Best 7 Wood Golf Club

Best 7 Wood Golf Club

A 7 would golf club is a golfer’s favourite instrument when they want to hit hard shots conveniently. A 7 wood golf club can hit a shot as far as up to 175-190 yards, which is the point up to which it’s spring speed will carry the ball.

Thus, a 7 wood is great for hitting at high flight and simultaneously covering distance on your field. Unlike the hybrids, a 7 wood comes with a larger head. This places a 7 wood at a beneficial spot as the feature makes shots easy to hit from all positions, including high grass.

The length of a 7 wood is ideal for hitting consistent and easy shots right off the fairway or the rough- the course does not really matter. In fact, a 7 wood’s extra loft also gives golfers more margins for error.

A shot hit on a 7 wood is equivalent to that made on a 5 wood at a suitable height- which is a rare opportunity. Flexibility and durability- 7 woods support and integrate both these feature into their systems, which is why they remain a golfer’s favourite choice.

Top 3 7 Wood Golf Club






Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Fairway Wood Review

Callaway Golf Rogue Fairway Wood


Taylormade 2017 M2 Fairway Wood Review

Taylormade 2017 M2 Fairway Wood


Callaway Xr Fairway Wood Review

Callaway Xr Fairway Wood


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Callaway Golf Rogue Fairway Wood

PING G400 LST Review

The Callaway Gold Rogue Fairway wood is even better known for its Jailbreak Distance technology. In fact, this fairway wood is one of the first to integrate jailbreak technology with other features to support all golf players.

In fact, Callaway has gone as far as to say that Rogue is the best fairway wood that it has created. However, Rogue’s savvy features don’t end there. It also features some renowned Face Cup technology. Both these features, when combined- make the most effective speed-enhancing pairing that is practically unrivalled on the golf course. Rogue, therefore, enhances play through supporting the skill level of the player with adequate features.

The Jailbreak technology is implemented through two steel Jailbreak bars. These bars work together to stiffen the body and prevent it from slipping grip. This inflicts a higher level of impact load on the face. By placing more impact load on the face, the bars prompt the face to send the ball with ridiculously high speed that covers larger ground.

Additionally, the ultra-thin steel face already supports increased speed by itself. The Jailbreak technology further accelerates this feature. Face-cap technology ensures that the increased speed is kept up in both center as well as off-center hits. The Jailbreak technology is groundbreaking in itself, but when used concurrently with features like Rogue’s ultra-thin face, and face cup technology, the results are spectacular.

The Rogue fairway wood also supports internal standing wave technology. The wave technology is reinforced through irons installed in the fairway wood. These irons handle the positioning of the CG through precise motions. A well-focused CG details every shot with high-launch and low-spin capabilities.


  • The wood has remarkable airflow and club speed, owing to its refined Aero Package.

  • Strokes are easy to launch and straight in delivery.

  • It covers distance and forgives easy.

  • The Jailbreak technology gives strokes speed.

Taylormade 2017 M2 Fairway Wood

Taylormade 2017 M2 Fairway Wood Review

The TaylorMade 2017 M2 Fairway Wood is equipped with recent features and new developments in golfing to help you hit great strokes right off the deck! This fairway wood is designed by harnessing multi-material construction. Multi-material construction is a feature that helps by determining the placement of the CG by usually lowering it so that you don’t hit aimless shots.

The fairway wood in general has a stainless steel body and face that promise to last for a long time and see you become a better golfer over the years. This fairway wood is also aided by inverted cone technology. In fact, inverted cone technology has been integrated into a fairway wood for the first time through TaylorMade. The inverted cone technology functions with respect to ball speed and forgiveness. It protects the ball speed to send your ball across the field and secure you a definite stroke.

The TaylorMade Fairway Wood is aware of the benefits of good geo-caustic technology and implements it in the instruments as well. The Fairway wood itself harbors this technology with advanced shaping and a two-tiered design that supports playability from different angles. Sound ribs are also places externally in this Fairway Wood so as to enhance the sound and feel of the wood, providing a more gratifying experience while playing.

Additionally, the TaylorMade is supported by an increased flexion and an open channel speed pocket. These contribute to playing by increasing ball speed on low face shots. They increase speed but decrease the backspin, and by doing so- enable the ball to cover a greater distance as it rolls. The TaylorMade Fairway Wood has a low profile design with a stepped crown to give you a better golfing experience.


  • It has a bigger sweet spot and offers more forgiveness.

  • It makes use of geometric applications and enables you to hit a stroke with the precise speed and angle.

  • It facilitates high launch even from low-faced hits.

  • Improved acoustic management.

Callaway Xr Fairway Wood

Callaway Xr Fairway Wood Review

The XR Fairway Wood is a takeaway from all its previous versions. Callaway has taken in suggestions and provided unique features to this club, starting from its new and evolved Face Cup technology.

This new Face cup is up to 36 percent thinner, lighter than ever, and has a sweet spot that is bigger than before. Its big sweet spot helps to increase and upgrade the level of ball speeds and cover varying distances at a faster rate. This feature makes this wood also easily forgiving when it comes to strokes. In fact, the completely remodeled shape integrates quite a shallow face into the wood that allows for increased forgiveness from the fairway.

Callaway has also added a completely fresh, re-engineered Internal Standing wave into this model. This new standing wave grants the benefits pertaining to covering greater distance, with lower speed, while dealing with different strokes from different angles.

n fact, this model also integrates a 20 percent lower CG. A CG is generally used to accelerate ball speeds and deal with low faced shots efficiently. The new, lower CG further decreases the rate of spinning on the ball while increasing its speed. These are the consequences of moving the weight low and forward into the club.

The new Callaway Fairway Wood also presents a marked difference in the head shape design. The look of these clubs shows that the leading edges have been flattened down, while certain height has been added to the toe. The shallower face height also adds to the change in appearance, consequently increasing the rate of forgiveness.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of this brand new model is its Project X LAZ Shaft. The shaft is usually the key component and the decider of speed for all strokes. The brand new shaft that has been added to the XR fairway wood produces the maximum shaft load during downswing, and transfers high energy into the ball, sending a powerful stroke.


  • It covers more distance with increased speed.

  • There is a marked versatility in the types of shots that can be made.

  • It also has a high forgiveness rate.

  • It has the ability to transfer maximum shaft load into powerful, energetic strokes.

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