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Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

With optimum use of innovation with perfection of art Schwinn an iconic American brand introduces A40 Elliptical machine for health and fitness with maximum comfort and excellent results.

It is not like any other trainer machine as it is designed to push you to your limits. It runs smoothly and quietly with high stability.

Performance features

​With perimeter weighted high inertia flywheel the A40 elliptical runs smooth and quiet. . Fully stabilized so that there is no issue regarding performance efficiency. Fast and reliable electromagnetic resistance to provide you better workout.

Comfort Features

It is a lightweight trainer, weighing just 100 pounds and is fitted with transport wheels on the forward stabilizer bar, thus makes it easy to lift from rear while all weight is on front wheels. So you can move unit to any other room with ease. Ergonomically placed handle bars with heart rate grip for comfort and also you can track your heart. Compact footprint fits virtually for everyone, it does not matter whether user is male or female.

Operating Features

It comes with 8 resistance levels so it depends on you how hard you want your workout to be. Also it contains 6 fitness metrics including Calories, Speed, Heart rate, Distance, Time and RPM. So it will become easy for you to track your fitness. And it has speakers so you can enjoy your favorite music while you are working out.


> LCD to track your fitness.
> 8 level of resistance.
> Speakers to enjoy your favorite music.
> Easy to transport with transport wheels.
> Dynamically balanced so no noise while operating.
> Heart Rate Monitor.
> Comfortable Footprint.
> Smooth and Quiet while operating.
> Bottle holder.
> Cost effective.


> At high level resistance a little noise comes due to friction.
> Wheel dis-alignment may occurs due to usage for very long time.
What are other customers saying?
"Great Machine for the money"
"Sturdy, quiet and everything i need in an elliptical"
"I have to day that for the price it is a very good machine. Like any equipment that needs to be".

Almost 70% of customers who had bought this unit, rated it with 5 star.


At 400$ it is steal and with so many good reviews that product is awesome. Schwinn is definitely one of most trusted brands in market and A40 elliptical is best innovative product for health and fitness. It also makes other tasks easy with fitness tracking. Due to smooth and quiet operation you will pay 100 percent attention to your workout.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a solid combination of an elliptical machine and a bike which is budget friendly. It has pedals which are adjustable to enable the conversion from an elliptical machine to a bike in three easy steps. It provides a variety of exercise options thus making the workout session interesting.

The functional console area is equipped computer features which are an LCD screen display and a pacer.
The screen displays the work out information like the calories burnt, the distance traveled, pulse rate and time of machine use. The monitor requires no electricity since a battery is provided. It has 14 work out apps designed by a certified trainer. The console is Bluetooth enabled, integrated with a tablet holder and and is made to be compatible with an iPod for listening to music. The meter enables the user to make adjustments based on pacing.

The various technical components which enable the machine to function mechanically are also provided.
It has a water bottle holder which enable the user to stay hydrated during the work out. It has adjustable pedals fro all user heights. It has soft touch arms for upper body workouts. It has transport wheels which make the storage faster and easy. It has 15 inches elliptical stride length. It weighs 142 pounds and accommodates a maximum of 350 pounds user weight.

The product is frequently purchased at Amazon and there is a lot of customer feedback provided.
One of the top review depicts that the machine takes a week to acquire. The whole package is huge but can be moved by applying more effort. The parts are well packed and are easy to put together. However some of the pieces were reported missing. Other customers indicated that the product is cumbersome to assemble. The seats are comfortable especially for a back surgery patient. It is also easy to switch from the elliptical machine to a bike. In some instances there is squeaking due to friction between the moving parts. Others said is a nice product but the stride is short.

This machine is available online at a cheap price. It provides an excellent training experience especially for patients who need muscle recovery. The new model has a slightly heavier flywheel, more functional console area, more attractiveness and additional adjustable features.

Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer Review

Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

Cardio Dual Trainer is an ingenious breed of hybrid exercise equipment that conveniently functions as an elliptical trainer and a stationary bike. Working as an average exerciser's machine, it's made with advanced magnetics resistance system for smooth rides that leaves no significant impact on the rider’s knees. Additionally, this dual trainer features patented elliptical motion design expertise.

The Patented 2-In-1 Elliptical Motion Design Technology

As a hybrid exercise equipment, this dual trainer functions as an elliptical machine as well as a stationary training bicycle to boost overall cardio workout. The combined technological ideas guarantee a smooth ride and a productive exercising in the long run. It features easily adjustable 16 motor-run magnetic resistance levels while its 14-inch stride length comfortably works both the elliptical and bike motions.

Programmed Workouts

The Cardio Dual Trainer comprises a programmable LCD console that includes up to 12 preset programs. It has workout programs, heart monitoring programs as well as some user customizable programs. Depending on your physique requirements, you are free to customize your training program, thus motivating you as you workout. Other worthy features that function to make Cardio Dual Trainer an excellent training tool include its adjustable seats to accommodate everyone and a 15-minute DVD for proper warm up. Being a sturdy machine, it can allow individuals up to 250 pounds.

Amazon Customer Reviews

This Body Champ "Cardio Dual Trainer” seem to be working way above its users’ expectations as its Amazon customer reviews so far seem to give it the nod. From simple recommendations accompanied by positive reviews, many of its users continue to give it desirable ratings. It has so far scored an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 starts.

Its Pros and Cons

Besides the machine being a bit noisy and wobbly, some other users have experienced difficulties while standing up or trying to peddle backward. While all these are petty issues compared with its immense benefits, Cardio Dual Trainer has surpassed almost every one of its users’ expectations. It is versatile, efficient, and lightweight and works well for everyone.

The Parting Shot

It is never an easy feat designing hybrid exercise equipment that works to serves to offer an exerciser a 2-in-1 workout benefits. However, Cardio Dual Trainer being one continues to make each of its users and ardent followers’ lives. With a 1-year warranty, the great performance, and unmatched features, it is unquestionably a machine to look out for.