Best golf ball for 80 mph swing speed

Best golf ball for 80 mph swing speed

So you want to hit that coveted 80 MPH mark on your golf swing. Well, you came to the right place. A quick google search will show dozens, if not hundreds of manufacturers saying they are the key to get your gold with to ar even past the 80 MPH mark.

To be honest, most of them are probably right, if you had the right club, and the wind was going the right direction, and if everything was perfect, you could hit a pinecone 80 MPH. 

The number of products that advertise they are the key and the number of products that can actually be of use to you are two vastly different categories.

So here is what we did, We found three new golf balls that are guaranteed to get you over past that 80 MPH mark and really step up your gold game this year! Let's take a look.

Top 3 golf ball for 80 mph swing speed

Golf ball for 80 mph swing speed Reviews

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golfball Review

This is. a beautiful golfball., it really is. The E6, in my opinion, the most appealing looking golf ball on this list. The E6 has an active acceleration mantel that is created from a new and semi-secret high-performance polymer. This along with the added surfactant creates increased thrust and higher ball velocity from the point of impact. That is a long and fancy way of saying the new material used allows the ball to travel faster from the point of impact, that, of course, makes the ball travel fast, so even if you can't get 80 MPH the golf ball will still soar like an eagle at those higher speeds.

The other claim to fame this ball has is what Bridgestone is calling the "Delta Dimple". The Delta Dimple is a patented dimple that allows for less drag and smoother airflow when the ball is in the air as well as having a special aerodynamic profile that helps the straight distance properties. This obviously helps after you hit the ball, that means you have a ball not only designed to help you hit it harder but a ball that is designed to fly longer.

Overall this piece is a fantastic ball to start with, it provides ample room for growth with the ability to master the hit and the fly. This ball is definitely one of the Best Golf Ball for 80 MPH Swing Speed.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS Golf Balls Review

Our second Bridgestone on this list, this time from the Tour series of golfballs. This specific ball has a very interesting claim to fame, Tiger Woods uses this ball on a fairly regular basis.

This ball also has some different technology behind it compared to the E6. First off, let's talk about the gradational core, this core fulfills the same role of giving a better initial hit speed, it also does a lot of work with reducing the side spin while the ball is in the air, giving you a more accurate shot at longer distances.

The Dimple is not the Delta Dimple like the E6 either, this dimple, called the Dual Dimple allows for a longer roll when the ball hits the ground as and just like the delta dimple it reduces drag while in the air, giving you am excellent chance of hitting that 80 MPH mark you are looking for.

The other special thing on this ball is the use of two separate covers. The first cover called the SlipRes Cover has a singular goal of aiding the core in limiting side spin in the air as well as on the ground. The core would be useless if it didn't spin in the air but as soon as it hit the ground is spun like a dog chasing his tail. This cover helps reduce side spin in an attempt to get a more accurate shot overall. The second cover is called SCT or Seamless Cover Technology the goal of this cover is to increase overall consistency in how to ball acts. This means an aerodynamic profile so consistent it will impress even your non-golfing friends and a manufacturing process that creates the perfect dimple pattern on every ball, every time.

Srixon Q Star Tour Golf Balls Review

This is not the same tour, I promise. This happens to be the second generation ball which basically means they fixed most of the initial problems with the ball and are in a place where they can actively innovate on the design.

This ball uses something called and E.G.G. Core, the most important thing this core does is make itself softer and easier to hit, meaning the swing that was hitting 70 MPH on your last ball is going to look a lot closer to 80 MPH on this ball.

The secondary characteristic of this core is being a seamless transition from the core to the outer edge. That simple design change ins comparison to the Bridgestones means this ball can travel longer and therefore further without needing to be hit in a different way or needing to be coupled with a new swing.

This is along with the fact the Q-STAR has fewer bonding points on the edge and has a stronger and more elastic coating means this ball will fly in the air but will also fly on the ground. Q-STAR paid attention to one thing Bridgestone didn't, the feel of the ball when you hit it.

This means the transition from your old ball to this new one will be quick and easy and you won't have such a long introductory period.