Best driver shaft for 85 mph swing speed

Best driver shaft for 85 mph swing speed

The slightest change in the swing can have a significant effect on the game. If you are a golf player of any degree, you will agree with me when I say that starting your game off with a brand new driver shaft can be exhilarating. This confidence and the trust you have on your equipment can be both endearing and idiosyncratic. However, we cannot underestimate the importance of using the right driver shaft for your games. Irrespective of your level of expertise and swing speed, a driver shaft can be detrimental to the outcome of your game. So, after much testing and trying, here is my pick of the best driver shaft for 85 mph swing speed.

Top 3 Driver Shaft For 85 Mph Swing Speed

Image Product Price Rating
AccuFLEX Pro LD 50"

AccuFLEX Pro LD 50″


Aldila Rogue Silver Aldila Rogue Silver


UST Proforce V2 HL UST Proforce V2 HL


Driver Shaft For 85 mph Swing Speed Reviews

AccuFLEX Pro LD 50”

AccuFLEX Pro LD 50" Review

This premium driver shaft from AccuFLEX is one of the lightest among all the long driveshaft on the market. With award-winning technology, it has won the REMAX World Long Drive Competition two times and deservingly so.

AccuFLEX Pro LD 50” highlights

The length of the shaft is what catches your eye instantly. At 50 inches, it is a giant of a shaft. It is made of graphite which inherently renders it light and tight. At an average weight of 72 gm, it is as light as a golf shaft can get without compromising its performance. Between S, X, 2X, 3X, and 4X flex, the shaft weight 66 gm, 68 gm, 70 gm, 74 gm, and 76 gm respectively. The tip diameter of the Pro LD 50” is .335” while the butt has a diameter of .6”. It is particularly suited for 400 cc drivers and 460 cc drivers. The color of the shaft is predominantly blue with the name and brand emblazoned in bold white. When it comes to performance, the Pro LD 50” is excellence personified. It has a great kick and is perfect for those swinging at 85 mph and slightly higher. The shaft with the S flex is particularly best for players in this category.Although the brand hailed the Pro LD 50” as its lightest golf shaft, the lightweight feel quite surprised me. But this is what suited my play. Its lightweight feature combined with a torque of 2.6° is just perfect for gaining momentum as well as adding that few extra yards to your shot. This ability to gain the extra yards and its lightweight property is what snagged the awards, I’m told.The Pro LD 50” also has a quick recovery and the kick point is undeniably one of the best I’ve experienced in a long shaft. The shaft is also very stable and is definitely a premium tour-level golf shaft. AccuFLEX has incorporated its proprietary A2 technology in the Pro LD 50,” and it shows. For the uninitiated, A2 technology combines the brand’s proprietary process and high composite tonnage in manufacturing of the shaft. This contributes to its outstanding performance as well as its durability.

The Good – What I like about AccuFLEX Pro LD 50”

  • The exceptional kick is definitely top of the list.
  • The craftsmanship and the attention to detail in the construction are instantly evident and are much appreciated.
  • Its lightweight property which translates so well into the swing without compromising its speed.
  • check The ability to add a yard or two at every swing is a bonus.

The Bad – What I didn’t like about the AccuFLEX Pro LD 50”

In as much as I enjoyed swinging with this shaft, I couldn’t help but feel that it was primarily designed for those blessed in stature. I personally didn’t have a problem, but at 50 inches, the arc made by the shaft along with the club head is humongous.

Extremely lightweight and tight Not suitable for slow swingers
Good speed on the swing May not suit those on the shorter side
Ability to add extra yards to your shot
Good recovery and kick
Very durable

Aldila Rogue Silver

Aldila Rogue Silver Review

This low torque golf shaft from Adila is the perfect companion for slow swingers. If you were not able to get your hands on the Limited Edition Rogue, don’t worry. This badass shaft offers a very similar experience and at a much lower price.

Aldila Rogue Silver highlights

Note: Before I start with the intricacies of this golf shaft, bear in mind that Aldila Rogue comes in two versions – Rogue Silver and Rogue Black. This review is specifically about Rogue Silver in R flex. The Limited Edition carried a price tag of $800, so we will not even go near that neighborhood today. The Rogue Silver, as the name suggests, has a silver look with black accents on the body. The R flex has a very distinct look from others in the Rogue series. The Rogue Silver has a stiffer tip and a lower torque of 3.8.The Rogue Silver at 110 MSI and Graphitic Carbon Fibers is double the strength of a shaft made of graphite alone. The torque is significantly affected by the high tensile strength of the shaft. It is 46 inches in length with a tip diameter of .335 inches and a butt of .635 inches.In the realm of performance, the Rogue Silver has a relatively low spin. It is most ideal if you are a slow swinger. A ball flying at 85 mph is by no means a slow momentum; however, in the golf spectrum, it is in the category of slow swinger. You will also love this golf shaft if you appreciate average spin with your shots. The launch angle is not particularly stellar, but the speed more than makes up for it. I particularly like the amount of control the shaft allowed me to have. The trajectory of the shot was not as expected, but I don’t see this as being a big problem. The shaft itself is very stable throughout the swing and the great shot.

