Best 3 Wood For Tee Shots

Best 3 Wood For Tee Shots

Nowadays it is evident that most of the drivers have difficulty when it comes to hitting off straight. There are even times when one is in need of getting aided because in the first place, no one is an island though. Indeed, one cannot survive without getting any help from others. So, just like in the case of playing golf, there were these invented 3 wood means for you to be able to have a safe and secure shot on various holes off any tee you may want to hit. Likewise, you can even have this beyond what you expect it to hit because these surely have their extras on it.In playing golf, there can be times when you would not have the confidence with you because of a lot of factors. But, this 3 wood will sure let you get rid of all your shyness and will let you shine and stand out from among the rest. There are various kinds of this 3 wood that help you to enjoy playing golf all throughout surely. Likewise, this also gives you the chance to perform the game in the safest way possible. Now, this article will provide you with the three top best picks of which that you may choose from.

Top 3 Three Wood For Tee Shots

Image Product Price Rating
Tour Edge Exotics EXS Review

Tour Edge Exotics EXS


Cobra F9 Speedback Review Cobra F9 Speedback


Callaway Rogue Review Callaway Rogue


3 Wood For Tee Shots Reviews

Tour Edge Exotics EXS (the Best type of fairway wood especially made for both newbie and veteran golfers)

Tour Edge Exotics EXS Review

You may not be familiar with this brand name because, unfortunately, it is not that eminent as compared with other brands. However, despite being less prominent, this surely must be your best pick for its finest fairway wood granted to anyone for long years already. Hence, even though it is not famous with respect to being the best 3 wood to utilize, it is known as the best fairway wood for the same industry.

For your information, this Tour Edge Exotics EXS is accompanied by what might be familiar with you, which is the Mitsubishi, specifically its shafts. As a matter of fact, both of which come hand on hand provide you with their utmost excellence and durability.

With regard to the product description, there are various ranges when it comes to the weights of its shafts. Specifically, there are three weights – 50g, 60g and 70g. These weights will aid you in choosing the right swing speed which you will use, of course, depending on your capability. Also, aside from its shafts, there are lofts as well which you can select from. Its lofts are five in number. Now, to give you the pros and cons of this product, below are some of which you may find useful at the moment or in the near future.

It is less costly as compared to other types which are captivating to your eyes It only has one disadvantage which is the fact that it has been recognized only by a few people.
Its designs are simple yet with a class which will surely catch your attention especially with its official logo – a letter E
It has its weights which can be interchanged anytime you may want to
It might not be that prominent, but it sure does launch and grow highly
It has widely ranged lofts and lofts are of high durability
Its headcover is the most astonishing one you can ever imagine

Cobra F9 Speedback (Best used for longer distance to cover)

Cobra F9 Speedback Review

If you are looking for the product best to cover a long distance, Cobra F9 Speedback is what you must purchase and use. Likewise, it gives you more forgiveness, aside from the fact that it is used for long-distance coverage. Another best part of which is its accompaniment, which is the Baffler rails. If both of which then comes hand in hand, this will result to not just the best fairway wood but also a completely hybrid wood as well that will let you put which on top of your lists – that is incorporated with more forgiveness.Of course, you will not just opt for a product that lets you cover a longer distance. You will also take into consideration one’s forgiveness. This is because if it happens so that you are equipped with a product of more forgiveness, you will then be capable of swinging in a freeway possible and the distance will eventually come accordingly.

With regards to the product description, it has 14 degrees up to 20 degrees lofts for you to choose from. Of course, the degrees to which you loft it up depends on your capability. Likewise, you do not need to worry about the matter anymore, for it lets you select whatever degree you desire to loft up because it is adjustable especially made and customized for a newbie. Now, to give you the pros and cons of this product, below are some of which you may find beneficial this time or if possible, in the future years to come.

It has a preventing material used against any sticking – its rails located underneath its soles It only has two colors- Yellow and Silver only
It is capable of going on a longest way possible Its crown can be not that pleasing to the eyes
It has an adjustable and customizable range of lofts – 16 to 20 degrees
It has the most forgiving fairway wood

Callaway Rogue (Best Weapon for a Hit, Point and Shoot means)

Callaway Rogue Review

This Callaway Rogue is the perfect product for you to use if you are aiming to hit off the best way possible. Also, it has its 15 degrees loft, which is best to choose if you want to have a high speed and a faster swing to aim. On the other hand, if you swing slowly, a 17 degrees loft will suit you. 

The said product has nothing much as compared to other products. So, let us proceed with the product’s pros and cons which you might use either today or in the future.

It is exceptionally a forgiving product to use Its loft is not customizable as compared to others
It can be a means for you to hit your ball at anywhere possible that lets you have a best result as well It has a design, specifically on its crown, which is less eminent
It has a 17-degree loft which is perfect to use
It lets you shine out and adds up to your confidence for its big pear-shaped head that is used as a covering to the ball
It has a legitimate Jailbreak technology used
It has a strong performance not just in any lie condition but also even from off the tee premises