Best golf ball for mid handicapper

Best golf ball for mid handicapper

If you are searching for a ball to help you go to the next level in terms of your playing skill, then it is important to search for the perfect ball. Many people try to spend their money on the most expensive golf clubs, especially when they are just starting out – but many forget that the ball options available can give you better chances of success.

When you are a mid-handicapper, the most important priority is getting extra spins on your pitches and approaches, although you do not need so many of them that they begin to increase your bad shots.

That means one thing – the thought of getting a premium ball is not the best idea for you. This is because they produce high levels of spinning, and that means the ball hooks or spins more than it should whenever you try to hit a hook or slice. A professional golfer will not have much problems with this because they can do multiple shapes of shots, thanks to their skill level.

The other factor that makes a premium ball a problem for you is because you want to increase your booming distance off your tees without looking like you just swung the most strenuous swing in your life. Mid handicap is therefore an excellent choice of a ball, in addition to getting them at reasonable prices. Here are the best three.

Top golf ball for mid handicapper

Image Product Price Rating
OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Review

TaylorMade project golf balls


Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack Review Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls


The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net Titleist NXT tour golf ball


Golf ball for mid handicapper Reviews

TaylorMade project golf balls

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The manufacturer has two ball types under their projects, the (a) and (s) series. Both have proved to be highly successful among golfers today (selling over two million dozen drivers), and the manufacturer promises that their ball puts an end to normalized trade-offs of golf balls. The result is balls that combine feel and distance to give you a premium experience. The project offers to provide a softer feel while increasing the driver distance and low driver spins.

If you want to break through in very crowded spaces, the golf ball combines the attributes all amateur players want the most – distance and soft feel within a single object.

The project utilizes the high lift pattern of dimples (342LDP variety) in addition to a lower backspin, which minimize any drags that can occur throughout the flight of the ball. This helps it to cover greater distances with reduced strain.

As a general rule, the golf balls that have lower compression go for shorter distances, but the engineers behind this product have gone for soft even as they maintain impressive stretches of distances. This ball therefore gives you feel and distance, so you no longer need to choose between the two of them.

An interesting aspect is the ball having a very interesting finish of matte orange, gloss white and matte yellow, helping it to stand out from other golf balls and remaining resistant to UV rays. The Dual Core with its low compression center will minimize driver spins (has a compression of 60, 10 less than the (a) project), as well as the compression that is ten times lower than the actual ball.

The (a) project on the other hand, has a stiffer layer on its outer part compared to project (s). This will result in greater distances covered, while adding some extra control on iron shots. This will also give you more spins on greenery as well.

This item is a good fit if your swing speed lies below average levels or you are just starting to show improvements, and you also do not want a tour-style or low compression ball. The two alternatives give you the chance to utilize construction and price, and the different multiple elements in the construction are a way of fulfilling various demands and playing skills of different players.

The combination of the stiff ionomer covering and the internal design with two layers will give you the speed that you may be seeking in such a ball, so it is a good choice if you are seeking to increase your speeds on the greenery.


  • Suitable for low ball players
  • You can easily do soft and short shots
  • The balls perform well on greenery
  • check Easy to spot as they move


  • Low backspins
  • If you hit it using a wedge, the performance is poor

Callaway Supersoft golf balls

Callaway Supersoft golf balls Review

When you think of a golf ball that can handle slower speeds of swings well, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a hard ball that can cover a considerable distance. This ball is interesting because it does fulfill the aspect of distance to some extent, but it does so while remaining soft – it is actually their softest ball in their collection.

The company behind this product has utilized both HEX aerodynamics and low compression elements to result in a ball that has a very soft feel while remaining efficient in covering long distances. The ball also has a compression of only 38 – making it lower than the popular Callaway two piece balls by 20. Most balls have compression of 70 to 100.

The ball does give you very straight shots, which is a very good aspect of using it, but this is at the expense of distance. The ball also features a soft core that is zero when you measure it on the PGA compression scale. However, this does not mean the core has no resilience – because of its high resilience and durability, it allows for the outside covering to be a soft one while remaining at very good speeds. This helps in maintaining control of the ball as well.

The covering of the ball has the trademark of the 332-dimple HEX structure that covers the surface area of the ball completely. This makes the ball have more stability and more penetrating flights. The ball design has optical yellow and white colors.

The durability of the ball us also described as high by numerous users across the board, and this is a good aspect to have. It also means you get to spend less on purchasing new golf balls.


  • The ball has a fast speed
  • Soft exterior
  • Maintains its high speed with shorter irons that increase your control
  • check Reasonable in pricing
  • check Availability in attractive colors


  • The two piece construction – not sure how this is supposed to help the ball, as it slows it down in some regards

Titleist NXT tour golf ball

This golf ball has a design that maximizes the experience of the high-handicap amateur players. Note that amateur players have club head speeds of 81 mph on impact with the ball, while a pro player usually has faster speeds of 106 to 109 mph. the ball has the sweet spot of optimum speeds of 90 mph.

This product takes your performance to the next level, thanks to the design that features a long iron spin and low driver spin that result in greater distances. It also has a soft feel and commanding short game scoring abilities. The design is of a multi-component type containing a soft Fusablend cover, a large dual core, as well as a 302 octahedral dimple design.

The cover and soft core ensure that performance is still a priority on the greenery you are on, while the feel and appearance is very similar to that of new golf balls. Its durability is also very good, as it shows little evidence of wear and tear.

In addition, a golfer can still have the advantage of shaping shots on shorter irons, regardless of their skill level. This ball is therefore among the best in straight movements when you hit it, though it still retains some reaction on greenery.

The soft feel and low driver spin makes this ball among the three-piece varieties that can compete with other versions in the series such as Pro V1x and Pro V1. The manufacturer allows for this because it understands many amateur players do not need to play on the top of their balls, and they also need to increase their speed on the greens. It therefore provides you with what you want to enhance your experience.

If you have experienced playing golf in very windy conditions, you have an idea of how uncomfortable it is to play and the golf ball having irregular movements. This problem is made worse if the ball lacks an aerodynamic design that regulates its movements even as it moves in strong winds. Eve though this ball is not immune from wind movements, it can still hold its own thanks to the essential dimple patterns.

The cover itself is unique in its design, to avoid the hard ‘rock-like’ feel of cheaper golf balls, while also increasing its efficiency on impact.


  • Has dual core technology
  • Soft feel
  • Works very well with long irons and short drivers
  • check High durability


  • Lacks colors you can select from

Final Thoughts

All the balls are good choices when looking for affordability and efficiency when playing the game. The ultimate winner though is the Callaway supersoft ball, as it combines both softness and flexibility of use with both long and short irons.