Best swingweight for irons

Swingweight is a crucial concern for the professional golfers as much of the gaming expertise relies on it. If you are stepping into the world of golf, you need to learn how to select the best swingweight for irons. Nowadays you may come across several resources that discuss the potential factors while choosing a swingweight. […]

Best shaft for r1

The accuracy and speed of a golf player’s swing depends mostly on the flexibility of your shaft. That’s why today’s golfers ensure that their driver shafts are fit for their required swing speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Mostly, graphite shafts are used in every driver found in the market. Their weigh is determined by the manufacturer […]

Best back brace for golfers

Back pain is a serious issue for the golfers. To support their lumbar or cover any injured back muscle, golfers use back brace. This is a flexible tool that allows an entire range of movement. These have usually curved design that properly fit the shape of your back. To wear a back brace while playing […]

Best golf clubs under 400

One of the poised and classy games which have different complications is golf. The golfers need a specific club set that has varied techniques. The different club sticks come with varied features. When we want to increase our performance while putting then the specialized set of club sticks is very necessary.Here we are going to […]

Best wedge for chipping around the green

Chipping around the green isn’t something that can be easily done. But practise and following some tips can certainly make you better at it. These tips involve constructing the right foundation first. This will enable you to match the intended shot which in turn will let you hit a solid chip better. You will also […]

Best low spin driver

Golf is one of the most popular games around the globe. Its popularity across the nation keeps on increasing day by day. The game is mainly played by the people from the upper section of the society as it is a costly affair to afford all the types of equipment required by a player for […]

Best illegal golf drivers

For people who may not be that familiar with this phrase, it might be a head-scratcher. But illegal golf drivers essentially refer to any golf driver which doesn’t follow the R&A and USGA rules. The illegal driver which is most commonly used for golf offers a very high COR. Know that if the COR value […]

Best golf ball for 95 100 mph swing speed

When you want to provide your shot a strong touch than not only the club sticks, but the golf balls also plays a very important role. The golf balls are made with quite a precise technique which includes compression as there are different casing on inside the ball. The different manufacturer prefers various techniques for […]

Best Driver under 200

Golf is a sport which is played all around the globe. It is a game in which the player plays the ball into a hole with the help of different kinds of clubs. The game is played by mostly the privileged class in our society because unlike other sports such as cricket, golf can’t be […]

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