Best driver for 85 mph swing speed

best driver for 85 mph swing speed

Hitting off that golf ball to the farthest distance will depend on the type and design of the driver you use. Drivers give you the maximum potential distance of any gold club. Without good control of your driver, hitting a ball off the tee can be frustrating, while trying to sacrifice distance for accuracy.

To achieve long drives, average professionals try to draw utmost power by driving their hips, legs, and the whole body weight into the swing. The driver has the longest shaft and is designed to deliver the maximum distance as compared to any of the clubs in your bag.

Nowadays, many features have been added to the drivers, that allow every level of golfplayers to be comfortable in finding the driver they are most comfortable with to achieve that tee shot.

Top 3 drivers for 85 mph swing speed

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Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Cleveland Launcher HB Driver


WIlson Staff D300 WIlson Staff D300


Drivers For 85 mph swing speed Reviews

With a low swing speed of 85mph, you will need to find the best driver that will help you in taking off the tee. Most golfers have a bittersweet experience while trying to rummage through the huge number of golfing equipment in stores. Each equipment is designed to suit your golfing needs. While it can be exhausting to find ” the one,” I have listed down a total of 3 drivers that I’ve tested and found them to work perfectly. Here are the top 3 drivers of my choice:


PING G400 LST Review

The PING G400 LST( Low Spin Tech) model is another successful model of the G drivers. It is a low spin model with 445 cc and promotes forgiveness and low, stable spin.

I chose this product because its aerodynamics and turbulators are much better than the previous models. The advanced turbulators increase the head speed along with maximum airflow efficiency. This driver also feels lighter on the hand since it uses a new material (T9S+), which is a new grain of titanium. The G400 LST is also 20% more flexible than the previous model.

Highlights of PING G400 LST

There are certain characteristics and features of this model that makes it stand out from the lot. The creators of this model have put in serious efforts to make it one of the best drivers for a low swing speed of 85mph.

Some of its outstanding features are:

Faster forged face

This model is made of a new grain of titanium (T9S+) which was forged to upgrade the melargy, thus giving it more flexibility and strength. The forged clubface makes it much lighter and thinner, with improved accuracy and tighter dispersion. Another interesting feature is the engineering of the surface texture, which allows for a better spin reduction. The surface has more friction to comply with the ball more during the impact.

Dragonfly Technology

This technology strives to optimize the CG location by creating an ultra-thin crown to save some weight. It also increases the MOI dramatically for more forgiveness and better accuracy.

Looks and shape

The “dragonfly” crown gives away an “infinity edge” effect, which when coupled with bolder turbulators,gives it a cleaner and more inspiring look at the address. These turbulators facilitate fast speed with an overall drag reduction of 15% and 40% reduction down-swing.

Back weight

This model comes with a heavy backweight made of tungsten that creates a very high MOI for improved forgiveness and accuracy. The loft can be fine-tuned to +1‏֩‏ allowing you to adjust your launch conditions.

New Alta CB Shaft

The counter-balancing design enables more head mass, which helps in giving more momentum during impact, thus greater carry distance and more ball speed. In order to eliminate any distractions during the address, it comes with a color-paint technology, which turns the copper-colored shaft to black in playing the position.

What I like about this product?

The feature I liked most about this product is its ability to spin 300RPM lesser than the other standard models. This is due to the higher friction on the face that goes well with the ball during impact. I also liked the efforts the creators put in giving an enhanced acoustic experience with this driver. The crown is also ultra-thin(just 43mm), which saves a lot of weight and feels good to hold.

This product gives better performance with over 9,000 MOI and elevated accuracy as compared to other products in the same price range. The manufacturers did a great job by putting more emphasis on weight savings options through a thinner crown and for optimizing CG location.

What I don’t like about this product?

This model has a lower loft that gives a lower ball flight. Also, I wished that this model could have a little more forgiveness, given the smaller club head of the driver.

Forward backspin lowered by 300 RPM Lesser forgiveness
More flexible and stronger with the new forged face Less club weight may not be preferred by some.

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review

The Cleveland Launcher HB Driver boasts of a non-adjustable hosel and weight tracks, with increased forgiveness and higher ball shots. I chose to try this driver because it seemed straightforward simple to use with huge precision and accuracy. True to its quality, this driver targets all levels of golf players and aces in the budget-drivers category.

The Cleveland Launcher HB is designed to give high performance, capable of producing low-spin flight with a high-launch, thus giving you a combination of distance, speed, and control.

Highlights of Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

The features and characteristics that make this driver one of the best are :

HB technology

The HiBore crown feature is one of Cleveland’s original features that gained popularity due to its performance impact. This design facilitated higher ball speeds since it allows the crown to flex during an impact. It also allows more mass positions resulting in a high launch with a low -spin trajectory. This driver comes with an increased forgiving center of gravity, which enables average golfers to make consistent far-flung hits.

Flex Fins

The Flex-fin sole of the Cleveland Launcher HB produces a slot like technology which gives more forgiveness. For shots that impact the heel or toe, the fins on the sole allow for more energy transfer to the ball, thus increasing the ball’s speed.

