Best Golf balls for 85mph swing speed

Best Golf balls for 85mph swing speed

Golf balls play a significant role in putting your best game on the greens. It can improve or degrade the playing style of a golfer. Playing Golf requires a lot of accuracy, stability and of course skills. And with the right pieces of equipment, you get better control over your swing and target.

Contrary to some people's beliefs, the type of ball matters a lot in the gameplay. The three essential factors of a golf ball that determines its performance are its construction, compression, and dimples. Ball manufacturers alter these factors to get variations in swing, distance, and control.

Today, Golfers can choose golf balls according to their personal preferences and playing style. They can choose from a variety of balls that are packed with incredible features which can help them to improve their game. Companies are pushing their limits by bringing in more enhanced features that can help players to make their game better.

The market is flooded with different textures of golf balls made using the latest technologies and are loaded with amazing features. Out of those, we have chosen three balls that have been engineered to give high-class performances at affordable rates.

Let us look into the features of these different golf balls that are a perfect blend of modern science and technology. These balls are supposed to be the best for swing speeds of around 85 mph.

Top 3 Golf Balls For 85mph Swing Speed Comparison Chart

Callaway Superhot 70 Review

Callaway Superhot 70 Review

The Callaway Superhot 70 is one of the best balls to cover long distances with precision and accuracy. It is a modified version of the Superhot 55.

This ball has a three-piece layering with a low compression core. It has an ionomer cover and a reducing spin mantle. The mantle helps to decrease spin with a long iron. The cover of the Superhot 70 is designed to produce a higher spin rate. This allows the player to get better control over shots from the fairway. Now, this feature was missing in the previous version Superhot 55.

The construction of the ball enhances its features and provides a better trajectory. The softcore or mantle provides maximum lift and distance which helps in accuracy. This high energy core also leads to faster ball speeds on full shots for better distance.
If you play golf, then you will definitely realize the value of hitting long distances, and how you lose yards when a ball doesn’t go far. This problem is solved by the Callaway Superhot 70 which helps you to reach longer distances.

The core has a compression of 70 which makes it a little harder than other quality balls. This low compression is meant to provide slow swing speed because of proper energy exchange between the club and the ball.

Callaway has used HEX Aerodynamics on its 332 dimples which is an exciting feature of the Superhot 70. This technology improves in flight performance. The aerodynamics in the dimples reduces the in-flight drag and gives the ball a lift. When there are more flat surfaces on the ball it means more drag and less flat surface means less drag. The Hex cover gives the ball excellent workability which creates the high ball flight. This allows the ball to get a higher trajectory shot from the tee.

This HEX aerodynamics encourages a high and stable flight for the ball. The hexagonal cover of the ball helps to make exceptionally good long distance flight. The Hex and the compression together help the ball to fly far, straight and high which is a great combination.

But this high spin may also create dramatic slices and hooks, especially by amateur golfers. So to counteract this effect, the company added a mantle to the ball to decrease the spin.
This Hex technology has been used by Callaway many times in its other products. The company clearly understands the fact that you don’t need to run for much innovation when
you are looking for a ball that gives you more speed and better spin off the tee. A little bit of technology and some help from physics will do the trick.

Even though it provides more distance, because of its three-piece design, it’s not very smooth on the greens and is best suited for bump and run chips. It may also feel a little hard when you hit it compared to other balls which give out a soft feel, but it's nothing to worry about.
Its price range falls somewhere in the middle, and you get 15 balls in a set instead of 12 which is worth the buck.

It can be called a quintessential piece of equipment for golf players of all levels, amateurs or pros. If you are looking for a golf ball that gives you a straight flight and good control on your spin, then the Callaway Superhot 70 is the most recommended golf ball. Since it travels a long way, it will help to save up yards while playing by covering more distance. The Callaway Superhot70 is available in one color that is optic white.

Bridgestone E6 Speed Review

Bridgestone E6 Speed Review

Bridgestone has a great experience when it comes to ball fittings. They have a massive database regarding ball fittings and what results from the balls produce when played with different swing styles. Their database is most probably one of the largest in the golf industry.

It collected extensive data from its millions of fitting sessions with recreational golfers and designed the E6 Speed to cater to the needs of the players based on their experience on the green. This product can be called the perfect compilation of value and performance. The data from Bridgestone proves that the E6 Speed is 9yards longer and 31% straight than other balls.

The Bridgestone E6 Speed is a three-layered ball which has a soft surlyn cover, soft gradational compression core with Anti-Side spin inner layer. This can be called a high-performance ball packed with lots of initial velocity. The ball velocity was increased, but they also made sure that the low spin feature was intact. This helps to avoid slice and hook off the tee and on mid – and long iron shots.

