Best knee wraps for powerlifting


Mava Sports Knee Wraps With Velcro

Knees are very sensitive parts of the human body due to their vulnerability to the risks of bone dislocations during exercising sessions. Be that as it may, they still need to be subjected to some rigorous exercises from time to time to keep them in the best shape and form possible.

The Mava sports Knee Wraps is a product that is designed, manufactured and intended for the purposes of protecting the knees during intense physical activities.

The proceeding Mava sports Knee Wraps with Velcro review endeavors to shed more light on this item’s features, technical specifications, benefits and shortcomings.

Features and Technical Specifications

The Mava sports Knee Wraps has these main features and technical specifications:

· Adjustable Velcro closure

· Made of stretchable elastic fabric

· Extendable length

· 72-inch elastic material

· Highly comfortable

· High performance

· Non-slippery

· Extra Support and easy adjustable

· Manufacturer Warranty: Comes along with a 30-day money-back guarantee


Users should expect these and more benefits and advantages from the Mava sports Knee Wraps:

· Excellent Performance: The knee wrap discharges its purpose of providing comfort to the knees during exercising in a very efficient manner. This is mainly made possible by the nature of the material which makes it up. (It is made of the Velcro material which is a stretchable, high performance elastic fabric).

· Easy Adjustability: As has already been stated, it is made of stretchable, high performance elastic fabric that is easy to adjust according to the different compression needs of the users. Consequently, it is suitable for all types of users ranging from those who are skinny to the very heavy/obese.

· Complete Closures: It is accompanied by easy-to-use and adjustable Velcro closure and as such has no loose ends at all. This is a plus for fitness enthusiasts.

· Unparalleled Adaptability: Inasmuch as this item is primarily intended for wrapping knees during knee-related exercises, it is nevertheless suited for and indeed capable of carrying out other fitness undertakings as well. It may serve as a knee brace, knee band, knee sleeve, and knee defender, to mention but a few. Users are thus assured of maximum returns to the money invested.

· Customer Satisfaction: With a cumulative rating of 4.7 stars out of the possible 5 stars after 149 customer reviews in the Amazon online auction site, potential users can therefore expect all their needs to be not only met, but also surpassed by this knee wrap.

· Tight Grip: The knee wrap, by the virtue of having been made of very adhesive Velcro material, is very resistant to slipping, unrolling, or falling off. It is therefore very suitable for those heavy squats, leg presses, cross training, and high intensity lifting.

· Durability: The Velcro material, which forms a very large part of this knee wrap, is famed for its strong and durable nature. It is therefore very resistant to the elements of wear-and-tear such as tearing, decomposition and fraying. Users are hence guaranteed of maximum performance and minimal repairs.

· Adequate Ventilation: The knee wrap is made almost entirely of Velcro material which basically consists of two strips of thin plastic sheets that are covered by tiny loops and flexible hooks. These tiny spaces provide adequate ventilation to the legs and thus prevent over-sweating during exercises.

· Maximum Comfort: Its non-slip, very breathable, and soft nature all work jointly to deliver maximum comfort to its users. This makes the task of exercising a very noble, comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free undertaking.


The Mava sports Knee Wraps has these main shortcomings:

· Exorbitant Costs: The cost of the knee wrap when weighed against the potential benefits that users stand to accrue from it is way too high.

· Limited Applicability: The item may only be used for knee-related exercises. It would help if for instance, it could be used on the hands as well.

Final Verdict

From the foregoing Mava sports Knee Wraps with Velcro review, it is quite evident that the Mava sports Knee Wraps is still a worthy purchase notwithstanding the two minor shortcomings outlined above owing to its embodiment of all the top-notch attributes that such an item is naturally required to possess.

#2 - Titan Signature Series Gold Knee Wrap Review

Titan Signature Series Gold Knee Wrap

The Titan Signature Gold Knee wrap is a supportive THP wrap that is mostly used by elite lifters. Made in USA, it is available in different lengths; 2m, 2.5m and 3m. It is popular with heavy lifters and can support more tension than other support wraps.


It is most the supportive knee-wrap that has ever been made by Titan. Its main feature is it high tension and spring and yet comfortable to use. There is a variety of lengths to choose from. This ensures that you can lift firmly and also train for longer periods of time.


• They are the best choice for experienced lifters because they are comfortable
• It has perfect support and allows different wrap styles
• Available in different lengths
• Relatively affordable


• Are extremely stiff and not suitable for casual lifters
• Available in one color


Knee wraps are important items when lifting weights. If you are an elite lifter then these are the perfect type of knee-wraps that will fit your use.

#3 - Knee Sleeves Support, Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit Review

The knee sleeve is a robust training tool that has been aesthetically created to meet customer demands’. It goes for about $49.95 at amazon


· It has ergonomic design to enable comfort during workouts and also ensure it minimizes fatigue

· Has been equipped with a synthetic rubber to offer warmth and extra support to the knee ligaments during exercise

· It also has sleeves which ensure comfortability, avoid minor injuries and also assist in warming of the ligaments.


The knee sleeves are a lot more comfortable, especially if you undertake heavy lifting and lower body exercises. It offers stability and satisfaction to the user. Compared to other similar products in the market, this item is inarguably a hit by the show o positive reviews it has gotten in the market. Over 84% of the respondents have given it a 5* rating.


Personally I think this are the best exercise items you can get in the market. It’s definitely a worthy purchase to own.