Attas G7 Review [Updated Jul 2024]

For golfers looking for a shaft that delivers both outstanding performance and stunning aesthetics, the UST Mamiya ATTAS3 is a desirable option. This shaft has gained popularity among golfers because of its ability to provide excellent stability, accuracy, and distance while maintaining a comfortable feel. In this UST Mamiya ATTAS3 review, we’ll dive into a comprehensive analysis of this shaft to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Design and Material

The ATTAS3 features a unique design that maximizes energy transfer and minimizes dispersion. It’s engineered from high-quality materials which make it lightweight, durable and responsive. It’s made of 40-ton carbon fiber with a Triaxial Weave Technology designed to provide exceptional stability, accuracy, and a tight dispersion pattern.

The shaft’s high modulus materials give it a consistent and more precise feel while the seamless construction ensures even energy transfer from the swing to the ball. The shaft has a matte black finish that adds a sleek and modern look to any clubhead.


The UST Mamiya ATTAS3 is built for golfers who seek maximum performance in their game. The shaft’s design provides incredible accuracy and consistency by minimizing torque, twisting, and bending through impact. It has a mid-launch, mid-spin profile that makes it suitable for golfers of all playing levels.

The responsive nature of the shaft ensures that it efficiently transmits the golfer’s swing to the ball, resulting in maximum distance, and improved ball-flight. The ATTAS3 features a low-to-mid kickpoint, which helps mid handicappers and beginners launch their shots higher to achieve more distance.

The shaft also features a variable wall thickness design that improves energy transfer, producing a more responsive feel and better ball speed. The shaft’s balanced weight distribution makes it easier to control and provides a consistent swing tempo for golfers.


The UST Mamiya ATTAS3 is available in five different flexes, catering to golfers of all skill levels, from stiff to ladies’ flex. It also has different weight options ranging from 40g to 80g, allowing golfers to customize their clubs to fit their swing preferences. Hence, you can choose the perfect combination of flex, length, and weight to suit your playing style.

Additionally, the ATTAS3 is compatible with most golf clubheads, including drivers, fairway, and hybrid woods.


The UST Mamiya ATTAS3 is not the cheapest shaft in the market, but with the exceptional performance and quality, it’s worth the investment. The shaft can be found on several online retail stores and specialized golf pro shops where it retails for between $300 and $400.


The UST Mamiya ATTAS3 is a high-performance golf shaft that gives golfers exceptional accuracy, distance, stability, and beautiful aesthetics. Its innovative design and unparalleled performance make it suitable for golfers looking to enhance their game both on and off the course.

The ATTAS3’s excellent feel and response, coupled with its low-to-mid kickpoint, make it ideal for mid handicappers looking to add distance and height to their shots. Nevertheless, the shaft is customizable for golfers of all swings speeds and preferences.

While the UST Mamiya ATTAS3 might not be the most affordable golf shaft in the market, it provides immense value for its price. It’s robust, reliable, and built to last, ensuring that you’ll enjoy consistent performance for years to come.