The sole has two key technologies involved in it:

1. The flex-fin sole technology allows flexing of the driver on impact and allows the transfer of energy to the ball, which results in amazing ball speed. This speed in combination with the cup face results in high ball speed.

2. There is a low and deep shaping that can house the discretionary mass saved on the thin crown and lightweight hosel. This makes the driver more stable and forgiving, resulting in longer and consistent drives.

Ultra-lightweight hosel

This is another bold design by Cleveland to do away with adjustable hosel drivers. Cleveland Launcher’s fixed hosel frees up more weight to be redistributed, thus creating a better forgiving ball flight.

Cup face

Cleveland claims that their cup face produces higher COR( flexing and rebound) amongst all other faces. This, along with the other features of the driver, gives the ultimate ball speed and carry distance.

Miyazaki shaft

The 50g Miyazaki Shaft is ultra-lightweight and gives a high balance point. The stability remains intact because the shaft is low- torque, thus making it more accurate.

What do I like about this product?

This product has a lot of features to be appreciated, but the most outstanding one is its flex- fin technology of the sole, which allows the transfer of energy to the ball for increased ball speed. For those with an 85mph swing speed, this is a great feature to look out for. The 460cc titanium head also gives a well rounded and classy look from the top. The manufactures did a great job in combining the dual effects of the cup face launcher and the flex-fin technology for added forgiveness and speed. This is also one of the best drivers in such a good price range, affordable for all golfers.

What don’t I like about this product?

There is nothing that I disliked about this product. The only setback was the non-adjustable hosel. Even though Cleveland’s aim was to redistribute more weight for other features, an adjustable hosel helps in reducing swing flaws for average golfers.

High performance at an affordable price Lack of non-adjustable hosel
Increases low-spinning flight with a solid feel The shaft may be too long to control for some.

Wilson Staff D300

WIlson Staff D300 Review

The Wilson Staff D300 is the third generation of Wilson’s D family. The D300 was designed with the concept of going ultra-lightweight with its components. This product is for those who’s main goal is distance, which is especially the case for golfers with swings speeds such as 85mph. The combination of technologies and innovations used to create this model aims to reduce drag, thus increasing the ball’s speed and distance.

Highlights of the Wilson Staff D300

The features that make this model one of the most lightweight drivers with increases ball speed are:

Fast-Fit technology

This innovative technology allows quick adjustments of the hosel without removing the head. It has six-way hosel settings with loft settings from 8 degrees- 14 degrees, all in increments of half a degree. It also includes three draw options. The green-colored indicator shows that the driver is ready is Go!

Right- light technology

This technology enables fast interchangeable weight, which allows the golfers to swing faster and an increased carrying distance.

Aerodynamic design

The clubhead has Micro Vortex Generators arranged in no particular order, but work to disrupt the airflow over the crown. This features reduces drag and leads to an increased clubhead speed and more distance.


This driver gives a lot of forgiveness to its players, which is a great advantage for those who find it difficult to locate the center of the face. You can get high and straight long hits even when you’re off-center with this driver. The lower portion and the heel are especially best in giving those long shots.


The shaft feels solid but super lightweight. It comes in an attractive red color, and the balance between the head and the shaft feels perfect, none taking precedence over other.

Looks and sound

The matte black finish of the crown with tear drop shaped micro vortex generators, blend together really well at address. The sound is distinctive, slightly loud, and varies across the face. With greater mishits, there will be feedback on the hands, but when the contact is close to the face, it will feel solid and stable.

What do I like about this product?

According to Wilson, this driver has the lightest adjustable driver among all other drivers in the market, which I agree with because the driver feels super light on your hands. You can first try hitting with any other driver and then use the D300; the difference is major. The manufacturers have put in a lot of features for the price it comes in. With features such as the micro vortex generators and the fast-fit technology, there aren’t many other drivers in this price that can offer such technologies. Fast-fit technology is my personal favorite because it saves a lot of time and complications.

What don’t I like about this product?

I don’t have any dislikes for this product per se, but for those who like to “know” or “feel” where their club goes during the swing, they may find it unsatisfying because it is so very light. Also, a few mishits showed slightly big differences in ball speed and distance.

Increased swing speed due to lightweight Lightweight can be a disadvantage for some
Great forgiveness on mishits Can’t detect the impact of the Micro vortex generators on the swing speed.

Final verdict

With a swing speed of 85mph, you only want a driver that will help you make those long straight shots. Of all the drivers I’ve tested for this swing speed, the PING G400 LST has stood out the most because of its T9S+ forged face and the high- density back weight made of tungsten. These features increase forgiveness and give accuracy along with faster ball speeds. It even gives you the option to customize your own swing weight and fine-tune your launch conditions. PING G400 LST can be slightly on the higher price range but gives you impressive performance. For those who wish for a slightly affordable driver, the Cleveland Launcher HB Driver is your best bet. Its combination of a non-adjustable hostel, flex-fun technology, and the cup face design produces very high ball speed with added forgiveness.