Best golf clubs for short man

There are lots of individuals out there who consider the golf sport as not a very intimidating game. They will not go with an opponent that is much stronger and much taller. In this kind of sport, there are three simple things that you should need to have before gaming. These are the golf course […]

Best mallet putters of all time

Getting the best mallet putter is maybe the essential decision which you can make concerning the clubs in your bag. Even if lots of inexperienced golfers spend inordinate amounts of time practicing with their driver for long-distance shots, the facts prove that you can enhance your game as well as lower your score quickly by […]

Best irons for weekend golfers

Buying a new club is always a mixture of what looks good and what’s going to work. This is particularly true all through the set. However, it is specifically the case if you’re picking out your irons. Certainly, if you’ve been playing for a couple of years, you may know what to purchase. However, for […]

Best mizuno irons of all time

Gold players are likely to earn a considerable amount of money once they “ advertise” the iron through playing with it. In this case, a golf player has advertised the irons from Mizuno but offered real value to the user. Before, Mizuno irons have assisted various golfers to win the game like Brooks Koepka, who […]

Best Golf Putters Ever

There is a lot of consideration involved when finding the perfect putter. Golfers need to know how the grip feels, how the strokes sound like, and how much control is given to them. They need to know if the putter they are getting will actually complement their playing style.This is why many factors related to […]

Best 3 Woods for Beginners

The golfing world offers a wide variety of options specially when it comes to woods. For beginners, it can be confusing to decide which wood to pick. Even after picking the highest quality wood in the market, the game may not turn out to be in the player’s favor. This is because different types of […]

Best way to record golf swing

“It’s all in the swing.” This title of a moderately famous 1994 album by Buddy Emmons applies more to golf than swing music. You may have the best set of golf clubs. You might possess the perfect collection of golf balls. You could be playing on the most ideal golf course for your style. However, […]

Best 7 wood ever

The 7 wood club rose to prominence because of its applications when hitting the ball long. It makes it easier to hit the ball and makes sure the ball doesn’t roll too much after landing. Due to its extra loft, golfers also get a higher margin for error.This type of golf club competes with the […]

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