Best fairway wood off the deck

Best fairway wood off the deck

So you’ve been a beginner at gold for a while now, and it’s time for you to finally upgrade- embrace a new level. Aren’t you tired of hitting most shots with iron or hybrid? It is time to let the Fairway Wood come through.

Fairway woods are general clubs with longer shafts. Maneuvering a fairway wood can be difficult; however, it is worth every low, long shot that you take across the golf pitch. If you need space from the tee (which you will, once you’ve mastered your hybrid shots), you will also require a tee wood to offer you the winning services. These clubs are designed to plow shots from long distances, like the turf of the fairway.

Most club sets- modern ones, anyway- include one fairway wood. However, these pieces are also sold individually, should you demand it, from the range of a typical 3 wood to a 9 wood club. Here are some of the best fairway woods to shoot off the deck:

Top 3 fairway wood off the deck

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Fairway wood off the deck Reviews

Taylormade 2017 M2 Fairway Wood Review

he All-New TaylorMade M2 fairway wood is a must-have getaway from all your beginner golf related problems. The TaylorMade stands up to its name.

Its “all new” TaylorMade has “all new” Gecoustic technology that unlocks cool, new angles so you always have confidence in the abilities of your club. This two tired sole design with better shaping facilitates more angles to shoot in.

The Taylormade is also advanced in the way that it utilizes cone technology in fairway wood for the first time. Cone technology helps protect, produce and moderate your ball speed so you can shoot that shot you’ve been dreaming about with relative ease. In fact, this TaylorMade is literally made for you, with its boast-worthy flexibility; long lasting open channel speed pockets that help you increase the flexion and deliver with unbeatable ball speed, even during low face shots.

The TaylorMade also is built along the lines of a low profile design that does not draw more attention, distraction- than required. This TaylorMode M2 is suitable for both players as well as performers for across all skill levels to make for a healthy competition in. The M2 also has a fluted hosel design that produces a satisfactory sound which means that a golfer will not have to sacrifice his/her CG or distance for a good game. 


  • Flexible and durable due to its 450 stainless body.

  • Experiment with different angles during a shot.

  • High ball-speed on low shots.

  • Shoots far and wide into the field.

Callaway Golf Sub Zero Fairway Wood Review

The Rogue Sub Zero Fair way is the first of the first. It’s improved technology and features make it an ideal Fairway wood partner to have on the field. The technique lies in the way that this club makes use of its different angles and features to give the fairway wood unstoppable power, while conveniently reducing the ball spin. Spinning can often be a hindrance to ball speed while it flies across the field.

One of these Callaway Golf Sub Zero Fairway Wood qualities includes the likes of Jailbreak technology. Jailbreak technology compels two other technologies to develop the fast ball speed that your wood needs to send a ball soaring to its goal.

The wood also has a 5 gram weight screw in the front side of the soles of the wood. This screw works to lower the position of the CG and push it forward. Subsequently, the CG is at a position that is just right to reduce your ball from the plight of ball spins when covering long distance.

Moreover, to control other imbalances in spin and distance, any weight saved in the Triaxial Carbon crown is transferred to the head. This crown is light but strong, and delivers weight quickly to help further reduce ball spinning while simultaneously increasing the MOI. Not only is this Fairway wood a fair trade in abilities, but also its appearance.

The Industry has reimagined and restructured the size, the shape and the positions of various parts in the wood. This helps to promote airflow and get more club speed for the perfect shot. The structure of the wood is packed into a Boeing Aero package that wins you through firmness and stability. This staff caters to the left hand operation. It has a stiff flexion. The size and configuration of this product is 3 Wood and 15 degrees.



It covers long distances.

The Fairway Wood model is designed for left hand use only.

Low spinning steadily increases ball speed.

The best Shaft and Weight options are exclusively picked by the industry.

It is a 3 wood size, easy to handle.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood Review

The MAVRIK Fairway woods are the fastest fairway woods- the pride and name of the company. This fairway wood is known to have a large and wide hitting area that can accommodate even the tip-of-the-iceberg shots and turn them into successful endeavors.

A single fixed weight in the sole of the wood confirms that there will always be a high launch compared to the flat trajectory with which the wood receives shots. These features are built to incorporate confidence in the player so that they can go out and play as their best. MAVRIK aims to increase the ball speed, and consequently performance. This is done through the new A.I. optimized flash face SS20.

There is also a unique pattern of geometry imprinted into each unique model so that it launches without a hitch. This club set is oriented to the left hand too. Its flexion is regular and it is barely 3 Wood in size.


  • The Faraway wood comes with a Golf Club and a Headover.

  • Prevents maximum spinning, and covers a larger distance.

  • You can try different launch angles.

  • It is durable as it is sleek and strong in design.

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