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New Balance Men's M1080V5 Running Shoe Review

New Balance Men's M1080V5 Running Shoe Review

The M1080V5 from New Balance is designed for optimal comfort and protection, while maintaining a durable frame. It is made from textile, synthetic material, and comes with rubber soles. The mesh material and fabric lining that makes up the upper portion is very breathable. Combined with its exceptional durability, this is an excellent shoe for your longest running sessions. The product is available in 4 colour combinations - Silver/Blue, Green/Silver, Blue/Yellow, and Orange/Blue.

Ortholite insole, neoprene stretch tongue

As to be expected from a premium product, the M1080V5 packs a good number of premium components. One of such is the Ortholite insole. This particular insole is made from highly-breathable, open cell foam which delivers superior comfort and mechanical properties. As such, running with it is an absolutely wonderful experience. Your feet does not get the bruised feeling that comes from using inferior shoes. Besides the good cushioning, the Ortholite insole has great antibacterial properties as well, so for those with sweaty feet, you are very much covered. Other properties of the insole are its washability, durability, and moisture management. As for the neoprene stretch tongue, it is sufficiently well-padded and soft to avoid any discomfort for longer runs.

N2 heel cushioning, ABZORB crash pad, and FantomFit quarter

Several proprietary technologies are also at work in the M1080V5. The N2 cushioning refers to New Balance's "nitrogen-infused" cushioning which provides superior dampening and shock absorption properties. You will find this in use at the front area of the sole, and around the heel region. As for the midsole, the ABZORB crash pad with its proprietary foam materials and isoprene rubber is there to dissipate the impact energy. Together, this makes for a killer sole that is well among the very best. The cushioning feels very luxurious and there is seldom any substantial impact. For running and impact activities, you can be assured that the shoe will treat your feet very well.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

From 88 reviews, the M1080V5 scored an excellent 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many touted the shoe for its top-tier cushioning and great thermal properties. The general consensus is that this is an excellent all-purpose shoe. However, customers have some minor complaints. For one, the sponginess of the sole, while making it great for cushioning, makes it undesirable for weight lifting. This is valid, as balancing with a bouncy shoe is slightly harder. However, this shoe is made with impact activities like running and jumping in mind, so for general movement, this is still an excellent shoe. Another slight issue is that its breathability might cause trouble for those in cold environments. Well, this is a running shoe after all, and most are made to dissipate heat. Even when running in a slightly cold environment, you will be grateful for its non-suffocating quality. And for longer running in hot weather, this is an absolute necessity.  

The M1080V5 is an excellent all-purpose shoe, and one of the best running shoes for supination. Be it running, walking, or jumping, this shoe will work hard in pushing you along. With its cushioning and breathability, this is especially good in summer and hotter countries. Also, with premium construction, this is a shoe built to last. For normal use this will last you a good few years before it gives in. Users with supination are good with this shoe also, due to its stability. In all, this is a strong recommendation for runners with supination.

ASICS Men's GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe Review

ASICS Men's GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe Review

ASICS makes some of the best shoes, and this is no exception. With the GEL Nimbus 17, ASICS has yet again delivered on quality and comfort. The GEL Nimbus is designed to be light and responsive, with neutral pronation and good running efficiency. The sole, combining numerous ASIC technologies, is very stable and light. The FluidFit upper, FluidRide midsole, and ComforDry sockliner makes the interior of the shoe as impressive as its exterior. The product is available in 11 attractive colour sets.

Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning

Central to running shoes is their ability to absorb impact. On this point, the Nimbus 17 delivers. Nimbus shoes are known for serving up a soft, thoroughly enjoyable run, and most of the credits go to its GEL cushioning. The GEL layer is seen as a transparent, rubbery layer that resides above the bottom layer. When running, this is one of the best cushioning you can get. It is extremely flexible, giving the sensation that the shoe "warps" along with your feet and that the feet and shoe are one. This makes running very satisfying and enjoyable. Also, the impact is barely felt. Whatever hits the sole, comes through to your feet with a feather touch. It really is impressive.


FluidFit is ASIC's upper technology, which helps provides a good fit. This technology is based on a multidirectional stretch mesh and some stretch reinforcements. As such, the shoe is very breathable and open. It also fits snugly around your foot. In use, this technology makes the shoe responsive to the movements on parts of your feet. Running with these shoes feels natural and unstrained.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

The Nimbus 17 scored a rare 4.7 out of 5 stars after 486 reviews, which places it among the top-rated in shoes. The Nimbus line has long been one of the most well-received shoes, and the excellent score is a testament to its performance. Many customers have expressed delight at its top-tier comfort and responsiveness. There are a few negatives pointed out. One is that the fabric used is thin. This is a side effect of FluidFit, and may cause the shoe to wear out if used in tougher conditions. If you take good care of the shoe though, it will last for quite a long time as the materials are generally high-quality. The toe box is narrow as well, causing discomfort to some customers. However, this is something that should substantially improve upon break-in. The small issues with the shoe are generally fixable.

The Nimbus is also known as the "Cadillac" of ASICS - and for good reason. It is very comfortable, and very responsive. Wearing this, you will begin to love running, or even walking. They have done a good deal of weight-reduction on the Nimbus 17, hence making it all the more true to its name. This is also one of the best running shoes for supination, since it is very stable. Although it has a neutral pronation, its stability prevents your feet from rolling outwards too much. The flexibility of the shoe on the inner sides is also very good.

ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 16 G-TX Running Shoe Review

ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 16 G-TX Running Shoe Review

The GEL-Cumulus 16 G-TX from ASICS is a less cushy, lower priced version of the Nimbus. It has a synthetic-and-mesh upper with a rubber sole, and is designed for supinated or neutral foot motion. It is also more stable than the Nimbus, though at the expense of responsiveness. The GORE-TEX upper and AHAR sole technology are used.


The GORE-TEX fabric is a fabric prized for its waterproof, yet breathable quality. How it works is that it allows water vapour to pass, but repels liquid water. This means that rain is kept away from your feet, but the vapour from your feet is free to exit. Using it in rain is very comfortable as a result. In better weather, the fabric is very breathable as well. This makes the Cumulus a true go-to shoe for every occasion.

AHAR sole

The ASICS high abrasion rubber, abbreviated AHAR, is a tough rubber compound used in heavy-contact regions. When used on the outer sole, the rubber provides excellent grip on wet or dry ground. Durability is another benefit of using AHAR - wear and tear is significantly reduced due to its superior physical properties. This, along with the water-repelling fabric, makes the shoe a good performer even in rainy weather. -

Customer Reviews on Amazon

The shoe has a 4.1 out of 5 star average after 84 reviews. This is generally good for a running shoe, though it falls short of the widely-acclaimed Nimbus. Still, many reviews fall within the 4 to 5 star range, with a few minor gripes pulling the score down. The main negative many reviews have pointed out is the tight fit. Due to the constrained toe region, users experienced blisters and discomfort. This can be alleviated with some break-in, but also try to buy a size suitable for your feet, or slightly larger than usual, to compensate for the smaller toe box. It is heavier than normal as well, but this increases its stability, and the feeling of weight fades after prolonged use.

The Gel-Cumulus 16 G-TX is a great running shoe for everyone. Packing premium construction and comfort at an accessible price, this is good as a general purpose shoe. Although it lacks the extreme comfort and responsiveness of the Nimbus, it is more stable, and keeps your feet warmer in cold weather. Due to its stability, weather resistance and durability, the Cumulus is overall an excellent, bargain-priced shoe that will serve all purposes very well. For supination this is one of the best options available.