kbs tour v review [Updated Dec 2022]

A shaft is an integral part of playing golf. The KBS Tour-V iron shaft is made to be a lighter weight shaft with a low spin, mid-trajectory and a tight shot dispersion. What is KBS Tour-V? After riding on the massive success of the Tour and C-Taper shafts, KBS launched a new option created to […]

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Review

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Review Do you find it hard to pick the best grips for golfing? Then, you shouldn’t miss Golf Pride MCC Plus 4. Comes with the hybrid hard cord and half-soft rubber style, this product will completely fit your needs and preferences.   This review will know everything about this product […]

KBS Tour 90 Review [Updated Dec 2022]

One of the most important things for a golfer is distance. It contributes to the scoring added with the accuracy. To score pretty high in golfing, using a right shaft is a must. The fastest-growing company in the steel shaft industry is KBS. The company’s name stands for Kim Braly Signature, which is from the […]

Fujikura Pro 60 Review [Updated Dec 2022]

Fujikura Pro 60 Review There is nothing more satisfying than using quality stuff while playing golf. This is the reason why golf lovers like you never miss choosing not just quality but also cost-effective golf shafts. Since you are reading this Fujikura Pro 60 review, it means that you are interested to know more about […]

Power Package Golf Review [Updated Dec 2022]

Power Package Golf Swing Training Aid Review Would you like to improve your swing issues when playing golf? Then, it is now the time to explore the importance of power package golf swing training aid that can be found in the marketplace. Generally, golf swing training aids are available in various sizes and shapes. In […]

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review [Updated Dec 2022]

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review When we talk about choosing the perfect golf ball, there are many choices to choose from. Certainly, each ball cannot provide you the experiences and benefits like ProV. Nonetheless, many golf balls available in the market are pretty affordable and efficient as well. Cut Blue Golf Ball is one of […]

Callaway Hex Tour Soft Review [Updated Apr 2021]

Perfect shots are not about luck. It would help if you considered several factors, including your posture and the club. However, the ball is one key factor. Yes, you read it right – golf ball!Speaking of a golf ball, this Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls are among the top options. This product is […]

Vice Pro Soft Review [Updated Mar 2021]

Quick Navigation Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Are you overwhelmed due to the many choices of golf balls available on the market? If you have a preferred brand which you use each time, then perhaps it is the right time for you to make a change. One of the best golf balls available is the Vice […]

Orange Whip Review [Updated Feb 2021]

Are you looking for an effective golf training aid? Do you struggle swimming in rhythm while keeping your balance? No matter what your situation is, the orange whip is worth considering. Most beginners experience going to the first tee-box with stiffness and cannot even swing the golf club. If you are like them, you fail to […]

Best Carpet for Putting Green [Updated Jan 2021]

Putting green carpets are convenient, lightweight, and compact substitutes for actual golf-coursing grass. These carpets are so small and portable that you can just roll them up and carry them from your home to your office or an indoor golf party. They replicate the actual grass on the field and can be used both inside […]

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