Best deep face 3 wood

Best deep face 3 wood

Deep face 3 wood is designed for amazing speed and covered distance of the tee. The face cup ensures to increase the speeds of the ball and that it covers a greater distance.

Finding the right deep face 3 wood has a crucial impact on golf players. They need to find one that is light weight yet enough durable. Also, a sturdy design is much required since this is the part that hits the ball.

Flexibility of the cup ensures a wide range of movement. Before buying a deep face 3 wood, make sure to check the following pointers:
1. What is its weight?
2. Does it have a strong grip?
3. How far can it send the ball?
4. What are the possible angles covered by the product?
5. Does it render a higher forgiveness? This is indeed a vital point because sometimes the ball my not go to the right direction simply through your vision or strike. But a face cup with higher forgiveness ensures that the ball goes to your desired direction.

Here are some of the best deep face 3 wood available in the market. Take a quick look at these and pick the best one.

Top 3 deep face 3 wood

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Deep face 3 wood Reviews

Caliway Men’s XR Deep Fairway Wood Review

Its hand orientation is left. The shaft is made of graphite. It can increase ball speed across the face of the club and makes it easier to hit the ball properly.

Due to its low weight the ball spin is less and CG is also lowered. On the other hand, it allows for more ball speed. Its next-gen internal standing wave allows for the ball to cover a longer distance. 

Its progressive face height and deep face are designed for using off the tee. The shaft is the central component to the speed. A new project X LZ technology is used here that maximizes shaft load during performing a downswing and a greater amount of energy is transformed to the ball.

The weight of the product is 1 pound. The lightweight and durable item enhances the golfers’ experience and lets them play for a longer time. Also, versatility in the game can also be noted due to the same reason. 



The lightweight product transfers more energy to the ball and in turn the latter can cross a longer distance.

The experienced people would love the item but beginners may face some difficulty initially. Because the ball speed is increased while hitting, the players may lack some control.

The item is flexible enough to offer a wide range of movement to the player.

You need to learn speed control of the ball so that it doesn’t go beyond the required distance.

It maximizes the shaft load during performing a downswing.

The new project X LZ technology used in the product increases the ball speed. 

Callaway Men's X2 Hot Deep Fairway Wood Review

The left hand oriented shaft is made of graphite. It has a regular flex and a loft that bend to 14.5 degrees.

The item, true to the line of Caliway, offers a smooth playing experience. Other than all the groundbreaking X hot 3 deep design, this item further adds a deeper face the tour players prefer. Because, it can penetrate more flight distance.

It has a hyper speed face cup. It is lighter, thinner, and more robust. That’s why the cup can deliver a higher ball speed that cover more distance.

Its improved internal standing wave consistently delivers great spin across its face. It is also smooth and comfortable to feel.

Some of the best features of the product include the following: great covering distance, faster ball speed, more forgiveness, and sweet spot. It offers higher accuracy. 



The product is 1 pound in weight. So the players can expect a light yet durable experience. This is ideal for the beginners.

The experienced people may move to a new bat that has 4 deeps.

Its comfortable grip allows for higher control. 

According to some experts, the trajectory is low. 

It has 2 deep and 16.5 degree. So you can expect a high ball speed. 

The face has next gen design, which is one of the unique selling proposition of the product.

TaylorMade Golf M5 Fairway Wood Review

The shaft material comprises Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 75. It has a regular flex and ideal for right hand. Its configuration includes 3 wood of 15 degrees.

The item features a Twist face technology in a novel titanium head in order to deliver a high accuracy in a powerful package.

It has a 65 gram movable weight which is seamlessly designed. Its remarkable adjustability it ensures a next-gen turf interaction. 

Its sleeve is streamlined with 12 lie or loft positions and + - 2 degree of adjustability. Designed with the latest technology the item has a corrective face angle for an on and off centre hits. It also ensures to reduce the side spins and deliver straight shots.

Its head is designed with a large carbon crown and deep face that provide an ideal distance with amazing playability. It has a flexible slot for a large COR area and greater off centre performance. It is also suitable for low face strikes. Further, the latest TPU slot insert has more flush to improve turf interaction. 



The product is absolutely light weight.

This is not X stiff material, it has only stiff material.

This is perfect for the beginners as well as the experienced ones. 

The cover and wrench are not provided with the item and you have to buy these separately.

The item is designed with a new technology that has a corrective face angle for the on and off centre hits.

It ensures to reduce the side spins and ideal to deliver straight shots.

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