Aldila NVS Review [Updated Mar 2023]

The Aldila NVS is one of the most popular golf shafts on the market. Golfers from all skill levels, from pros to amateurs, have benefited from its performance in driving distance, accuracy and control.

This review will discuss the performance benefits of the Aldila NVS, as well as its technical specs.


The Aldila NVS is a graphite shaft designed with a mid/high launch angle for maximum distance.

Its unique internal design features a helical twist which minimizes deflection at impact for improved accuracy.

The Aldila NVS also has a low torque rating which makes it ideal for those with higher swing speeds who desire more control.

Additionally, its lighter weight construction helps to improve swing speed without sacrificing power or control when compared to heavier steel shafts.

Performance Benefits

Golfers using the Aldila NVS can expect improvements in their ball striking and distance off the tee.

The mid/high launch angle of this shaft maximizes carry distance and helps golfers find more fairways than ever before.

With increased accuracy comes increased consistency and confidence when standing over shots on the course.

The lower torque rating also helps to improve shot shape and reduce slice spin off the driver, making it easier for players to hit their target lines more often than not.

Finally, due to its lightweight construction, players will be able to generate faster club head speeds with less effort – resulting in longer drives down the fairway even on off center hits.

Technical Specs

The Aldila NVS is available in six models ranging from 65-125 grams in weight, with five flex options (Regular R2, Stiff S2F3, X-Stiff S3F5, Tour X-Stiff T4F6 and Tour Pro X-Stiff TP7).

Each model features an outer diameter of .335” (8.30mm) with a parallel tip section and uniform taper profile that promote consistent performance throughout your bag of clubs regardless of length or head design.

Additionally, each model features an I-MATCH™ multi-material construction that allows for optimal flex performance without ever having to sacrifice feel or stability through impact.

Overall, the Aldila NVS offers several key performance benefits including improved drive distances due to its mid/high launch angle design; increased accuracy through reduced twisting at impact; improved clubhead speed due to its lightweight construction; more consistent ball striking through improved shot shape; better target line selection through lower torque ratings; and enhanced feel and stability thanks to its I-MATCH™ technology construction process.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional golfer looking for added distance or an extra bit of precision off the tee box – there’s no better option than Aldila’s premier golf shaft – The Aldila NVS!