproof premium leather upper
- Lightweight, responsive 5GEN cushioning
- H2GO Shield waterproof protection to keep feet comfortable and dry
- Low drop shoe to keep the foot close to the ground in a levelled position
- Designed with heel lock for a stable fit
- Durable TPU plate for a traction
- Men’s size 9 weights 10.25 oz. per shoe

Why it’s worth buying

The key product in the Sketchers Go Golf 2017 range is the elite 2. It is a clean looking design, and the comfort is on another level. Putting the shoe and taking the initial steps makes it feel like walking on cushioned air. It does not give a modicum discomfort. And the main advantage is that it can wear a regular shoe.

Why it’s not worth buying

Traction is not up to that standard golf shoe, but it is adequate. The grip on wet grass is not that strong. The traditional cleats definitely have more grips, but this shoe works fine too.



It has different styles ranging from modern look to classic look

Not that great in wet conditions

Experience supper level of comfort

The grip is not that powerful

Affordable price

Little narrow in the toe

High-quality golf shoes

The length of the shoe is a little longer than the other shoes

Synthetic sole

Durable grip TPU button plate

Low drop design

Adidas is one of the leading manufacturers in golf shoes. Climaproof and Climacool are also a standard feature of Adidas golf footwear, which includes various other innovative technologies ensuring maximum flexibility, grip, superior arch support, impact shock absorption and stability. Adidas golf shoes are designed according to latest trend enabling the golfers to look and feel good while enjoying the game.
Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf shoes put traction for efficiently gripping the turf and swing with confidence. These shoes have an outer sole with adiwear technology which helps to reduce stress on the joints. The EVA midsole has a prominent attribute, and it adjusts to foot’s natural shape. The insole is built with soft foam and provide more cushioning for a better comfortable fit. The upper shoe is designed with synthetic leather; these shoes enable to combine the athletic performance with unequalled style and color. 
It is perfect for golfers who are seeking to improve the handicap; the cleats are designed with Adidas THINTechA to give unparalleled stability. So hit the range with style in Adidas Men’s Tech Responsive Golf Shoes.
The color scheme of these shoe slick grey body with white trim to make the shoe pop with contrast. These golf shoes come with various other colors such as white and black or black and white.


- It is made up of lightweight material to enhanced control and for easy movement.
- An outsole with adiwear technology ensures the foot to stay firmly planted
- Rubber outsole to add stability and secure traction 
- Built with a synthetic leather upper, for reliability and style
- Adidas THINTECHA cleats give necessary grips for golfing in an uneven surface
- The design offers breathability and comfort

Why it’s worth buying

These shoes are incredibly comfortable, well constructed and true to its size. It has well-placed mesh vents on the front that increase the comfort level when walking on the course. Core performance delivers the perfect mix of style, fit and all-around performance.
It feels and looks like a tennis shoe as a matter of fact. There is no problem with slippage or coming out of shots. It got the same sole as the standard golf shoe just the upper is much more comfortable. It has a little bit of waterproofing on it too.

Why it’s not worth buying

These shoes are not waterproof, and the size may be smaller. It has good traction even in the wet course, but durability is short. After 9 holes, it becomes difficult to walk. If the shoe gets wet, the water permeates through the front fabric. The inner liner extends the length of the shoe, which makes the shoe very hot and not breathable like a running shoe. It has a poor construction making the shoe not last for a very long time. For these reasons, many people replace Adidas with the FootJoy.



Easy to maintain with removable spikes

Prone to damage


Concrete at the bottom

Comfortable and affordable

Zero arch support

Shiny and unattractive

Great for a month and then zero cushion

The FootJoy contour series shoe was the best selling shoe ever in 2016. It is synonymous with out of comfort. When people need a comfortable shoe, they go to Contour because they know they can get the fit and comfort that’s available nowhere else other than this very product. The soft collar provides a tremendous fit around the ankle area, which is important. There is no slippage, and the Contour gives a nice forefoot for great fitting properties.
It is midfoot stability made of TPU giving a ready rigidity in the midfoot, so it provides some stability with the golf swing. Great full-grain uppers and the detailing of the new saddle with the underlay just a great rich detail overall.


Waterproof soft

Premium full-grain leather provides outstanding waterproof comfort, durability and breathable.

Contour Last

Rounded toe feature, across forefoot, heels and a standard instep. On the bottom, it has been contoured to correspond the foot shape closer.

Cushioned Fit

Lightweight cushioned fit insole allows heel support and highly underfoot comfort. The cushioned insole ensures a relaxing underfoot by dampening shock during the walk.

Enhanced Support

Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) Stability Bridge is adequately placed in the shank part of the shoe to help give platform stability reduction and platform stability.

Why it’s worth buying

FootJoy gives one-year limited waterproof warranty. Slip last construction permits the shoe to be made without an insole board, producing a more contoured underfoot platform and increased flexibility. With this shoe, it can play 18 holes straight away. It is very cozy, making the feet feel fantastic. The most astounding aspect of the product is it felt as if nothing was worn. 
The Contour is unique and different because with other golf shoes usually aware of some aspects of the product on the feet. In this case, they are so effortless so incredibly comfortable, and that’s one of the greatest aspects of contours even today. Contour fits the feet better than any of the others. After walking 18 holes, the feet want to feel good, and the contours do that. FootJoy made everything better by increasing cushioning, increasing flexibility and decreasing the weight by about 12%.

Why it’s not worth buying

The shoe is everything that the golfer needs, but it has an issue with the seal in the system. It has a certain level of waterproofing to it but because it has the leather sole if it is really wet condition it would see through eventually. It will give a soggy experience on the course.



Waterproof shoe

A certain level of waterproofing

Comfortable support with great grip

Pretty pricy

Excellent value for great golf shoes

Very soft and comfy

Final verdict

Every golfer is desperately seeking for a waterproof shoe. If than Sketcher Performance Go Golf Elite 2 Golf Shoes could be the answer. It is a breathable shoe with high quality for the elite golfers. Though the FootJoy and Sketcher are almost the same price, the Sketcher has almost all the features. But FootJoy is also not less as it makes the feet feel fantastic and happy. 
If looked at the Sketcher shoe against the pro 2 is the same upper. It’s the same shoe except the sole is different. The elite 2 has comfort traction spikeless sole as opposed to the cleats or spikes on the pro 2. The price is also $105, which is cheaper than the Pro 2, which cost $155. These shoes are also far superior to the FootJoy spikeless shoes; they are great in dry, hard conditions.
Overall Sketcher Performance Go Golf Elite 2 is better because it has got almost all the features an elite golfer is looking for.