The Good – What I liked about Aldila Rogue Silver

  • The high-tensile strength of the Rogue Silver is exceptional. Not only does this make it fun to play with, but it also renders it durable.
  • The amount of control it offers is excellent.
  • It has a good speed which is quite nice considering the speed at which you swing.
  • check The shaft is very stable, so you don’t have to fear making a hard strike.

The Bad – What I didn’t like about Aldila Rogue Silver

Every shot off the tee must be carefully executed. However, the amount of concentration it required not to make a side spin was unnerving. The low trajectory can also be a nuisance if, like me, you love to see your ball fly.Another word of caution I will add is that Aldila has a series of Rogue shafts. Even in the Silver category, there are two types. One has at 110 MSI while the other has 150 MSI, but they both bear similar graphics. The Aldila Rogue Silver in R flex, on the other hand, looks completely different from the other two on the brand’s official website. This can be very confusing for some, especially if you are new to the industry.

Top-notch construction and innovative technology The trajectory can be below average
Great control in every shot Very susceptible to sidespin
Very stable and sturdy
Delivers great kick point

UST Proforce V2 HL

UST Proforce V2 HL Review

If you have been looking for a shaft that gives allows you to achieve a good trajectory with your ball, this high launch shaft from UST Mamiya is your match.

Proforce V2 HL highlights

This golf shaft is a new design reintroduced in 2018. If you know anything about the golfing industry, these wood shafts had been out of the market for a while. These are made of wood and weigh between 51 gm and 64 gm. The length of the shaft is 46 inches. It has a stiff tip technology incorporated into it. Another proprietary technology used in the design is the Recoil technology which has a significant impact on the performance as you will discover in the following sections. The Proforce V2 HL is a high launch golf shaft which is perfect for players who love a good trajectory like me. I daresay this shaft allows me the best trajectory along with speed from the moment I hit the ball. The stiff tip technology used in the making of this shaft allows the player to have a good amount of spin control. The parallel butt design also offers more control irrespective of the tempo with which you play your game. The Recoil technology in the shaft translates the energy from the shaft to the ball very efficiently. You will love the speed at which the ball gains momentum the moment you hit it. I was able to gain the right speed as well as the distance from my ball, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. The Proforce V2 HL comes in six flex as well as varied weights. It has the option of ‘Choose weight and Flex,’ which is very convenient for all types of players. However, the best flex for a swing speed of 85 mph is flex A. The torque of the Proforce V2 HL also varies according to the flex and weight of the shaft.

The Good – What I like about UST Proforce V2 HL.

  • The springy effect, which translates the seamless energy transfer, is terrific.
  • A high trajectory achieved by the ball with every shot made playing exceedingly enjoyable.
  • The amount of control on the shaft as well as the ball was unexpectedly excellent.
  • check The distance achieved by the ball is also something I like immensely.
  • check The bold graphics of the shaft with red, red, and black is catchy and distinct.

The Bad – What I didn’t like about the UST Proforce V2 HL

Personally, I did not find any fault with the Proforce V2 HL in terms of design as well as performance. However, since the testing was done to figure out the good and the bad, I will say that the shaft is slightly firmer than most shafts in the same category so you might want to check that out before you get one.

Excellent control irrespective of the style of playing Might be firmer to play for some players
Recoil technology which translates into making the ball bounce very nicely Finding the R flex shaft is not the easiest
The spin control on impact is also admirable
The speed of the ball is the right balance
The trajectory and the distance achieved by the ball is excellent
Options to choose the flex and weight

Final verdict

My choice of the best driver shaft for 85 mph swing speed is AccuFLEX Pro LD 50” without a doubt. The craftsmanship and the attention to detail on the golf shaft by the brand are unparalleled. Its stellar performance which includes the best kick from a shaft, the unrivalled lightweight property, and the ability to add a few extra yards at every shot is just too good to translate here. You will have to play with it to feel the authenticity of the Pro LD 50”.If you are looking for a less expensive option, I would highly recommend the UST Proforce V2 HL. It performs very well, and it has all the qualities of a great golf shaft. You get great control, good speed and an excellent bounce on the ball. However, I would like to add that though the shaft itself is by no means expensive, the total cost of the shaft, including the shipping and returns can turn out to be quite hefty. So, consider if buying it online is a clever option. I would prefer buying it from a local retailer. Golf shafts undergo a tremendous amount of testing and have technology incorporated into them. But suffice to say, no shaft is perfect for every player. Consider your playing style, your needs, and the results you want from your shots. Then only then, you will find the right golf shaft that will take your game to the next level.