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Golf is a popular leisure sport that people like to play. Playing golf in the dark, at dawn, or dusk can be challenging because of the lack of natural light. This game is not like basketball or tennis, where one can light up the court with artificial lights and make it possible to play even at night. So what can a person do to play golf even without maximum natural light?

It is not easy to fit in work and leisure all during the daytime. Due to the hectic lifestyle that most people live, some people think it might be necessary to sacrifice a few activities forever. The day seems too short because working-class people work during the day, rather than at night. So, even if some free time appears at night, there is not a lot to do for fun and sport.

With glow in the dark golf balls, a person can set some time apart even at night after coming back from work at night. All of these seem ideal and convenient, but there is more than one glow in the dark golf ball out there. Do they work? If so, which product would best fit the player? Read on to find out more about glowing golf balls.

Top 3 glow in the dark golf balls

Glow in the dark golf balls Reviews

12 Pack Night Sports Golf Balls By R&L Review

R&L came up with a glow in the dark golf ball, which is ideal for use during the night time or dusk and dawn when there is not enough light to see the standard golf balls. It comes in three packs of twelve glowing golf balls.

The features of this product are as follows:

- A person can hit these R&L balls and expect performance like the real golf balls. This capability is because they are actual golf balls with an added feature of the ability to glow. Most LED balls are tough and do not perform very well, but with R&L glowing golf balls, buyers do not have to worry about its functioning.

- As compared to products in the same category, R&L excels in a long-lasting glow test. It shines very bright and usually lasts longer than all the other glow in the dark golf balls from other brands.

- These R&L glowing balls can charge up using any flashlight. Although, the best glowing and brightness results come out of using a UV flashlight. It says that it requires only 10 seconds to charge and lasts for at least as long as five minutes.



Performs like real golf balls

Lower lasting glowing ability than expected

Easy to charge with any flashlight

Not bright enough for night time

Long-lasting glow

Takes longer to charge up

Ideal for long-distance hits

Does not come with a UV flashlight to charge the balls

Ultra Bright Night Golf Balls by Glowgear Review

Another glow in the dark golf ball by Glowgear is one of the favourites and comes in packs of two, six, and twelve units. People can use this glowing golf ball for any tournament, event, charities and fundraisers alike, or even as a gift.

The features of this Ultra Bright Night Golf Balls are as follows:

- Unlike other LED golf balls, these Glow gear golf balls function perfectly as regular golf balls. A person can use the right club of their choice on these golf balls.

- This glowing golf ball has a soft urethane skin with a fully compressed core. Therefore, it can efficiently and effectively replicate ordinary golf balls and allow for energy transfer.

- The GlowV1 by Glowgear can glow at full brightness for up to fifteen minutes if charged fully. It takes just sixty minutes to charge up the ball. It can keep glowing for up to six hours.

- This product comes with a UV flashlight, which will help the buyer to charge up the glowing golf balls.



Lasts for up to 15 minutes at full glow when charged for 60 seconds using a UV flashlight

The glowing golf balls require several rotations to glow at full brightness

UV flashlight included in the package

Not visible in the air after a hit

Ideal for long-distance shots

The flashlight does is not included in the six-pack, and even though it is available in the two and twelve-pack, it does not last long.

It is soft, and golfers can use their drivers with this ball without damaging it

6 Pack Of Flashing Glowing Golf Balls By Crestgolf Review

Crestgolf has come up with multicolored flashing golf balls which makes it easy to spot and perfect for use at night and in the dark. It is a LED Golf ball and requires batteries for it to light up and work.

The features of this product are

- There is a LED light inside the golf ball which lights up when struck. The light stays on for around five to eight minutes and automatically turns off if there is no further impact within that time frame.
- It requires batteries to light up, and these batteries come with the packaged product.
- It contains six units of flashing golf balls and comes in multiple colors; blue, red, pink, and green.
- This golf ball by Crestgolf has a lifetime of 50 hours in total.



Visible in the air when hit

Some of the balls do not stay lit for long

Long-lasting and bright flashing LED lights

It is bright but requires frequent hits to stay lit

Comes in multiple colors

Not ideal for long-distance hits

Forms a beautiful lighted arc in the sky when struck