Best back brace for golfers

Best back brace for golfers

Back pain is a serious issue for the golfers. To support their lumbar or cover any injured back muscle, golfers use back brace. This is a flexible tool that allows an entire range of movement. These have usually curved design that properly fit the shape of your back.

To wear a back brace while playing golf ensures better mobility and flexibility to the player. Here are some benefits of a back brace: it provides active support, it maintains your posture, it protects you from muscle pain or injury, and it is secured and allow for superior comfort. Read further about the best back brace for golfers. 

Top 3 back braces for golfers

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Back braces for golgers Reviews

King of Kings Review

The product is helpful for the people who are into some jobs that keep them at the risk of back pain. Golfers are one such category. Especially, people with the following back conditions are advised to buy this back brace: sciatica, lumbar disease crowd, scoliosis, lumbar muscle pain, herniated disc, lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, acute lumbar disc herniation, and others.

This is a back support that gives relief to the people with back pain. It also protects the injured lumbar discs through limiting the waist movement. Also, it can alleviate the soreness and pain of the waist muscles. 

The brace offers complete support to the lumbar without causing any direct contact with the vertebrae. It seeks to protect the S1 L4 L5 lumbar vertebrae. It has 2 nylon bars that support the lumbar muscle in the waist and in turn relieve soreness and strain. It has an installed pulley system so you can adjust the back support to the required pressure and position.

The item is non elastic, non neoprene, breathable, knit fabric, washable and detachable. Its weight is 11.2 ounce so you won’t feel much of extra weight while playing. 



This is mostly a pliable, soft and Velcro aided material so your skin won’t be hurt. Also, the Velcro allows you to adjust the tightness.

Wearing it for a long time can be hazardous for health. This is not a replacement of medicines for back pain. Exercising and regularly consuming medicines are a must. This offers an extra support to the back muscles and helps you to protect injured back.

This is suitable for intense back pain.

Selecting the right size of the product can be a bit time consuming if you don’t have adequate idea of your size.

Not only golf players, you can wear it while fishing, gardening, office work, or during heavy manual labour.

The installed pulley system of the back brace allows you to adjust the back support as per the required pressure and position. This is significant for the players as they can play more comfortably.

BraceUP Review

It has a curved design to offer a comfortable lumbar support. Apart from allowing a full range of movement, eight stays of the brace offer additional support to the back. It has dual adjustment straps the offer a customize support to the players and ensures the most comfortable fittings.

Its mesh panels allow excess heat and moisture to release. This keeps your skin sweat free and allows you play comfortably. 

Not only during the game, but the golfers can also wear it during high intensity workout.

Its ant slipping straps render minimize slipping so it will stay in place. It also has a place to add Velcro. The brace is designed for using in various purposes like heavy load lifting, exercise, and so on. 



The brace is durable and lightweight. So it’s ideal for everyday use.

The lower back support doesn’t have much material so initially you may have a tough time adjusting.

Its mesh panels release excess heat and moisture so the players can play comfortably.

Elasticity of the brace may get loose with daily usage. However, you may add a Velcro for a better experience.

Its curve design and dual adjustment straps can be customizable according to the body shape of every individual.

The brace has eight firm that support to keep it in place.

Back Brace Review

Enter your text here...This item is ideal for the people with chronic back pain. If you have injured your back muscles you may consider using it. The padded brace offers a comfortable experience to the players.

It offers an extra stability so that you can perform multiple swings in any range of movement. This is also ideal to keep you fit during brisk running or gardening. You can easily clean the item. 

It has dual compression straps that are adjustable. So you can tighten or loosen it for a comfortable gaming experience. The stays offer a firm support to the back muscles.



It has removable lumbar pad so you can remove it if you feel heavy after wearing it for a long time.

You may find some difficulty while cleaning the padded brace. However you can always remove the lumbar pad while washing.

Its flexible elastic mesh offers an extra stretch to fit the waist size. 

Remember that the elasticity can be loosened with every wash. So you better buy a smaller size so that it gets fit after some usage.

It is available in three sizes. The small one has 26 – 40’’ waist, and up to 200 lbs weight, the medium one has 40 – 60’’ waist and 200 – 330 lbs weight, and the large one has 60 – 72’’ waist an 330+ lbs weight. So you can choose your preferable one according to your requirement.

The brace is secured with belt and heavy duty Velcro. So you won’t feel uncomfortable.

A word of warning: The products mentioned here are scientifically tested to fit the requirement of the golfers or to protect their injured back. However, people are suggested to consult the medical professionals before purchasing one. Because every back brace has a certain features ideal for one type of patients. Only the therapists can suggest which one is the best for you.

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