Aldila vs Proto 85 Iron Shaft Review [Updated Dec 2023]

When it comes to choosing the right golf club, the shaft plays a critical role in maximizing performance. The shaft takes up a significant portion of the club, and selecting the wrong one can dramatically impact accuracy and distance. Today, we will be taking a closer look at two of the most popular iron shafts on the market, the Aldila VS Proto 85 and the Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour.

Aldila VS Proto 85 Review
The Aldila VS Proto 85 is a mid-launch and mid-spinning shaft that suits golfers of all skill levels. The shaft’s weight falls in between the light, 70-gram shafts, and heavy, 110-gram shafts, providing a comfortable balance. The manufacturer claims that the shaft has proprietary materials and construction techniques that enhance feel, stability, and accuracy.

The Aldila VS Proto 85’s primary advantage is in its ability to achieve speed, especially during the downswing. The shaft’s mid-kickpoint increases energy transfer to the ball, resulting in extra yards. The shaft’s construction technique involves a combination of high modulus carbon fiber and ultra-thin 40-ton graphite. This design ensures that the shaft is durable, minimizes vibrations, and feels solid.

The mid-launch characteristics of the Aldila VS Proto 85 provide golfers with moderate spin rates that fall in line with their targeted trajectory. However, some professional golfers that swing fast may find that the shaft’s flex point doesn’t match their swing profile. This issue results in inconsistency in shot dispersion and ball flight.

Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour Review
The Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour is the upgraded version of the standard Aldila VS Proto 85. The shaft is designed to cater to golfers with faster swing speeds looking for a low-spinning shaft that could maximize their distance.

The shaft’s weight falls around the same as the standard version, but it is more rigid, and its kickpoint is more similar to standard 70-gram iron shafts. This design provides golfers with the ability to achieve maximum speeds during the downswing, resulting in more distance.

The Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour is constructed to reduce spin and achieve steady control on ball trajectories. The shaft is constructed using a combination of high modulus carbon fiber and reduced wall thickness to combat unwanted vibrations and increase accuracy.

The downside of the Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour is its unforgiving nature. The low spin rate and the firm flex may pose a challenge for golfers with slower swing speeds or inconsistent swing paths.

Comparing the Two Shafts
When comparing the two shafts, you need to understand that they cater to different swing speeds and characteristics. The Aldila VS Proto 85 is more versatile and accommodates a broader range of players. It provides excellent energy transfer while keeping the spin rates moderate. However, the shaft may not be suitable for players with fast swings.

The Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour is specifically designed to suit professional golfers and high-speed swingers. The shaft’s construction ensures excellent feel, stability, and accuracy while delivering low spin rates that maximize distance. The shaft is not recommended for golfers with slower swing speeds or those with inconsistent swing paths.

In summary, both the Aldila VS Proto 85 and the Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour are exceptional iron shafts. Both shafts are constructed using high-quality materials and technology designed to increase distance and accuracy.

If you are a golfer looking for a versatile and forgiving iron shaft that caters to a broad range of swing speeds, the Aldila VS Proto 85 is the way to go. However, if you are a professional golfer or have a fast swing speed, the Aldila VS Proto 85 Tour may be the better choice.

When selecting a shaft, ensure that you first understand your swing speed, swing characteristics, and the type of ball flights you look to achieve. A fitting with a golf professional can help you determine which shaft would best suit your needs.