Best jump rope for double unders

Cyclone Speed Rope Review

Cyclone Speed Rope Review

If you love exercising on a regular basis, then you are on the right track of making a rich in investment in health in the future to come. Keeping fit ensures that your body is strong and free from illnesses. Medical professionals advice that you should regularly indulge in physical exercise. With the cyclone speed rope you can be sure of ultimate full body workout. The rope is light and strong which ensures that your workout is effective. Let me take you through the features that make the cyclone speed rope the best.


The speed rope is made of a light material, vinyl, which makes the rope to have less weight. With this rope double unders can never be a problem. Are you used to making less than 50 jumps with your previous rope? Well, with the cyclone you are assured of more jumps.


Being an adjustable rope makes it possible for even beginners to use it. You are able to reduce and also increase the length of the rope with ease. The rope gives you the proper grip which makes you enjoy your skipping while working out.


Durability one of the best key qualities when it comes to fitness ropes. With the cyclone rope you can never be worried about it snapping when you are exercising. The rope is made out of a quality material which keeps it strong and durable.

Customer review

Most of the people that have used the rope think it’s the ideal rope that they need during their workouts, customers also added that the rope is appealing, lightweight and also durable. Since the cyclone rope was released in the market more than 20 customers have made reviews and about 75 percent have rated it with a five star.

Pros and cons of the cyclone rope;


  • It’s easily adjustable which makes it easy to use.
  • The rope is light in weight hence enables you to practice without any strain.
  • The cyclone rope is made of quality material which makes it long lasting.


  • When using the rope for the first time, it may feel heavy but with time when you adjust to the weight of it, you are a pro.

Choosing the best rope for skipping entails that you consider a number of factors that will make your experience more interesting, so always remember that durability and weight are some of the factors to consider just to mention a few. The cyclone speed rope is the ideal rope for you. Here is all you need to know about the cyclone speed rope.

Top Fitness Gear Ultra Speed Jump Rope Review

Top Fitness Gear Ultra Speed Jump Rope

The human body if left unattended to may be prone to the risk of being overweight which may predispose people to certain weight-related disorders such as obesity, reduced mobility, general weakness, and predisposition to diseases.

It is therefore strongly recommended that fitness and exercising are carried out from time to time to guard against these adverse side effects. The Top Fitness Gear Ultra Speed Jump Rope is an example of such an item that is designed for fitness. It forms the subject of the review that follows:

Features and Technical Specifications

Below are the most outstanding features and technical specifications of the Top Fitness Gear Ultra Speed Jump Rope:

Easy Gripping

These jump ropes are equipped with strong plastic handles which ensure very tight and easy grip when handled by the users. This prevents slipping especially when the hands sweat. Consequently, they are very comfortable for use and also eliminate unnecessary inconveniences to the users.

Light Weight

The ropes have a combined weight of no more than 3 ounces (91 grams). They therefore do not exert unnecessary drag to the users during a fitness session. For this reason, the task of exercising is made as exciting, simple and as fulfilling as possible.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Till now, it has been reviewed by 35 customers in the Amazon online auction site. Its overall rating currently stands at a whopping 4.9 stars out of the possible 5 stars, which is indicative of the fact that it has indeed met and also exceeded its users’ expectations. Potential users are also assured of the same degrees of satisfaction.


The Top Fitness Gear Ultra Speed Jump Rope has this main shortcoming:

· Limited Applicability: The possible ranges of uses to which these ropes may be put are very limited both in scope and in the various parts of the body that their use may impact. For one, it may only be used for jumping-related exercises, nothing more. Moreover, it only works out the hands, the butt and the legs. Other critical body parts such as chest and back are left out.


Potential users should expect these and more benefits from the Top Fitness Gear Ultra Speed Jump Rope:

· Easy Adjustability: The ropes do have screws along their cable length that grant the users the freedom to ascertain the precise length that suits their unique needs. Users of various weights and sizes are hence conveniently accommodated.

· Improved Agility: Agility refers to the ability to move quickly and easily. The ropes’ extremely light weight and the fact that they may be adjusted to suit the unique requirements of their users lead to improved agility in the course of a fitness session.

· Affordability: These jump ropes are very cheap, fairly affordable and hence within the easy reach of just about any other person who may be in need of them. This is remarkable because high quality products of this kind are usually accompanied by high costs.

· User-friendliness: These ropes are pretty simple to use. They require no formal installation, no mastery of any technical jargons, or any user manual. They are consequently convenient to users of all backgrounds ranging from complete novices to professional experts.

· Operational Efficacy: They are designed to discharge their mandates of fitness workouts with maximum efficiency. This is brought about by the fact that they enable their users to hit the very possible top speeds during any exercising session for optimal results.

· Durability: They are made of strong plastics and thin weighted cables that are very resistant to the elements of wear and tear such as friction, corrosion and breakages. This not only eliminates the need for constant repairs and maintenance, but also avails to the users the much-needed peace of mind they need to fully utilize it.

· Easy Storage: These ropes are foldable. They consequently take up as minimal storage space as possible. Potential users who reside in condominiums where space is an issue will therefore find these ropes very handy.

· No Side Effects: In their endeavor to discharge their mandate of fitness workouts they do not bring along any side effect in the forms of injuries, bone dislocations, bruises and so on. They are hence very safe, secure, and reliable.


It is very clear from the foregoing Top Fitness Gear Ultra Speed Jump Rope review that these jump ropes are indeed the ultimate solution to any fitness problem notwithstanding the aforementioned shortcoming because they provide quick, convenient, and ready results.

Best Crossfit Jump Rope For Double Unders Review

Best Crossfit Jump Rope For Double Unders Review

When selecting a speed rope for CrossFit that allows you to do double-unders, you're looking for something hardcore and not some piece of string you used to jump over at the playground. Enter the ZojiFit Speed Rope set.

Lightning Speed Spins

The metal ball-bearings in the handles make for smooth, super fast spins, thus enabling you to do double-unders and even triple-unders.

A Complete And Convenient Set

This set comes in a super convenient nylon travel bag, with two cables and a set of end-piece fasteners.

What Costumers Have Said

With over 36 Amazon reviews and a 4.7 star rating, the ZojiFit Speed Rope really shines through. While a few users thought the cables were a little too long for them, meaning they had to cut them using wire cutters, most users praised it for its metal bearings (unlike the plastic ones in other brands), no-limits spinning speed and travel bag with extras.

All in all, the convenience of the ZojiFit Speed Rope will allow you take your CrossFit game to the next level and impress your training partners with effortless double-unders.