Best cold weather running jacket

Nike Men's Rain Runner Running Jacket

Nike Men's Rain Runner Running Jacket

Is a jacket best suited for running in the cold because of it has unique features such as the breathable, highly durable protection for running in wet conditions which is one of its most important feature in order to keep you warm as you run in the cold weather.

Weather Protection

It has its seam sealed with durable fabric which functions well for the purpose of wind and water resistance as you run. The zipper that is found at the front of the jacket is also water proof hence reducing the chances of you being drained when it rains.


The chest area of the jacket has been bonded and the back area has been fitted with Dri-FIT mesh in order to improve the runner's breathability as while sweating and it will help you remain dry and keep you from being uncomfortable.

Ease of Movement

The sleeves that are on the jacket have been designed to follow the body shape of your arms with all its contours to allow a natural range of motion as you run.
These are the most notable features that are present on the Nike men's rain runner running jacket but it has other features that are beneficial to a runner such as ,
It has a package able design which is meant to fit into the back zip pocket for secured storage. The zip pocket is located at the back for storage of whatever can fit in it.

The jacket has cuffs that can be adjusted to your liking and has a lowered hem with cord lock that can be made to fit you according to your size.
In order to keep warm the jacket has neck zips up imitations that go up to your chin to provide warmth and cover for your body.

Product Details

The jacket's fabric is made up of 100 % nylon this covers the body of the jacket. The mesh: Dri-FIT is made up of 100 % polyester. The jacket should be machine washed.
Out of the 6 reviews four of the reviews stated that the jacket was great and the features that were present were actually a crucial thing as they were purchasing the jacket and it possessed this features that were being used to advertise it. It was worth the investment according to the positive reviews that were given by the customers. A thumps up was also given on the delivery of the product once it was purchased.
The negative reviews given were mostly in reference to the pricing claiming that it was too expensive for the features given. Out of the 6 reviews the Nike men�s runner running jacket was given a 5 star.

Saucony Men's Nomad Jacket

Saucony Men's Nomad Jacket

Through the features that the Saucony Men's Nomad jacket presents are meant to work in the cold up to the temperatures as low as the mid-30.

Wind and cold protection

It has been fitted with the correct blend of both protection and ventilation for the different such as the fall and winter.

Light weight and stretchable​

​It is very lightweight and has the stretching capability that is fitted at the front of the jacket with a material called Flex Shell. The Flex Shell has been fitted on the front sleeves and upper and lower back which has made it both wind and water- proof.

Heat Loss Protection​

The fabric that has been used to make the back and it's under arms are thermal and stretchy making it easy for you to run. The fabric is also good to ensure that you stay dry as you run.​

Reflective material​

The front and back of the jacket are made with the reflective material.


​The zipper has been made for chafe free comfort. The front hand pockets are zippered. The thumbholes are envelope like in nature to ensure that the sleeves are kept in place and the hands.

Product details​

- It is a jacket specifically designed for running.
- It has an outer layer.
- It is meant to be used in temperatures that range from 40F and below
- It has a slim fitting.
- The length of the jacket stops at the mid hip region and it has only three pockets on the exterior and two zippered hand warmers.
- It does not have total water proof feature but it is water resistant. It is also windproof as you run.
- It should be washed in the washing machine and hang to dry.
- The fabric is made of Fabric Flex shell which comprises of 100% polyester and waterproof membrane and a material called Drylete which has 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Out of the 7 reviews that were presented the jacket got five stars with positive reviews by the customers who used the product. The Saucony Nomad running jacket has been known to deliver great cold weather performance and it has been known to have very solid wind resistance. The downside however is the fact that it can only withstand a light shower but this is ignored with the other great features it has.
The specs and detailing used to design the jacket have made it what the customers from this brand of sportswear. The jacket can be used for running in dry climates and in very harsh temperatures. The warmth is noted as you wear the jacket but the moment you start moving you start to feel warm hence the great reviews from the customers.​

Sugoi firewall men's jacket

Sugoi firewall men's jacket

Sugoi men's jacket makes an ibest cold weather running jacket if you are a morning runner. It has a reflective stretch ribbon needed during that low visibility morning winter run. It performs exceptionally well against heat loss at it provides the much needed windproof protection you need.

Main features

- It is 100% nylon
This material will only mean one thing, minimum heat loss and more heat meaning faster fat burning and therefore a lean frame you desire.
- Lycra cuffs and Firewall 180
These two combine to give you protection from wind and heat loss. The firewall 180 is also pretty light.
- Reflecting ribbon
It has those stretch ribbons that reflect light in case you are an area of poor visibility or when it is snowing.
- Cheap and locally made
This jacket retails for less than $200 and made from pure nylon here at home.​

Customers Ratings​

In Amazon, this jacket has received a 5 star rating based on ten customers reviews. The number is high for sure considering how people dislike writing. Other than that, it is a good buy.​