The soft gradational core is manufactured to give fast speed and low spin for straight distance. The E6 Speed feels slightly hard on touch, but it is still softer than the E7.

A new Delta Dimple Technology has been used in the E7 which reduces air resistance and helps the ball to cut through wind more effectively and provides better consistency. The 330 seamless dimples on the surface are designed for straight and long distance.

The basic idea was to create balls that offered enhanced soft feel on all shots and also reduced spin off the shots. Along with that, they also provided increased distance and also maximized launch or stopping power on both iron and wedge shots. The ball reduces the shape of shots by decreasing the overall spin rate when shot for long distances.

This is a perfect golf ball for players who are seeking more distance with a feeling of softness. This multilayered ball provides optimum performance from tee to green. Just like Callaway, it also falls under the medium price range for a pack of 12 and offers better results than some of those expensive golf balls available in the market.

The E6 is available in two colors, the classic white and optic yellow. The yellow balls provide more visibility in bad weather or difficult terrain and can be easily spotted. Generally speaking, this ball was engineered to give an optimum performance from tee to green, and it is also pretty affordable.

Srixon Soft Feel Review

Srixon Soft Feel Review

This ball is the 6th version from the Srixon franchise that promises to give a soft feel with excellent control and distance. It is a modified version of the 2016 Soft feel model. This ball is designed to suit high handicap golfers who want long distances with a soft feel at an affordable price.

It is a two piece layered ball with low compression, a remarkable thin and soft ionomer cover with an Energetic Gradient Growth (EGG) core. The EGG core in the Soft feel provides a better launch with less drag and helps to obtain more distance. This core was first introduced in the 2016 model and helps to maintain the compression at 60. The core is soft in the middle and firm outside.

The Ionomer cover in this version of Soft Feel is 1.6mm that is 11 percent softer and 5 percent thinner compared to the previous version of Soft Feel. This feature improves spin rates on short shots and gives a pleasant short game feel. The thin cover is also designed to create ample spin to get more control on pitches and chips.

The Soft Feel comes with 324-speed dimple pattern technology which reduces aerodynamic drag and increases lift. These dimples give the player more distance on every drive and iron shot. These dimples also help the ball to maintain a straight trajectory, especially in windy conditions.

It also boasts of consistent and repeatable bounce and better performance on the greens. Now, this feature of doing well on the greens is something which the Callaway Superhot 70 lacked.

The compression is at 60 which is actually medium to low and is lower than the Srixon Q-star premium ball. It has been created to produce a slightly higher launch angle and reduced spin rate. The Soft Feel is a low compression ball for attaining incredible distance, but it also has a softer cover. This soft feel cover helps the ball to perform well on the greenside at a fantastic value which is what separates this ball from the rest.

The Srixon Soft Feel is available in two models – Soft Feel and Soft Feel Lady. Each model has two color options as white, Optic yellow for the Soft feel model. Tour white and Passion pink for the Soft feel lady model. This ball gives an amazing performance and is also very moderately priced.

Another great feature of the Srixon Soft Feel is the Easy Target Alignment aid on the ball. Players sometimes use an extra aid to mark their balls before shots, but this ball is already marked with
an alignment which is pretty cool.

This golf ball is recommended for players with swing speeds below 100mph, but those in the middle range such as 70-80 mph will be able to reap more benefits playing with this ball.

It’s a must for golfers who find it hard to hit long shots with more height. You should also know that the Srixon Soft Feel is not a premium or tour ball.

This affordable ball provides incredibly long distances with high accuracy without compromising the factor of softness.


It is believed that usage of golf balls may differ according to the type of game played by the golfer. Everyone has their own preferences and choices. Some prefer hard balls while some love the soft feel of a ball.

With the use of technology and science, Golf ball manufacturers are coming up with new models that cater to meet the needs of the golfers. These days golf balls are packed with features ranging from dimples with aerodynamics, 2 or 3 layered ball that enhances compression and a lot more.

But, before you choose any type of ball don’t forget to consider your style of playing and your swing speed. Make sure to take the balls for a test game so that you can actually see the results of the performance instead of just relying on outside sources.

It would also be wrong to believe that more expensive balls perform better in a game. You can see that the golf balls we have mentioned above are all affordable and are packed with great features.

Since everyone wants to get optimum performance on a moderate value, it’s better to go for balls which will give you the desired performance and won’t be heavy on the bucks.

An appropriate golf ball, when used after considering its features along with the expertise of the player, will definitely enhance the quality of the game played.