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Tony Horton's PowerStands Review

Tony Horton's PowerStands

The Tony Horton’s PowerStands is a fitness equipment designed to do perfect push-ups with ease. The powerstands are made of Premium grade heavy duty ABS plastic with an Ergonomic design that comes with a non-skid base to prevent slip. It also has a foam grip padding for comfort.

The key features of this product are:

Excellent Design – The product is personally designed by celebrity trainer Tony Horton and the ergonomics are such that it gives great results with minimum effort. The Stands are angled in such a way that it prevents straining of wrists and the size and height of the product along with the handle is designed such that it can be used by both small and large hands with ease.

Prevents slipping – The product is provided with a special non-skid base to prevent slipping and is also made with premium quality plastic material with appropriate size and weight that further contributes to prevention of slipping.

Customer Reviews – This product has had 99 reviews on amazon with a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. The ratings that this product has even after an enormous 99 reviews is in itself enough to show the quality and the efficiency of this product.

This is a wonderful product and maybe the only negative point would be that it is a little expensive and is difficult for a few people to afford. Another negative point would be that these are plastic sets and not the metal ones and many customers out there are looking for metal sets. What they need to understand is that this product is made of heavy duty premium quality plastic and is as steady and reliable as the metal ones and so they should not be reluctant to buy it. As long as the price is concerned, all good things cost a little.

To sum up I would say that this product is of good quality which is very well designed, comfortable to use, gives great results and is complete value for that little extra money you pay for this product.

Iron Chest Master The-Perfect-Workout-System-Resistance Review

Iron Chest Master The-Perfect-Workout-System-Resistance

Every person exercising must do them correctly. One area that must be exercised properly is the chest. But what equipment brings the best chest workouts? The Iron Chest Master designed by Ron Williams is the perfect chest workout equipment. It combines six of the most recommended chest exercises. By combining these six exercises, a person can attain their fitness level easily and get the benefits. This equipment combines the properties of each exercise and then gives you the ability to reach the chest capacity and training.

Heath Nutrition plan

The Iron Chest Master comes with a unique nutritional plan, a master chart and an exercise manual with different workouts which help users get the best results from the chest exercises

Arc feature

This is designed bearing in mind the bird chest movement. The Iron Chest Master allows a user to get the full motion range. This machine helps a person mimic the movement of a bird. This makes it possible for a user to get rapidly a bigger and lean chest.

Customer reviews and scores sub

The machine has received many reviews

One reviewer says that the Iron Chest Master shows results immediately

The best tool to be used at home for workouts

Another says that the machine is sturdy to give the best workouts

Has resistance band that help to work out muscles in the chest area

How many customer reviews in Amazon and the average score

In total, there are 15 client reviews about Iron Chest Master at the Amazon site, with 93% of reviewers giving it a five star.

The negative

It only works out the upper body, and you have to buy other equipment for other body areas. Another negative is that first-time users find it hard to use since they are not used.


The Iron Chest Master comes with diet plans, exercise chart, manual and the workouts to give results. It can be customized to suit client needs and comes assembled. To get the best chest, exercises get this machine.

Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands Review

Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

Pushup stands help you to keep the correct form during your pushup exercise routine. Not only will they keep your wrists in a comfortable, neutral position, they will engage muscles that normally wouldn’t be used. This will maximize the results you experience, whether you are working on the floor, carpet, or other surfaces.

They Allow for Different Hand Positions

The Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands allow you to adjust hand positions easily as you go through your workout. Without the handles, some of these hand positions may otherwise not be possible due to the nature of the surface you are exercising on. The pushup stands allow your hands for move freely, while the stands staying steady in place.

Sturdy Product

At first you may be worried about putting all of your weight on these pushup stands, but they are very sturdy. Along with being sturdy, they will not move due to the rubber material featured on the bottom of the pushup stands. The rubber grips different flooring materials, such as carpet, tile, and wood flooring. The nice thing about this is you will not have to worry about the pushup stands moving while you adjust hand positions or get into place before your routine.

Four and a Half Stars on Amazon

The Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands has four and a half stars with 145 reviews on Amazon. They are definitely one of the more favorite pushup stands, and are affordably priced. Some customers have noted that the pushup stands made their wrists hurt more, but they also had carpel tunnel syndrome. Another complaint was the handles were too wide, but that does depend on the size of your hands.

If you are searching for a simple, yet affordable, way to take your pushup routine to the next level, the Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands are right for you. They will work muscles that have not been worked before, so you will notice a difference after just a couple workouts.

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