How to create lag in golf swing

Golf is an interesting sport where players have a task to punch a small ball with appropriate clubs while targeting one of the differently selected holes in the field. Some points are made when the ball hits a cup, and the exact figure depends on the number of strokes. The fields are usually made with […]

How to Regrip a Putter

Knowing how to regrip a putter is essential to a golfer. Those grips can get worn out, gross, and lead to a worse golf game than usual. When you start noticing your putter needs a new grip gather a utility knife, putter grip solvent, grip tape, a new grip, and an old towel. Some opt […]

How to adjust callaway xr driver

How to adjust Callaway XR Driver Newer Callaway drivers are introduced in the market regularly with new features and flexibility. If you have upgraded your driver that is older to the latest drivers, you might be wondering how you can adjust your driver or how adjusting will affect the performance. New drivers can seem a […]

How to drive a ball 300 yards

How to drive a golf ball 300 yards Hitting the ball 300 yards off the tee is every golf enthusiast’s goal. However, even for regular players pulling off big distances like 300 yards happens rarely. Most of the PGA professionals manage to drive the ball 270 to 300+ yards on average. It is no exception […]

How to remove golf grips

How to Remove and Replace a Golf Grip When you are more than an amateur and become a fervent golfer, you will notice over time that the grip might have started to get damaged. Is it time to discard the sticks? The answer is no! and rather, you just need to know how to replace […]

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