Best center shafted putters

Best center shafted putters

Putting is arguably the most important part of a golfer's game. It's also the aspect that varies the most from player to player. While most golfers have very similar swings off the tee and on the fairway, once you reach the green there are countless different stances, grips, and strokes from which to choose.

One unique putter style that could give your game the leg up you need is the center shafted putter. As the name suggests, these are putters where the shaft is centered in the middle of the clubhead. Center shafted putters were en vogue throughout the 1960s and 70s. While they're less common now, they offer several unique advantages that could make them exactly what you need to take your putting game to the next level.

The best center shafted putters are simple and intuitive. They can increase your balance and alignment, ensuring you hit the ball square. They're face-balanced, which means you can effectively "point and shoot" and take an easy, direct stroke. If you swing with a simple, pendulum-like motion with little wrist movement, a center shafted putter could be the perfect option for you.

But how do you know which are the best center shafted putters? While they are less common than they once were, there are still a wide variety of models to choose from. Putting is essential to a good golf game, and putters can be an expensive investment, so you want to make sure you get this purchase right. But no worries. We've done the work for you, and narrowed down a list of three of the best center shafted putters. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses; follow along to find out which one is the right fit for you.

Top 3 center shafted putters

Center Shafted Putters Reviews

Odyssey Stroke Lab Review

Odyssey Stroke Lab putters have a unique approach to improving your game. Rather than focusing on better alignment or roll, these putters are designed to develop the quality and consistency of your stroke itself - including backswing length, face angle, and head speed through impact.

That is all thanks to its graphite-and-steel blended shaft, which weighs in at just 75 grams. That's 40 grams fewer than the standard steel putter shaft. Odyssey redistributes that saved weight from the middle of the shaft into the head and grip, designed to create improved balance and feel.

While the Odyssey Stroke Lab's primary focus is elsewhere, that doesn't mean alignment and roll are overlooked. Their proprietary White Hot Microhinge insert was created to improve the feel and even the sound of your stroke, while promoting immediate forward roll.

The Odyssey V-Line CS putter is a center shafted putter with a mallet head and v-line alignment. It comes with all of the above Stroke Lab features, and is available in a classic black and silver look. It is definitely one of the best center shafted putters available today.

Overall, this is the perfect putter for the golfer who doesn't just want better equipment, but also wants to improve the parts of their game that they can control. If an inconsistent putting stroke has been holding you back, the Odyssey Stroke Lab V-Line CS could be the ideal club to take your game up a notch.

Bettinardi Inovai 5.0 Review

The Bettinardi Inovai 5.0 comes with a hefty price tag - but premium features that could make it worth your investment.

For one, it's made from the highest quality materials - 100% milled 6061 military-grade aluminum and 303 stainless steel (and it's manufactured in the U.S.). The shaft attaches just below center, which means it has the benefits of the best center shafted putters while keeping sight lines clean and open.

The hybrid metal design gives this putter excellent balance, and with the center of weight located in the back of the clubhead, you maintain momentum throughout the stroke. The lightweight aluminum face is paired with a heavier stainless steel sole, which is designed to create perimeter weighting and a larger sweet spot. The grooved club face also provides a softer feel, so it's a good fit for golfers with a more aggressive putting stroke.

The Inovai 5.0 comes with a number of customizable options. It is available with a 33 inch, 34 inch, or 35 inch shaft, so golfers of varying heights can use it comfortably. And the premium Lamkin grip is available in standard or jumbo sizes.

The Bettinardi Inovai 5.0 comes at a high-end price point, but is definitely an example of getting what you pay for. With it's high-quality materials and performance features to match, it is the perfect center shafted putter for golfers who want to fill their bag with nothing but premium clubs. .

Taylormade Tour Preferred Red Collection Ardmore CS Putter Review

The Taylormade Tour Preffered Red Collection Ardmore CS Putter combines a bold, sophisticated look with quality performance, all at a price tag that doesn't break the bank.

The bright red putter head isn't just designed to turn heads - it's functional too. The bold color is designed to provide maximum contrast with the putting green (red and green are opposite colors),helping to boost focus and alignment. Meanwhile, the pure roll insert promotes a firm feel and optimal forward roll on every putt.

The Ardmore CS is a versatile club, with a variety of sight lines and adjustable sole weights to allow you to customize the weight of the clubhead. That makes this one of the best center shafted putters for people with all different types of strokes.

This club may be affordable, but it certainly isn't cheap. The Ardmore CS is made from a milled stainless steel head and a steel shaft with a chrome finish. The classic ,milling provides a sound, consistent shape to your putts.

This is a refined, quality center shafted putter at the most affordable price point on our list. Overall, the Taylormade Ardmore CS is an ideal putter for confident golfers who prioritize both style and functionality. With its bold, true-red design, high-quality materials, and features designed to boost roll and alignment, the Ardmore CS is both flashy and reliable.