Best golf ball for 95 mph swing

Best golf ball for 95 mph swing

The difference in skills plays a role in determining the ideal ball for the game. All golf balls do not go the same distance and varies with the speed of ball. Thus, finding a perfect golf ball can be difficult. If you do manage to find the perfect golf ball according to your swing speed, it can make all the difference between a good and bad golf game.

90-95 mph is the average swing speed in golf, which is why you will find many options for this speed. However, it is tiring to look at the features of numerous golf balls and compare them in order to reach a decision. This is why we review in detail some of the best golf balls available for people whose speed is close to 95 mph.

Top 3 golf balls for 95 mph swing

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Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Review

There is a wide variety of golf balls in the market to suit different levels of skills. However, there is one manufacturer that every player, regardless of skill level, would know: Callaway. It offers the best balls for the game. The reason behind its popularity is the durability of its products. Its Superhot Bold Matte Balls are one of our favorites. Their features are mentioned below:

  • These balls feature HEX aerodynamics for providing long distances off the tee.
  • They offer increased spin and control for short games.
  • These balls are available in multiple colors including yellow, red and orange. All these colors have a matte finish.
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    They have a soft and luxurious feel.
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    They have been designed with a 3-piece construction.
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    They offer enhanced lift and the drag rate is kept low. This translates to increased time in the air for longer distances.
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    The average golf balls come in a set of 12, but the Callaway Superhot Bold box consists of 15 balls.



With the matte finish, the balls hit off better

Contain harmful chemicals

Cover longer distances

No mention of compression due to the company’s policies

Provide good value for money

Give high forgiveness

Who Are They Best For?

They are best for a swing speed of 85 to 90 mph. They are especially great for budget-conscious people. As mentioned above, these balls can travel long and cover high distances, so if you want to play high shots, they are a great option.

Why We Like Them?

The Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Balls are the perfect blend of the three desired elements: luxury, quality and performance. Additionally, colors matter when it comes to golfing balls, as they need to be visible in all weather conditions. Callaway’s color diversity gives it an edge over brands that offer only white golf balls. 

Bridgestone e6 Review

Our next pick is from Bridgestone. This company has set high standards in performance by providing high-quality golf balls that cover long distances and result in accurate shots. It has been manufacturing golf balls since 1935. Hence, it has enough experience to make balls to fit different preferences.

For the 95 mph swing speed, we recommend the Bridgestone E6 Speed golf balls. Take a look at their features below:

  • The material used for these golf balls is rubber.
  • These golf balls have a high initial speed and cover long distances.
  • They feature a Delta Dimple design which lowers air resistance, thereby providing accurate shots.
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    The color options available are white and yellow.



Accurate and straight shots

Mostly opted for short games

Cover great distances to help you in the game

Prone to scratching

High-performance golf balls

Provide the best feel

Who Are They Best For?

For those who prefer a speed of 95 mph, the Bridgestone E6 golf balls are the best as they have a lower side spin. If you want to shoot long, straight shots with confidence, get this product. An added benefit is these golf balls are cheaper than their counterparts.

Why We Like Them?

We recommended these golf balls because Bridgestone golf balls are great for making accurate shots. They give you more control over your game because a lower spin translates into straighter shots.

Furthermore, the Delta Dimple design makes air resistance smoother, meaning these balls are a great choice for windy days. Speaking of design, the color options of yellow and white aid in weather conditions with low visibility. Due to these benefits, we recommend the E6 Speed as a high-quality golf ball. 

TaylorMade TP5x

When it comes to well-known brands in the golfing world, TaylorMade reigns supreme. It is known for incorporating new technologies in golf balls. This is why its golf balls are top choices of many professional players. For players with an average swing, we have selected the TP5X Prior Generation golf balls.

Let’s consider the features of this top-notch product:

  • The first striking feature of this ball is its 5-layer construction. The purpose of this design is to offer an enhanced performance without having any negative impact on the spin.
  • It has a Tri-Fast core that results in a lower drag rate. Hence, these balls are able to cover good distances.
  • It has a dual-spin cover with a soft urethane cover and semi-rigid inner one.
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    it is covered with soft cast urethane.



Excellent flight

Urethane covers are regarded to be less durable, as they are more easily scratched during the game

Layered composition gives it a great feel

From an aerodynamic standpoint, it has a smooth air resistance

Who Are They Best For?

People who care about brand name and high quality prefer these golf balls. They are great for everyone from amateurs to professionals.

Why We Like Them?

We don’t have to second-guess quality and performance when it comes to golf balls made by TaylorMade. The company has a vast experience in making golfing equipment and, over time, has designed the perfect balls for different needs. Many professional players praise the quality and flight of these balls.

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