Best Cold Weather Golf Ball

Best Cold Weather Golf Ball

A frosty weather would never scare off a dedicated golfer! Sure, golfing in the cold isn’t very pleasant, but it brings its own challenges.

Needless to say, you need to dress warmer for a golf session on a cold day. However, there is something else that you could do to ensure an excellent play.

A skilled golfer knows that the right golf ball can dramatically improve their game, especially in cold weather. If you know that and are looking for the best cold weather golf ball, then you are in the right place.

For today’s review, we have picked three low-compression golf ball packs. That’s because golf balls with low compression retain their characteristics in cold weather better. And that’s exceptionally important in cold weather because the flight distance and speed of the ball drop considerably.

Now, let’s move on to the reviews of three great golf balls for cold weather without further ado!


Callaway HEX Solaire

The Callaway Hex Solaire golf ball twelve pack has been specifically designed to deliver a great balance between distance and feel for women who have slower swing speeds.

Callaway HEX Solaire Review

The low-compression s-Tech Core is designed to attach an exceptionally soft feel when hitting the ball. The core also keeps the driver spin low in order to maximize the shot distance.

A thing that also contributes to the long-distance nature of this ball is its patented HEX Aerodynamics cover design – hence the name of the ball – that has been engineered to produce low-speed, long-distance lift with a stable ball flight.

A feature that maximizes the ball speed is the Soft Trionomer Cover consisting of three ionomer covers. Even at low ball compression, the greenside control of this ball is at a high level.

Lastly, this ball features a pearluminous finish that makes it stylish and also helps with finding the ball on the course after shots.


  • Good balance of distance and feel.
  • Distinctive finish.


  • Callaway doesn’t really make clear that these golf balls are for women.

Wilson Zip

If you are looking for a relatively cheap golf ball pack for cold weather, then Wilson Staff Zip 24-ball pack may be the right choice for you. For basically the same price as for the Callaway HEX ball pack, you get 24 golf balls!

Wilson Zip Review

Needless to say, you will most likely feel that these balls are lacking when hitting them. They don’t deliver as soft feel as more expensive golf balls would. The feeling off of the clubface is a bit heavy and not as smooth as you may want, so keep that mind.

Wilson Staff Zip golf balls got shallow dimples that appear to be less efficient in terms of aerodynamics than those of the Callaway balls. Well, that’s quite expectable, given the price difference between the packs.

However, this ball’s got a low-compression golf ball core that should strongly benefit the performance of the ball in cold weather.

Overall, the Wilson Staff Zip golf ball pack would probably be quite a good choice for amateur golfers who don’t really feel the need for distance, speed, or smoothness.



  • Not that smooth.

Bridgestone e6

Bridgestone e6 Review

Bridgestone has got two versions of their e6 ball: SOFT and SPEED. Since the SOFT version is a more suitable choice for cold weather conditions, we have chosen it for the review.

When it comes to performance, the e6 SOFT definitely isn’t the softest and smoothest golf ball available on the market. It is harder than the renowned Callaway Supersoft golf ball, for example, but it seems to deliver quite a good feel.

So what makes this golf ball? Well, first of all, it features the Delta Dimple design to reduce air resistance and increase the distance of the ball.

Besides, the Bridgestone e6 SOFT golf ball delivers low driver and long iron spin, which also increases the distance of the ball flight.

Bridgestone Golf offers a yellow-colored version of this ball that will be easier to find in cold weather, especially if it is a little snowy. And we should also mention that the e6 SOFT golf balls come in a pack of twelve balls.

Overall, the e6 SOFT ball should offer comparable performance to the Callaway HEX ball we reviewed in the beginning. However, you could expect better performance for the price.


  • High performance.
  • Yellow color available.


  • Pricey.

Buying Guide

Why get a special golf ball for cold weather?

Cold weather worsens the ball’s performance in a number of ways:

  • Cool air is denser than warm air and creates additional drag. Cool air slows the ball down by a few miles per hour, which is high enough to make a noticeable difference.
  • Thicker air requires higher ball velocity to maintain the same distance as in warm conditions.
  • Every 10 degrees of a temperature drop equate to about 2 yards of ball carry loss.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to combat the effects of cold weather, at least somewhat.

Generally, low-compression golf balls retain their performance more in cold weather and thus perform better. That’s why golfers turn to women’s golf balls that are usually manufactured with lower compressions to work with women’s slower swing speed.

Getting a golf ball that works in cold weather better isn’t all. Before you start playing, you should keep the balls in a warm place. For example, store them inside the car and not in the trunk. Alternatively, wrap them in a hot towel or leave them under a radiator.

Because warming golf balls during a round isn’t allowed, you should swap your golf balls often so they don’t get cold. It takes quite some time for the ball temperature to drop to the level of air temperature, but you should take measures to prevent it nonetheless.


So with all those things in mind, which ball would be the best cold weather golf ball for you? Well, there isn’t really a way to answer this question without feeling what the ball is like. Every golfer has different skill level, swing speed, technique, etc., so what is perfect for one may be bad for the other. But with enough looking, you should find the right golf ball pretty soon!