Aldila Rip Alpha 60 Review [Updated Sep 2023]

The Aldila RIP Alpha 60 is a golf club shaft designed for experienced players. This shaft has been designed and engineered to increase the distance of shots, improve accuracy, and give the player more control over their shot trajectory. The Aldila RIP Alpha 60 incorporates advanced technologies to create a shaft that is both lightweight and high performing.

The Aldila RIP Alpha 60 features an advanced composite construction that helps promote increased velocity and accuracy throughout the swing. This composite construction allows for maximum energy transfer from the hands to the golf ball, resulting in faster swing speed and improved launch characteristics. Additionally, its 45-inch length promotes better control over the club head during the backswing, allowing players to generate more power on their downswing.

In terms of weight, this shaft is considered lightweight with a weight of only 61g (2 ounces). This makes it easier than other heavier golf shafts to swing with more speed while still providing enough stability to execute shots with precision. The low torque rating also contributes to this balance by providing reduced twisting during contact between clubhead and golf ball.

The Aldila RIP Alpha 60 also features an ultra-thin wall design which enables greater flexural strength without adding extra weight or stiffness. This feature allows for improved performance through increased energy transfer from the grip end of the shaft to its tip section. The Ultra Thin Wall Design also increases feel at impact by allowing for more efficient load transfer along its length throughout each shot cycle.

When it comes to performance, this shaft provides excellent results in terms of both feel and distance off the tee box. Players have reported greater accuracy when using this shaft compared to traditional steel-shafted clubs due in part to its superior stability and flex properties which result in higher ball speeds and improved launch angles at impact.

When looking at overall value, it can be said that if you’re looking for a lightweight yet high performing golf club shaft then you should certainly consider giving your game an upgrade with Aldila’s RIP Alpha 60 Shafts. With its advanced technology features, superior stability, flex properties as well as its improved performance capabilities, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best choices out there when selecting a new golfer’s ideal choice in equipment upgrades!