Best Carpet for Putting Green [Updated Jan 2021]

Best Carpet for Putting Green

Putting green carpets are convenient, lightweight, and compact substitutes for actual golf-coursing grass. These carpets are so small and portable that you can just roll them up and carry them from your home to your office or an indoor golf party. They replicate the actual grass on the field and can be used both inside and outside. Putting green carpets are especially very efficient for practicing your short game if you are indoors or if you are a leisure golfer without much access to the actual course.

These carpets are also generally cheaper and more affordable than turfs. They both serve the same function, but putting green carpets are more favorable for golfers due to their affordability, portability, and ease of use. These carpets are relatively easy to install and can be put over any floor or surface.

In this review, we have compiled a list of three of the best carpets for putting green that you use to perfect your short game. Let’s dive into it right away.

Top 3 Carpet For Putting Green

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Carpet For Putting Green Reviews

1. All Go Sports Putting Mat Golf Green

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All Go Sports is a company that excels in golf-related products. They have come up with their putting green mat which you can use to practice your short game on over any surface. It works for both right- and left-handed golfers and lets you practice any kind of movement—squaring the face, back swing, and follow through, among others. It is good for beginners and experienced golf players alike as it lets you practice your short game in a hassle-free manner with its brilliant auto ball-return system.

Specs and Features

  • Package Dimensions : 24.25 x 17 x 7.5 inches; 10.85 Pounds

  • Manufacturer : ALL GO SPORTS

  • Easy to install and store

  • Printed markings at 2,4,6, and 8 feet

  • Auto ball-return system

  • Package includes a golf putting mat and a user manual

  • 24-month warranty of quality


  • This golf mat is good for beginners and experienced golfers alike. It lets you practice your rhythm, movement, and balance, from the comfort of your home, lawn, and literally anywhere else.

  • With its auto ball-return system, you will not need to move again and again to fetch the ball and disturb the flow of your practice. You can keep standing at the end of your putting mat and the ball will automatically come to you. This makes your practice hassle-free!

  • The mat is made with the base of a wood for durability and strength. The surface of the mat is made up of crystal velvet to replicate the actual surface of the golf course. The game you practice on the mat will be identical to the one you play on the actual grass.

  • Its alignment and markings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet help promote consistency at every aspect of the game. Not to mention, it is great for all players – no matter what their age or playing level.

  • With its two-year warranty, it is appealing to customers because if there is any dissatisfaction with regards to quality of the mat or the game, All Go Sports will replace it with a new one to satisfy your requirements.


While this putting golf mat is too good to be true with its auto ball-return system and its wooden floor support, it may also be infeasible for some. This mat is especially for you if you are looking to better your short game or play for leisure. If you are looking to eventually have a career in golf or just want to gain some expertise in the game, go for it!

On the other hand, if your only aim is to have friends or family over and have some fun with them over a playful game of putting, then the other two putting mats may be better options for you.

This putting mat is overall very good as a high-quality mat for beginners and experts alike. It is especially for those who are passionate about golf. If this does not sound like you, you may want to check the following two putting mats before choosing one.

Why should I choose All Go Sports Putting Mat?

The All Go Sports Putting Mat should be your choice if you are a beginner and looking to better your short game. Its auto ball-return system and wooden surface make it a much more appealing choice as it offers robustness and a hassle-free game. It is the perfect putting mat if you want to practice from the comfort of your home – regardless of whether you are inside or outside. Especially if you are in a place that has no access to a putting green or a course, putting green mats like this one can be especially beneficial. This one perfectly replicates the putting green of the course, so it feels like you are playing on the actual greens. 

2. GoSports Battleputt

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GoSports Battleputt is a putting mat that allows you to play a mixture of Golf and the infamous game – Pong. It can be played with 2-4 people in opposing teams. Whichever team can make all their putts first wins. The mat is easily foldable and portable and can easily be carried to the next lawn or beach party, a cookout night, or a party at home with friends.

Specs and Features

  • Package Dimensions : 34.1 x 23.7 x 6.8 inches; 21.45 Pounds

  • Manufacturer : P&P Imports LLC

  • The carpet is 11 ft.

  • The package includes a mat, 2 putters, 2 golf balls, and 12 cup caps

  • Easy to install and store


  • It is the perfect game if you are looking to practice while having a bit of fun, especially if you have company. This is a hybrid game between Golf and Pong that can be very entertaining.

