Best midsize mallet putters

Golf players adore mallet putters because of their notable control and stability with which they stroke the ball and deliver a shot. Mallet putters, unlike blade putters, tend to be more forgiving in terms of direction because of their unequal weight distribution. Usually, the weight in a mallet putter is away from the club face. […]

Best 14 way golf bag

Where would a golfer go without his/her precious golf bag? A golf bag is where a golfer stores their collection of clubs. A golf club bag is easily accessible during the time of need. It is highly convenient- because people on the field love to walk the course while carrying their clubs. However, carrying ones […]

Best high handicap putter

Are you a beginner with a high handicap? A high handicap is any score above 18. Many handicappers shy away from a high handicap, even though it is an indication that you are a decent golfer. If you are a high handicapper, you are probably wondering how you can lower your score and become a […]

Best irons for a 14 handicap

Any golfer who plays off a handicap between 7, 8 or 10, all the way up to about 17 or 18 is called a mid-handicapper. Mid Handicappers can break as far as 90 every alternate other round, or they can choose to shoot in the 80’s continuously in ever round. About forty per cent of […]

Best fairway wood off the deck

So you’ve been a beginner at gold for a while now, and it’s time for you to finally upgrade- embrace a new level. Aren’t you tired of hitting most shots with iron or hybrid? It is time to let the Fairway Wood come through. Fairway woods are general clubs with longer shafts. Maneuvering a fairway […]

Best irons for tall golfers

A common doubt among new golfers is whether tall players can use regular-sized clubs or not. However, while determining the length of the club, the height of the player is one of the last factors to be considered. One can safely say that it is one of the least important factors. But what do you […]

Best Golf Clubs for Low Handicappers

As much as your talent plays a pivotal role in your performance in a sport, the equipment you use matters as well. While purchasing a golf club, one needs to consider investing in a club that would complement one’s style and skill level. You often hear the term ‘handicap’ while referring to a golfer’ skills. […]

Best 7 Wood Golf Club

A 7 would golf club is a golfer’s favourite instrument when they want to hit hard shots conveniently. A 7 wood golf club can hit a shot as far as up to 175-190 yards, which is the point up to which it’s spring speed will carry the ball. Thus, a 7 wood is great for […]

Best irons in golf all time

Both driving and putting are the two factors that need the full attention of every golf player in every corner of the world. But it cannot be denied that the best irons in golf at all times have a positive impact on the game experience of a golfer. This is mainly because it is one […]

Best putters under 200

Most starters in the field of golfing out there want to get their first bag without spending too much amount of their money. Aside from that, some professional golfers tend to prefer those golf sets that are not so expensive. Some golfers want to break their bad habits, which is buying those golf sets that […]

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