Best running shoes for high Arches

High Arche is a painful condition of the legs that could be inherited from the family or even contracted naturally from the environment in which we spend our daily lives in. The cause of high Arches are not really understood up in till the present date although scientific findings highlight that it may be caused by the weakening of certain leg muscles. Taking care of High Arche is quite easy and only those serious cases which are considered severe would require surgery. So before this gets to a serious point, you can cure High Arche by running on a daily basis in form of exercise keeping in mind that you will need to use quality shoes. You will therefore need to check on a number of features when looking for a shoe to buy that could help you with high Arche. These are shoes that are specifically designed for the purpose but you have the option of going for a comfortable shoe of your preference that meets the desired qualities. On that note, here are three shoes that could help you in taking care and controlling High Arche.

Top 3 running shoes for high arches

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Running Shoes review

Nike has brought about an update of the Nike Pegasus shoes by the introduction of the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 running shoes. This is a shoe that is designed to perfectly suit those runners that are considered to be natural runners. Pegasus has therefore been able to deliver a soft comfortable run for the last three decades and still counting. Despite the many changes witnessed on the Pegasus over the years, we are glad that the base remains unchanged thus far. The shoe is available in both versions for male and female therefore anyone and everyone could try it out and find his own fit.

Breathable upper construction

This is one amazing feature that allows a free circulation of air inside the foot when running. This therefore means you can run for much longer distances without getting the urge to take off your shoe because of sweat.

Lightweight and cushioned

These are the factors that would give you the courage and urge to go on running. Heavy shoes would make you feel exhausted at a much faster rate thereby reducing your running distance and time drastically.

Customer Reviews and Scores

A total of 260 customers including world wear testers acclaim that the shoes are far much more comfortable than many of the other brands. This is made possible by the soft cushion saddle that supports you throughout the run. The product’s ratings are far much more than what one could have actually expected. This is because an average of more than eighty percent who bought the shoe from amazon agree that it is far much more useful. Some of the clients who were dissatisfied with the shoes said that it was easily spoilt after such a short while of regular use. It is therefore clear that the positive feedback overwhelms the negative. It is for this reason that I would recommend you to try out this product in order to save your foot much trouble.

Brook’s Men’s PureCadence 3 Running Shoes

The material used in the making of this shoe is much softer as compared to the other two previous versions of the same. Available in different colors that you will be free to choose from, the shoe is a perfect fit when compared to all the other models. The PureCadence 3 is the latest update that gives out fresh colors and features that remain unmatched by all the other shoes.

Burrito wrapped tongue

The latest model of the PureCadence Running Shoes is designed to be much more comfortable that the previous ones keeping in mind that you should not feel any amounts of aggressiveness on your toe when using it.

Lacing system

The previous models of the Pure Cadence seemed to have a wider eyelet lacing from the top headed toward the toe.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This shoe has a total of 25 reviews on the amazon. Out of these, many customers have rated this shoe to be worth the price with an average general rating of 4.9. A total of ninety two percent of the people have stated that this shoe is an excellent piece of work and art. Some of the users of this shoe who are not necessarily runners have expressed concerns that the shoe is very light thereby not suitable for walkers. With all these factors, you would most definitely be glad that you bought yourself these shoes.

Adidas Men’s Supernova Sequence 7 Running Shoes

The Adidas Men’s Supernova Sequence 7 is considered to be one of the most stable running shoes of all times in the present world. Designed with adequate features that would ensure you get the comfort and freedom you need when running on any given terrain. This is the latest update in the Adidas world that would give you the gradual positive boost that you would need when running. With a midfoot sock-like feature support, you would most definitely feel like flying as high and fast as the Supernova.

Boost midsole

This is designed to ensure that you get the much energy support that you would require when running. This is an addition to the superior cushioning accompanied by this feature.

Continental rubber outer sole

You would not require to carry an extra pair of shoe when headed out for a run to different environment. This feature therefore provides extra traction and rip when out in drier conditions.

Customer reviews and scores

This shoe is rated highly at amazon because its features are unmatched by all the other shoes. A total of thirteen out of 17 users of this shoe are completely satisfied with this product thereby giving it an average of 4.5 rating. I therefore recommend that you consider this shoe if you are a runner that goes through different terrains during your runs.