  • The carpet is very easy to carry anywhere and even easier to set up. It is foldable and can be set up within seconds. All the things that you need arrive in the box.

  • This game can be played both indoor and outdoor and will easily be any social event’s favorite set-up. It provides you practice anywhere if you are a short game player. Even if you are just looking to have a good time with friends, this putting mat should be your go-to choice.

  • The carpet is 11 ft. long which is a good enough length for you to have a bit of practice with your short game as well. The surface is also especially manufactured to replicate the actual putting green.


One of the cons of this putting mat is that it is not made for professional use or practice. It is very good if you are looking to have fun with friends or family over a cookout or a beach party, but not the best if you are looking to gain serious practice for your short game.

Another negative feature of putting mats in general is that they may not exactly replicate the putting green of the actual golf game. This can be said for this putting mat in particular because it lacks a durable surface for it to hold. Although the surface is identical to the actual putting green, it may soak in extra moisture or water from the atmosphere which would make it more difficult for the ball to roll in smoothly. This is also because, unlike the Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Putting Mat, Battleputt is not made from the PET resin which helps absorb moisture to make it more functional.

Battleput is basically a Pong-like game, but instead of pong balls, you have the putting balls, and instead of a table, you have the putting mat.

Why should I choose Battleputt?

If you are interested in golf and want to make it more fun by challenging your friends and family, Battleputt is hands-down the best putting green to choose. This innovative, patent-pending game is perfect for a party. While it may not be a good choice if all you are wanting to do is perfect your short game, it is definitely the best and most fun with 2-4 other people with you. 

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3. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots

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Putt-A-Bout Grassroots is a putting mat manufactured by the US-based company, Putt-A-Bout. It is a 3 inches by 9 inches kidney-shaped mat with three cup cutouts for practicing your putting. Behind the cup cutouts is a large sand trap cutout that catches the balls for any missed golf shots. It is good for practice sessions of your short game as well as challenging your friends and family for a game of putting.

Specs and Features

  • Product Dimensions : 108 x 36 x 2 inches; 3.5 Pounds

  • Manufacturer : Putt-A-Bout

  • 9’’ x 3’’ Kidney-shaped mat

  • 3 practice cups cut-outs within the mat

  • Built-in sand trap cutouts catch missed shots

  • Non-skid backing


  • With the 3 cup cutouts in the putting mat, it is very efficient for practice for beginner golfers. You may also be able to easily evaluate your own performance by the shots that you have reached and missed. In this way, it can be an effective practice companion for your short game.

  • The mat is kidney-shaped and specifically made to replicate the texture of the putting green. Thus, the game that you practice here will help you in your actual short game if that is a goal for you. Due to its ease of use and portability, it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

  • The mat also lets you enjoy a hassle-free practice because the built-in trap catches all missed golf shots. You do not have to run around the mat to catch the golf balls and can collect them all at once after you have played all the shots.

  • The mat is manufactured from PET resin which is an excellent absorber of water and moisture. This will ensure that you experience a good-quality game on a smooth surface with the golf balls rolling like they do an actual putting green.


The Grassroots Putting Mat is actually a 2-in-1 putting mat which can be used both as a game itself and for short game practice.

Because it has the 3 cutout holes for the balls, it can be used as a game at parties or staycations. However, the main thing that sets this putting mat apart from the others in this review is its shape. It is shaped like a kidney and this may be an issue for some customers. Because it is uneven from the sides, it may be inconvenient or hard to use for customers. Some may claim that it does not replicate the actual putting grass. However, some users may be able to take that into account and consider it a challenge which could let them gain even more practice of their short game.

The second thing that is different from the All Go Sports Putting Mat is that the latter is conveniently marked at uniform edges to help people with practice. Furthermore, the All Go Sports Putting Mat contains a durable wood surface that helps the putting mat stay in place whereas the Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Putting Mat provides no such surface for durability and robustness. That being said, it is still very easy to install, store, and set up.

Why should I choose Putt-A-Bout Grassroots?

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots can be chosen if you are looking to have fun as well as get some practice. It also lets you enjoy a hassle-free practice because of its built-in sand trap which catches all the missed balls for you to collect at the end. Moreover, with its cup cutouts, it can also be fun to play with your friends and family and challenge one another for a short short-game. 

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