Best Golf Ball for High Handicapper

Best Golf Ball for High Handicapper

In every sport, the equipment you use is an essential factor in experiencing a satisfying game. In relation to it, the golf ball you use is important to have a thrilling experience in the golf course. Meanwhile, are you a high handicapper? Then, you must have the best golf ball for high handicappers to level up your game. With lots of brands in the market, you must get the best ball that suits your skills and needs. To help you with this, the following is the list of the top 3 best golf balls for the high handicappers.

Top 3 Golf Ball for High Handicapper

Golf Ball for High Handicapper Reviews

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls Review

The Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are available in one dozen. This product can be an efficient gear for high handicappers like you. This Callaway ball comes with a soft texture that is comfortable to use. Enhancing your golf skills is possible with the use of this golf ball. It is made with reliable quality to make the best of your game. This ball can be a good choice if you prefer a soft feel and improved performance. It offers greenside control to enjoy more of your golf experience. The features and quality performance of the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are worthy enough to give you the highest level of satisfaction for your golf ball needs.

It is a straight, long-distance ball with incredible softness, so you make your perfect shot. The golf ball comes with an ultra-low compression core to boost the accuracy and speed of the ball. It has the latest softer Trigonometry cover formulation has low compression to improve greenside control and enhanced feel. It comes with 2-piece construction that leads to longer distances. The Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are equipped with the latest low drag hex aerodynamics for reducing drag and improve lift for longer distance and carry. It has a consistent and straight flight of the ball that enables you to score more in your golf habit.

It has a creative green, matte finish that can suit to the standards of every golf player, offering a higher swing speed that helps you to enhance your golf experience. It is great to use for pitching, short irons as well as chipping and comes with nice click sounds during impact. It has a thin cover for awesome shots, so you can enjoy more on your play. 



Supersoft Golf Balls can help you experience an enjoyable golf game

Some users complain that it is softer for high-swing golf players

Essential for high handicappers who want efficient and thrilling golf games 

It can’t offer as much distance as some golfers expect and have some issues on its durability

Provides great durability, so you can focus more on your target

The ball is easy and comfortable to use, so you can level up your golf experience

It is an affordable golf ball making it perfect for budget-conscious high handicappers. It has a design that is perfect for the standards of high handicappers

Titleist AVX Balls Golf Balls Review

The Titleist AVX Balls Golf Balls can be purchased in one dozen. This more innovative golf ball can be good equipment for high handicappers. The quality and performance of this golf ball can offer a great value for your money. You can improve your scorecard in your golf passion using this ball. It provides a penetrating flight and a remarkable distance.

The golf ball can offer you with an incredibly soft feel and offers premium scoring control. Its 3-piece construction for more control as you hit the ball. With this golf ball, you can have an iron spin and low long game. It features low compression core technology for making a remarkable distance with a soft feel. It has innovative AVX technology that uses high speed for the improved game experience. It also has proprietary GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover for a maximum scoring control. The golf ball is built with long-lasting durability and has good value for your budget. It uses advanced cover, core, and aerodynamic technology.



It comes with high flex casing layer for increased control spin and speed for the perfect distance

These golf balls don’t spin around the greens, so you need practice before you get used to this golf ball

Another unique feature of the Titleist AVX Golf Balls is its simple design

Some find it a little bit expensive golf ball

The ball has spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral catenaries aerodynamic design for a consistent flight on different shots

Consistent ball flight even on windy situations

Perfect for high handicappers that want more golf ball visibility

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls Review

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls is another good investment when it comes to your golf ball needs. You can avail it in a pack of 12. It features the latest slide pack implementation for more durability. It is also loaded with innovative features to meet the satisfaction of golf players. With this golf ball for the high handicapper, you can enjoy more fun and excitement while playing golf. It has an incredible quality for improved game performance. The stable flights and soft feel that it provides can help you to excel in your golf game. It is affordable, so it is the perfect golf ball for players who are budget conscious.

It comes with the latest 302 Ph.D. aerodynamics that provides shallow dimples and a flat bottom that rip through the air for more penetrating and stable ball flight. It offers a soft feel and available in various colors for the more customized buying experience. The ball has a performance balance to improve your scoring. These golf balls are highly recommended for beginners and high handicappers. It comes ionomer cover, so the players will not use too much strength.



It comes with an aggressive core with response cover that gives the balance between a soft feel and explosive distance

Some players complain that the golf ball cover can be easily scratched

The golf ball is manufactured for long-lasting durability 

It has low durability compared to other gold ball models

Enhance rubber chemistry and lively core that is 22% softer for greater distances and higher greenside spins

Excellent performance and low compression and have a great response

The ball is also available in an affordable and practical cost